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Every Girls Dream On Zee world, Saturday 11th February 2023 update

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Every Girls Dream On Zee world Saturday 11th February 2023 update, Krisha tells Devraj that he should confess that he loves her. Devraj leaves from there. Krisha says I love him and I know he loves me too.

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Daksh and Roma hear Krisha and Devraj’s talk. Daksh says it’s good that you set up this mic in their room when they were busy with the papers. We will hear their conversations now. He asks Roma to massage his shoulder. Roma says I am not your helper. Daksh says you are my partner. Roma says why don’t you tell them that you are totally fine? Daksh grabs her and says I won’t tell them about me and I won’t let them tell me that Krisha is not Maya. I want Devraj to be in pain of seeing Krisha as Maya. He says this way you can also get Devraj as Krisha will have to keep acting like Maya. Roma says what else do I have to do? Daksh says you will find out soon.

Ugra is worried about Rati missing. Naina asks her to relax. Ugra says Rati is missing. Naina says just think about losing property. The servant comes there and says Rati has sent milk for you. Ugra asks where is she? She says she is in the kitchen. Ugra goes to look for her but Rati is not there. The servant says she was here only. Naina asks her to relax. Ugra says let me just find Rati and then I won’t spare her. She leaves. Aarav, Rati and Krisha were hiding and heard all that. Aarav says Ugra was up to something so we have to scare her and she will blurt out her plan herself. Krisha asks Rati to follow the plan and we will find out what Ugra is up to. Rati asks if everything is okay with her? Krisha says soon I will be free from doing the drama of being Maya and then everything will be fine.

Scene 2
Krisha does aarti in the mandir. Ugra comes there and asks where is Rati? Krisha she is upstairs. Ugra says there was no one there, are you involved in some plan too? Krisha says what are you talking about? Ugra says I am sure Rati is not here. Krisha says why would she hide from you? Did you do something with her? Ugra glares at her and says no. She leaves from there.

Krisha is applying lotion on her arms and says it’s cold here. Devraj asks if she wants him to turn off the AC? She says now, I am fine. He starts leaving but Krisha stops him. She asks what will he eat? He says anything will work. Krisha stops him and says I love you. Devraj says I will never answer this. Krisha says you will. He leaves from there. Krisha smiles and says he loves me but just doesn’t confess.

Krisha is working in the kitchen. Ugra and Naina hide. Ugra asks Naina to do as planned. Naina comes to Krisha and asks about her oats. Krisha says I don’t know, I will find them. Naina says I want them right now. Krisha says okay, I will look for it. Krisha starts checking the cabinets. Naina stands on a stool and deliberately throws flour on Krisha. Naina shouts at Krisha that you should have held me on the stool.

Krisha takes a bath. She sees Devraj in the washroom and says you here? I thought you were working. He hugs her from behind and is shirtless. Krisha finds out that it’s Daksh. She pushes him away and what’s this? Daksh laughs and says I was just joking. We used to talk about your divorce and you said you would come to me. We have got another chance so we shouldn’t waste that. He asks her to make breakfast and leaves. Krisha recalls how she talked about breakfast with Devraj and says how does Daksh know I was about to cook it?

Krisha tells Devraj that Daksh did something weird, she tells him about his act. Devraj says you must be mistaken. Krisha says we should start giving hints to Daksh, I will stop wearing clothes like Maya.

All sit down to have breakfast. Jaya says Maya made all this. Daksh says she is not a traditional woman so it’s surprising. Krisha comes there wearing a saree. Daksh freaks out and says what kind of clothes are you wearing? you are not Maya. He starts getting jitters and coughs. All rush to him. Krisha runs to get his inhaler. Aarav takes an inhaler and gives it to Daksh. Krisha thinks this inhaler was empty so how did he become fine? Krisha tells Daksh that I am wearing traditional clothes because this family likes them. Jaya says I asked her to. Krisha says I am experimenting. Krisha says I am thinking to grow my hair too. Daksh says that’s fine. He goes from there. Krisha looks on.

Krisha is thinking about Daksh’s asthma attack. Daksh comes to her and says you are looking pretty. She says thank you, he smirks and leaves. Krisha thinks I am not sure what kind of a relationship Daksh had with Maya.

Devraj tells Krisha that we can’t just tell the truth to Daksh, just let things be as they are. She says okay.

Daksh acts like Devraj with Roma. Roma says Maya can never understand you as I do. Daksh laughs and says I can imitate Devraj easily. Daksh says I went to Krisha’s washroom and she recognized me easily. She says what? Krisha comes there and sees them laughing. She thinks he was scared of Roma and now he is laughing with her? Roma leaves from there. Daksh says I like Roma now, she came to see my painting. Krisha tries to check the painting but he says it’s a surprise. He says I will tell about the plan that we were planning. She says what? He says I will tell everyone about it on Valentine’s day.

Krisha tells about Daksh and Maya’s plan. She says it seems like a big plan. Krisha thinks I have to find out what’s going on before telling him anything. Devraj starts leaving but Krisha stops him and puts a muffler around his neck. They both smile at each other. Mere Yara plays. Krisha says I made this muffler. Devraj says this is valuable to me. Krisha smiles. He says thank you and leaves.

Daksh says Devraj loves Krisha but I want him to cry. I will break their hearts.

Ugra finds Rati in the room and asks where were you? Krisha says I will bring out her real face now. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.