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Broken Bonds On Zee world, Wednesday 1st February 2023 update

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Broken Bonds On Zee world Wednesday 1st February 2023 update, Kuldeep says you have spoiled Phirki a lot that’s why she dared to do all this. Samaira says I thought her a lesson. Kids come is. Samaira says what now? Rishi says we were missing you. Roli says can we sleep here please? He says yes. The kids sleep between Kuldeep and Sam. Roli keeps annoying Sam. She falls down.

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Kids pretend to sleep. Samaira leaves in anger. Roli says she hurt our mom now see. Samaira comes to the lounge to sleep. Phirki is crying there. Samaira says no noise. Phirki goes from there. Samaira sleeps on the couch.

Scene 2
Samaira wakes up with neck pain. Kuldeep says sit here. Rishi says what happened? Kuldeep says she slept on the couch so she has a strain. Roli says is this is the hanging garden? Shubhra says should I press your neck? I mean.. Massage. She brings a neck belt and says this is my mom’s. You can wear this. Rishi made paws on it. You have to wear it to get better. Samaira says no. Kuldeep says Shubhra is right you will feel better. Shubhra makes her wear it. Shubhra says you look good didi. Shubhra says Kuldeep kids have PT meeting at school. Samaira says we have a meeting with the NRI client. Roli says our meeting is also important. Kuldeep says to Samaira I will go to school and then come in the second half. Samaira leaves.

Samaira comes to the office and says what is this thaal? You stay aside. Our NRI client would feel comfortable with modern girls. Rajadaksh comes in and says how can an Indian forget his roots? And clothes don’t make anyone modern. Samaira says I am sorry. He says I wanted to be welcomed with a thaal. Now I feel like I am home. Kiran does his arti. Samaira takes him to the meeting room. She calls Kuldeep.

Shubhra says the meeting went well. Kids says my kids are wise. Kids have locked the door from outside. Roli says now mama papa will have to stay together. Kuldeep says someone open the door. I have to go to the office. Rishi says we will open on 3 conditions. Shubhra says Rishi.. Kuldeep says what is this drama now? Shubhra says Rishi, open the door. Rishi and Roli turn off the phones. Samaira keeps calling but all phones are off. Shubhra says papa has to go to the office. Roli says 3 conditions only, papa will have to hug mama. Kuldeep hits the door and says done. Rishi says now kiss mama. Roli says say I love you to mama. Kuldeep says I love you. He says open the door. I have to go. He leaves. Roli says mama have you patched up now?

Scene 3
Rajadaksh says I have never waited this long for anyone. I am leaving. Samaira says you know in Indian culture nothing is more important than family. He’s with the kids. I am his wife. He says what? She says yes he’s my husband. He says we can meet tomorrow then. He leaves.

Rajiv stops Rajadaksh outside and says please be careful while signing any deal. They are a cheat. Samaira and Kuldeep aren’t married. Just be careful. Kuldeep comes in. He stops Rajadaksh and says hi Kuldeep. I am sorry I had to go with my kids. He says yes your wife told me. Kuldeep is shocked. He says, my wife? Rajadaksh says won’t you invite me to your place for lunch? I am sure your wife likes to cook. He says, my wife? Where did you meet her? He says she introduced me to herself. I met her here. Kuldeep says but she.. Samaira says we were waiting for you Kuldeep. She says Mr. Rajadaksh we will wait for you at our place. He leaves.

Kuldeep asks Samaira what was all that? Husband wife? She says I had to do a drama that you are a good husband and father. I couldn’t stop him otherwise. I only wanted you to succeed. He says I am sorry. But kids and Shubhra are home. He will find out. Samaira says they won’t if you convince them. He says what? She says ask them to act. This big deal has to be sealed.

Scene 4
Chandrani and Sanjana come to a place. Chandrani says finding her history has made me so tired. Sanjana says I asked in the entire colony her parents left a long time. She says their daughter didn’t give them chance to show their face to the world. The flat key falls. She asks a kid to bring the key. She gives it to chandrani. The kid faints. Chandrani looks at her and says are you okay? She’s getting an asthma attack. Chandrani takes out her pump and says breathe, please.

Shubhra says won’t I get mad? You are asking me and kids to lie? You are making kids do the wrong thing? She says where were your lectures when you and kids made me late for the office? If I reached on time Samaira won’t have to lie and I won’t have to request it. You did all this so you will fix it. She says by asking my kids to lie? They should call Samaira their mom and tell everyone she’s your wife? Is that what you want? He says yes.

Kuldeep says Rajiv will get the partnership if I don’t win this client. Ask kids to do a drama. This is for their future. Shubhra says by lying? Why don’t you talk to the kids? He says you are the mother you do. He leaves. Samaira asks Phirki to take off for two days. She says but why? Samaira says because there’s not better chance to show Shubhra her worth.

The kid’s dad comes. Chandrani gives her up. She says I am fine. Chandrani says she’s okay. The guy says thank you for helping her aunty. She says where do you live? He says I came to see a flat here. The girl says you are so cute. Chandrani says this kid reminded me of Roli. She recalls playing with Roli. Chandrani asks the guy did you like any flat? He says I am a single parent so have to care for Vedika’s security. She says you can stay at my place until you find a place. I live alone. He says thank you so much.

Shubhra says how do I tell the kids their dad wants them to lie. Shubhra says to kids a client is coming here. Papa has to win this client to get a promotion. He will get you gifts. We will have to face a small defeat for the big win. Samaira told papa’s client she’s your mom. The kids are shocked. Shubhra says if he finds out your papa won’t get the client. Rishi says so we would have to lie? Shubhra says no just act normal. Samaira says outside Rishi and Roli did this. They are so spoiled. Shubhra comes out. Samaira says Phiki left. Shubhra reads her note, I am going to my village. Kaju will kill me. Shubhra says I will tell her kids were kidding. Kuldeep says her phone is off. SAmaira says who will cook and do everything? Rajadaksh will be coming any moment. Shubhra says I will do it. Rishi says no you are not a servant. Shubhra says the kids only locked him to have some time with him. I can pay back for it. I will handle it.

Scene 2
Shubhra cleans the house and cooks. Kids ask why are you making rangoli? She says so good luck is welcomed with colors. Shubhra says Kuldeep can you hang this garland on the door. I can’t do it on stool either. He picks her and says hang it. Shubhra falls down on him. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt. Samaira comes and says help me wear a saree shubhra. She plucks the mangalsutra.

Shubhra gets Samaira ready. She recalls getting dressed for Kuldeep used to hug her and tell her she’s beautiful. Samaira says did your mom teach you? She says mom didn’t talk to me after the wedding. My first maid told me. Kuldeep comes in. Samaira says how do I look? Kuldeep says Kasturi mai.. He says what? Kuldeep says you look good in modern clothes. In this attire.. you.. Samaira looks at Shubhra and says only one thing is left. Mangalsutra. Shubhra can you give your mangalsutra please? She says what? Kuldeep says give it. It’s just a thread. Don’t have time to argue.

Samaira says if you can share your husband why is mangalsutra a problem? Or are you staying here with another plan? If not, give it to me. Shubhra recalls chandrani saying lock can lock you with your husband like your mangalsutra. Shubhra takes it off. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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