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Destined by Fate on starlife, Tuesday 13th June 2023 update

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Destined by Fate on starlife Tuesday 13th June 2023, Devraj asks Saroj about her health. She says she is better now and thinks she ward off Sayuri’s inauspicious shadaw from Kanha and now Kanha can concentrate on his life and Anjali. Kanha and Sayuri walk down getting ready for the party.

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Nakul tells Kanha that he is looking handsome. Saroj asks him not to put evil eyes/nazar on his brother and turns to apply nazar ka teeka on Kanha and stands shocked seeing Sayuri with Kanha. Devraj asks her to complete nazar ka teeka on Kanha and takes Kanha away.

Saroj taunts Sayuri that she has gone on her mother and learnt to break promises from her. Sayuri says she is right as she had promised Kanha to accompany him to the party and is keeping her promise. Saroj tries her best to humiliate her but fails. Kanha calls Sayuri. Sayuri asks Saroj to take her medicine on time and she has prepared kadha for her.

She asks Kusum to take care of Saroj and leaves. Kusum asks Saroj if she knew Sayuri would attend part. Frustrated Saroj says she thought Sayuri wouldn’t go obeying her order. Kusum says they need to manage even Rashmi who is accompanying Nakul and worries that Rashmi also may barge into their house by marrying Nakul.

Anjali gets ready for the party and eagerly waits for Kanha. Her father tries to explain her that Kanha agreed for the party because of Sayuri and is attending party with her. Anjali says she doens’t want to listen Sayuri’s name and wants to enjoy with Kanha. Kanha enters with Nakul, Sayuri and Rashmi. Anjali gets jealous seeing Sayuri. She gives a fake smile and welcomes them, then asks Sayuri to enjoy the snacks and drinks while she and Kanha discuss a business deal with clients. Kanha says even Sayuri will accompany him and walks with Sayuri holding her hand.

Saroj walks to Indrani and starts humiliating her questioning her upbringing and says Sayuri went to the party with Kahna even after her warning.

She tells Indrani that she is forcing her daughter to support her financially even after her marriage and alleges that she taught Sayuri to lure Chiru and trap him, then trap Kanha within 7 days of Chiru’s death and now taught Rashmi to lure Nakul. Indrani warns her to mind her tongue, forget the past, and accept Sayuri. Saroj says Indrani has to obey her orders from hereon. She continues humiliating Indrani.

Kanha interacts with his NRI clients and introduces Sayuri to them. He discusses business with them. Sayuri feels surprised seeing Kanha’s businessman avatar.

Kanha asks Sayuri to interact with client. Sayuri interacts with clients and convinces them for a deal. Kanha and Nakul complete Sayuri for her business skills. Nakul and Rashmi imagine proposing each other. Anjali burns in jealousy seeing that and sends her friends to humiliate Sayuri.

Friends walk to Sayuri and try to humiliate her. Kanha comes to Sayuri’s rescue and says he is proud of having Sayuri as his wife. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.