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Close to my heart on star life, Monday 6th February 2023 update

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TV series

Close to my heart on star life Monday 6th February 2023 update, “shows on starlife occupying the last 30 mins slot of Lost in love.”

A girl Ginni is shown running on the road and looking for someone. She is running when a rickshaw hits her. The driver asks if she is fine? The girl nods and starts running again. She asks a shopkeeper about her brother Goldie. Nobody knows about Goldie.

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Jagga and his goons are beating Goldie, he pleads with him to let him go but Jagga says you owe me so I have to punish you. They tie him to a crane and are about to cut him in half when his sister arrives there and screams for him. She throws a stick at them to stop them. The goon tells Jagga that she is Goldie’s sister, she runs the dhaba of her father after he left them. She pleads with him to leave her brother. Jagga says he took 3 lacs from me, he has to pay his loan. She says I promise to give you every penny back. I work at my father’s Dhaba so just give me some time. Jagga says what the guarantee is? What if you get married and run away? I can’t trust you. She says my father always taught to pay back the loans so trust me. Jagga says I am giving you one month to pay it back otherwise I will kill your brother. She thanks him.

Goldie comes back home with his sister. Their siblings ask what happened? His mother Gulabo scolds him for being useless. She starts beating him but their sister stops her. She asks Binni and Shatti to take Goldie to the doctor, and they all go away. Gulabo says you saved him today also, you should teach him a lesson. Where did you save him from? She says Goldie took a loan and they are not nice people. Gulabo gets worried so she tells her to not worry, she will handle it. Gulabo asks what’s the loan amount? She says 3 lacs and we have to pay back in one month. Gulabo says what? How will we arrange Ginni? Ginni says we have a month so don’t worry. We have this dhaba and I trust in this so God will find a way for us to arrange this money. Gulabo cries and says you try to save us all the time and there is Goldie. Ginni says we are a family so we have to protect each other. Goldie is not bad, he just takes bad decisions while trying to make a career. gulabo nods. Ginni starts cooking in her dhaba.

On the other side, a rising chef is taking part in a competition in Canada and his name is Adityaraj Singh. He presents his dish to the judge, they praise him. The host says we will have a final round. Aditya gets a dish based on his family. He recalls his father slapping him in childhood and forcing him to call another woman Supreet his mother. Adi told him that she is not his mother so he will never call her that. Another flashback shows how he tried to burn Supreet’s hand so his father threw him out of the house and sent him to a Canadian boarding school. The host asks Adi to make something that his parents like. Adi shouts that I am here for a competition, not for this drama. He says I quit and leaves from there.

Scene 2
Adi and his friend come back to India. He is driving fast. Otherside Ginni and Goldie are driving on their bike. Goldie reads about Adi being an Indian in a Canadian cooking show and leaving it because he had to cook something related to his family. Aditya’s car strikes her bike. She falls down but Adi drives away. Ginni says he must be a spoilt brat.

Adi arrives at his family home and recalls his father’s abuse towards him. He turns to leave but his Darji. He hugs Adi and says I was dying to see you. Adi says I got to know about your health so I had to come back. Darji says I am fine as you are here now. Adi hugs him and says there is no peace like when hugging you. Darji cries and says you are back for me right? Adi says yes, only for you. If you had come to Canada then I would never return. Darji says I already had a heart attack, if you go back then I won’t survive. Adi looks on. He asks where are you? Darji says they all went to a tractor competition but I stayed back because I felt you would come today. He says let’s go there today. Adi says I don’t want to. Darji says let’s show them that you are a strong man now. Adi’s friend Armaan comes there too. Darji says Adi is young now so we have to do something fun. He offers him a lollipop and bullet’s keys.

Ginni looks at her father’s photo and says today is his birthday. Gulabo comes there and says we have to pay back the loan so don’t distribute sweets today. Ginni says it’s my father’s birthday so I can’t stop the tradition. She takes out a box and says whoever wants to pay will pay but I will sweets for free only like every year.

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The announcer says that Amber (Adi’s father) won the tractor competition this year also. Darji and Adi arrive there. Darji tells Adi that my son won the competition like every year so it’s time to show what my grandson can do. Adi says fine. He turns to see his stepmother Supreet there. She is tense seeing him. Amber comes there in his tractor. The announcer asks if anyone wants to challenge him? Amber says no one can win against me. I have always won since I married Supreet. Darji says we have new blood here and he will win against you. He asks Adi to compete against him. Adi says no, I am not interested in this competition. Amber says he is a loser, he couldn’t win a single chef competition and you think he will win a tractor competition?

He turns to leave but Adi says one minute, the competition has just started. He sits on a tractor. Amber starts his tractor. They are both ready for a race. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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