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Destined by Fate on starlife, Friday 9th June 2023 update

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Destined by Fate on starlife Friday 9th June 2023 update, Rashmi and Pihu get worried for Sayuri and question Indu when will Sayuri come. Nakul walks in and says she will not come now. They ask reason. He shows Sayuri and Kanha’s pic together and says they both are supporting each other. Indu ad Bhanu rejoice seeing that and go to prepare bhog/prasad. Nakul hopes Sayuri and Kanha’s bonding gets more stronger over time

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Nakul returns home and notices Kanha walking to living room with Sayuri’s help. Saroj slips. Kanha holds her. Saroj warns him to dare not touch her as she lost Chiru because of him.

Sayuri confronts Saroj and asks how can she curse her own son. Saroj says Sayuri is supporting Kanha as she is also responsible for Chiru’s death, they both support each other as they are partners in crime. Sayuri says she can insult her but not Kanha and should listen to Kanha once. She says Chiru was very stubborn and used to not rest until he gets what he wanted to, Kanha just supported his brother. Saroj blames that she lost Chiru because of Sayuri’s bad kundali/horoscope.

Sayuri says panditji must have told that Chiru will die if he marries her, but Chiru died before marrying her and then how can she blame her kundali. She says she can blame her but not Kanha as he is innocent and says she used to misunderstand Kanha, but he can go to any extent for his dear ones. She warns that she will not tolerate anyone blaming Kanha again unnecessarily. Saroj angrily looks at Kanha and walks to her room. Kusum tongue lashes Sayuri for misbehaving with Saroj and questions her upbringing.

Sauri apologizes everyone. Dhanraj says they would have questioned her upbringing if she had silently watched the injustice, good upbringing is what made her oppose the wrong thing. He asks her and Kanha not to blame themselves for Chiru’s death and ignore Saroj’s words. Kanha worries for Saroj and prays Kanhaji to keep his mother calm. Saroj grinds chakki to vent out her anger. Kusum comforts her and asks her to break Sayuri’s arrogance and overconfidence at any cost.

Kanha walks to Sayuri’s room and seeing her lost in thoughts thinks he knows even is feeling bad after confronting Saroj. He walks to her and reminds that she is holding the book wrong. He feels surprised seeing her keeping peacock feather in a book. She says even he used to in childhood. They both laugh and recall their childhood memories. Sayuri mimics his vlogging style.

They continue to share a lighter moments. He leaves asking her to continue reading her books and thinks of gifting her something. He seeks Nakul and Rashmi’s help in selecting a gift. They give different suggestions. He doesn’t like them and says he wants to gift something special to his wife as she took a stand for him against Saroj.

They fail to convince him and walk away asking to select the gift himself. He prays Kanhaji and gets an idea. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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