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Broken Bonds On Zee world, Wednesday 15th February 2023 update

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Broken Bonds On Zee world Wednesday 15th February 2023 update, Chandrani looks around for Samaira. She says I am here. You can’t mess with me. Samaira comes to the room. She says why is Kuldeep taking so long in the washroom? Phirki says there’s no sound. Kuldeep comes out and drinks lots of water. He says Samaira what are you doing near me? You Phirki go downstairs and take care of Biji.

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Don’t say anything. Stay silent. Phirki goes downstairs. Samaira says what is happening? He says I am so tensed. Biji will kill me. He imagines her slapping him. Kuldeep says I have to get Shubhra. She says where are you going? He says to tell.

Kuldeep rushes to the station to look for kids and Shubhra. He looks around. The train arrives. Shubhra and kids start walking towards the trian. Kuldeep looks around for them. Shubhra asks kids to hurry up. They are behind Kuldeep but his back is towards them. Kuldeep looks everywhere. He can’t find them.

Samaira looks at Phirki. She says poor old woman. Samaira says she’s scary. Samaira says to Phirhki go downstairs. Chandrani says is there someone? Phirki comes.

Kuldeep sees Shubhra from a distance and tries to stop her but she can’t hear. Roli says I left my toy in the waiting room. Shubhra says I will get you another one. Roli says it’s papa’s gift. I will get it fast. Phirki gets her water. Chandrai says we bring tea not just water. Bring bread as well. Chandrani asks Phirki to massage her feet. Phirki says what do you want? Tell me once. Chandrnai slaps her. She says I will keep asking whenever I want. Chandrani recalls Samaira and Phirki locked Rishi in the store and Shubhra was crying.

Kuldeep keeps looking for Shubhra. Roli says mama I found it. Kuldeep sees her. He goes after roli but they are away from him. Kuldeep stops Roli. She says papa.. How did you know I was missing you. I came to pick this fan you gifted me. He says you have to come back home with me. Roli says I said papa will take us back, Rishi says he brought roses for aai as well. Shubhra says what are you doing here? A woman says 50 rupees for these roses. He says Biji came to Mumbai. Shubhra is shocked. He says yes. She doesn’t know anything. She was asking about you and kids.

Scene 3
Chandrani says there’s a snake in your feet. Phirki screams and runs. Chandrani laughs. Chandrani laughs at her. She says comw down. Phirki cries and says what should I do. Chandrani says why is Kuldeep taking so long.

Roli says but dadi didn’t tell us. Rishi says she means you never told us about dadi. Kuldeep says Shubhra you come home, I will tell you everything. Shubhra says Kuldeep wait a minute. Rishi.. go get a water bottle. Roli you also go with him. Shubhra asks Kuldeep how selfish are you? Roli didn’t want to leave you. She was crying. Her tears didn’t melt your heart. Your kids didn’t want to leave. But you wanted me and kids to leave asap. Who cares if Roli’s heart breaks. She is a child. And now your mom is here so you need us. Because your mom would question now? You have no answer. You can’t speak truth. I will ruin your image. Kuldeep says I will make you understand. Shubhra says I won’t let you play with kids’ heart like this. Don’t do this drama of happy family in front of your mom and use my kids. The train is about to leave. Shubhra says our train is here, we are leaving. Kuldeep says please.. Please come home. She says I said what I had to. He says please don’t do this Shubhra. Kuldeep sits in front of her. Kids come there. people gather around. Shubhra says don’t do this drama everyone is seeing. He says I don’t care. What do you think? I am begging your to save my image in front of ma? That’s not the truth. I have been dying to hear the word son from biji’s mouth. She hasn’t caressed my hair for years. I miss it all.

Kuldeep says I never told you but kept thinking what should I do to bring Biji to me. She hugged me. That day is here, I got numb when she hugged me. Her warmth gave me a new life. I am selfish because I don’t wanna let go of my Biji. You know I couldn’t even clean her tears when my dad died. After today, I am getting a happy family. I am begging you, please don’t go to Pune. Shubhra says remember, I am only going there for Biji only. Kuldeep says thanks. Let me keep luggage in the car. Roli says yay.. Rishi says no one should know we already knew dadi. Roli says I will handle everything. Rishi says keep your mouth shut. She says I will handle it all. They leave.

Scene 2
Madhura recalls what Shubhra said that she will come back. All problem is over. Aaju baa says what are you thinking? Vitthal brought tea twice and you didn’t notice. She says ever since I came to this house is anything mine? That I can call mine. Do I have any right on anything in this house? He says everything I have is yours. SHe says with my choice can I sell something? He says I get it now. Your daughter needs money. Madhura says would never ask me for money. she’s coming to Pune and I will help with all the way this time.

Scene 3
Kuldeep enters the house with Shubhra and the kids. She gets excited to see them and smiles when Kuldeep is looking the other way. Kuldeep says Rishi, Roli meet your dadi. Chandrani says these are my grandkids. Roli says oh she is our dadi? Chandrani says they’re so cute. Rishi says stop overacting. Roli touches her feet. Chandrani says your daughter is so intelligent. Roli says I am like you.. You said.. Rishi says yeah amul calls your dadi. Phirki comes there. She’s shocked. The glass drops from her hands. Chandrani says don’t your hands work? Clean it fast. Kuldeep cleans it.

Samaira looks downstairs. The kids touch Chandrani’s feet. Rishi says thank you dadi, we are glad you came. We were missing you a lot. You help aai a lot. She says I am helping myself, you 4 are my world. Rishi hugs her. The kids play around. Shubhra touches Madhura’s feet. She gives her blessings. Kuldeep looks at them.

Samaira comes to her room and breaks things in anger. Phirki says she came back. Kuldeep brought her back himself. HE can’t introduce you. Samaira says I have to go and introduce myself. Phirki says yes this is your house. Samaira says he can’t impress his mother with things I gave to him and keep me hidden. Phirki says but Kuldeep asked you not to come out. She says I am not his servant. I can meet Biji myself.

Chandrani says everyone has the right to be angry at their people but dragging it for 12 years was too much. I blamed it all on you. Chadha spent all his PF money on his MBA. We also found a girl for him but he gave us such a shock. He left is house and education in middle. So I got mad too. I have lived alone for so many years. It’s worst than death. So I finally had to give up on my ego and a mother had to come to her kids. Forgive me. Shubhra says don’t say that Biji. Chandrnai says I am sorry. Shubhra hugs her. Roli says dadi is no. 1 actor. The song kabhi khushi kabhi gham plays. Kuldeep says only Shubhra knew the address of this place and you both don’t know each other so how did you find this place? Everyone is scared. Chandrani says I went to Pune there was a lock there. Kuldeep says how did you get the address of here? The kids try to tell her Sanjana’s name. Chandrani says ranjhna told me. Kuldeep says Ranjhna who? Roli tries to whisper.. Sanjana. Rishi writes on papaer. Chandrani reads.

She says Sanjana told me. If son keeps me I will stay here. Kuldeep says I always wanted you to stay with us. But you were mad at me. Chandrani says I am not. She hugs both of them. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.