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Broken Bonds On Zee world, Thursday 16th February 2023 update

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Broken Bonds On Zee world Thursday 16th February 2023 update, Chandrani says this is life. I will live here with my son and his wife in his big house. Phirki says this is my didi’s house. Not Kuldeep’s. Chandrani says who didi? Kuldeep says Shubhra… Samaira comes in. She says this is me Samaira. Roli drops a paper towards her and she slips. Chandrani says who is she? She was in the car when I slapped you. She says sister.. Sorry I got mad. What are you doing in my son’s house? He says come with me I will tell you. Samaira says introduce me Chadha. She’s asking who am I so tell her. Chandrani says who is she? Shubhra says Biji I want to talk to you in person. Kuldeep says talk in front of me. Chandrani says my bahu wants to talk, you stay out. She goes to the room. Kuldeep says don’t tell her anything that would shoot her BP. Shubhra says why did you bring me if you are scared to leave me alone with your mom? She leaves.

Scene 2
Aaju says she had to come back. She will go again. I forgave her and she went back to him. Madhura says she tried saving her house. Aaju says I could do a lot for her and take expenses of her kids for a lifetime. Until she has his name, she’s a burden. Madhura says she is handling her life herself. She will be on her feet. She will make decisions for her life. I want a secure future for her. I want my part. He says she doesn’t care about her life herself. She will give all the money to her useless husband. I won’t give a penny to her. Madhura says I will go to the lawyer and get my part. He says you will take me to the court? Okay I will go there. She says you’re saying that. A mother can’t keep a back on her kids. Give me my part and I will give it to Shubhra.

Scene 3
Shubhra hugs chandrani. She cries. Chandrani says I am here. Don’t cry. Shubhra says thank you for all that you’re doing but I am tired. I can’t live here. Chandrani says don’t say that. I know she’s a witch but you are not alone. Shubhra says I can’t be shameless like her and keep my kids in danger. She will harm you as well. Chandrani says she can’t do anything. Shubhra says she attacked Anant, we don’t have mess with her. We have to go from here. It’s okay, I will handle everything. We are all going back to Pune.

Rishi says to Roli we are going back to Pune. Roli says no we will stay here. Kuldeep says what is Shubhra saying to Biji? She will provoke Biji.
Chandrani says give me one chance to be a good mother. Shubhra says Biji I know you don’t give up but everything is over for me. I have no hope from Kuldeep. Please let me go. Chadnrani says nothing is over. Kuldeep’s vision is blurred. we will bring him on the right path. I want to spend time with my family. Shubhra says I can’t forget and forgive Kuldeep. Chandrani says we will see that later. Shubhra says okay for you I will stay here. Chandrani hugs her.

They come out. Kuldeep says you took long. Is everything okay? She says why are you so scared? Behen ji you’re still here? Shubhra says didn’t tell her anything yet. Kuldeep says yet means? Chandrani asks Samaira who are you and what are you doing in my son’s house? Samaira says tell her who am I. Roli says she’s our cool mama. Chandrani is shocked. Roli says I have to answer it all. Dadi, papa. Kuldeep says she’s Samaira. Chandrani says who Samaira? Kuldeep says she’s my boss. I work in her company. She brought me here. This is her house not mine. Let me show you the guest house. Chandrnai says roli don’t call her mama. She’s papa’s boss you can call her bua ji. Phirki says what? She says his mom has changed your relationship with you.

Samaira says to Shubhra you have no self-respect. You came back after all the insult. Do you have any shame? Shubhra says I said no, but Kuldeep begged to bring me back. He had no other option. I am still Kuldeep’s wife.

Shubhra says I am still Kuldeep’s wife. Biji wanted to meet Kuldeep’s wife and her DIL not his.. Don’t wanna make my tongue dirty. I have to be with MIL. You’re a landlord and Kuldeep was silent like a tenant. That’s what Biji called you.

Aaju baa says my wife has lost it. How do I make her understand.. She doesn’t understand. Madhura says tea is getting cold. This is yours. He says my life’s sweetness is also gone. She says yeah I became spices. I live with you. They fight over the remote. She says I am asking it for my Shubhra. He says my everything is yours. But I won’t give anything to Shubhra. Full and final.

Rishi says we will go to Pune right? Roli says we won’t. Biji says we won’t. Roli says you knew the entire plan? Shubhra says Biji made this yug. She planned all this. And we can’t lose as long as we have her.

Scene 2
Kuldeep says I know you are mad Samaira. She says I have to hide in my own house. You brought your family back. You called me landlord. He says please try to understand I am doing all this for my Biji. I can’t hurt her again. I had to bring Shubhra back for Biji only. We can’t tell her anything. Samaira says so you will give up on me as well for her? He says yes. I will lose anything if my mom is on the other side. I can’t lose her.

Shubhra says I hope we win this fight this time. Chandrani and the kids stand with her. Shubhra says we will win this time.
Kuldeep says please for me you have to be here. If you impress Biji she will start liking you. Till then we have to Shubhra’s husband. She says so you will not even live with me? He says if she finds out that we live in the same room, she will kill me. You have to adjust until you win her heart. Samaira says in their heart what if Biji doesn’t accept? I have to remove this shubhra and Biji from my life.

Scene 3
Madhura makes food for Shubhra. Vitthal says you cook so well. You should open a channel. She says Shubhra is coming after such a long time.

Everyone is enjoying the foor. Samaira serves to the kids. Rishi says carful don’t burn her hand again. Chandrani says you burned her hand? Roli says yes she burned my hand and ruined my dress. Chandrani says you better sit down. She says Shubhra you cook so well.

Aaju baa says do you have a kitty party? What is all this food for? And this Punjabi food? She says I am sending all this for Shubhra. He says Vitthal trash it all. Nothing will be sent from my house to Shubhra.

Chandrani asks Samaira are you married? She says no. Chandrani says to learn to cook from Shubhra it will help you in your married life. Why didn’t you marry? no one liked you? Kuldeep says Biji let it be. You and I can sleep in the guestroom. And Shubhra can sleep with Phirki and the kids. Chandrani says no you and shubhra will sleep together. I will sleep with the kids. Samaira kicks him.

She says I am done and goes upstairs. Shubhra says I told Biji not to find love between and Kuldeep still she said this. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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