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Barrister Babu July 2022 Teasers

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Anirudh takes matters into his own hands and helps Bondita to cure her bedwetting, Saudamini jealousy leads her to poison Bondita. Read Barrister Babu July 2022 Teasers

Barrister Babu
Barrister Babu
Barrister Babu July 2022 Teasers
Barrister Babu July 2022 Teasers

Friday 1st July 2022

Bondita is delighted on learning that she will be attending a wedding with the family later that day. Anirudh voices his displeasure over his family being associated with child marriage and refuses to attend the wedding. However, Bondita looks forward to the wedding.

Monday 4th July 2022

As per Anirudh’s strict instructions, Bondita must visit the bathroom every hour during the night and drink minimal water. To win Anirudh back, Soudamini wrecks his plan and lets Bondita sleep through the night. Eventually, Bondita fails to follow Anirudh’s strict instructions

Tuesday 5th July 2022

When Anirudh decides to teach yoga to Bondita, they come across a hurdle as her attire makes it difficult for her to practice. However, Anirudh comes up with comfortable boys’ clothes for her to wear. Bondita, dressed as a boy, attends the fest that is hosted exclusively for the Brahmin saints.

Wednesday 6th July 2022

Anirudh confronts the priests in a fit of rage. Anirudh’s father is angered by this and threatens to leave the house unless Anirudh apologizes to the priests. Anirudh decides to consult a doctor about Bondita’s bed-wetting habit and informs the family about his decision!

Thursday 7th July 2022

Anirudh goes in search of Bondita, but with the society’s superstition standing between them, will Anirudh be able to stop and help Bondita. Later, After learning the truth about his uncle’s cruel action to treat Bondita’s illness, Anirudh unleashes his wrath and decides to take her to the doctor.

Friday 8th July 2022

Soudamini manipulates Bondita into believing that people will laugh at her and asks her to run away from the doctor’s clinic. Anirudh is left shocked after the doctor reveals that he does not treat women.

Monday 11th July 2022

Unable to calm and tend to the wounds of a furious Anirudh, an innocent Bondita takes a decision by herself that shocks Trilochan and Binoy. Trilochan’s ultimatum against failing in convincing Anirudh to tend to his wounds scares Bondita to the core.

Tuesday 12th July 2022

Bondita finds herself in a fix when the Maha Pandit asks her to swear to her mother and reveal the reason for visiting the doctor. On the other hand, Binoy and Trilochan get excited anticipating Anirudh’s failure as that would lead Bondita out of the house.

Wednesday 13th July 2022

Anirudh surprises Bondita when he brings her mother into the house to help him in curing Bondita’s ailment. Meanwhile, Trilochan’s devious plan to separate Anirudh and Bondita comes into action when he shrewdly coerces Bondita’s mother to take her away.

Thursday 14th July 2022

Bondita willingly agrees to her mother’s request to leave for the village with her. However, when Anirudh refuses to let Bondita go with her mother, she obstructs her nose and chokes herself.

Friday 15th July 2022

Trilochan asks Sumati to leave the mansion in the dead of the night with Bondita to avoid Anirudh’s attention. Anirudh is left shocked when he learns that Sumati is planning on leaving the mansion with Bondita, and rushes home.

Monday 18th July 2022

Soudamini comes up with a deceitful plan to trick Bondita and ensure Anirudh loses. After consuming the poisoned tonic placed by Soudamini, Bondita feels unwell and collapses on the floor.

Tuesday 19th July 2022

Saudamini is happy when Anirudh accepts his failure and decides to send Bondita to her mother’s house. However, Bondita gains consciousness and expresses to stay and continue finding a cure for her problem with Anirudh! Later, Anirudh learns a devastating truth.

Wednesday 20th July 2022

Anirudh disguises as a magician to help Bondita forget the traumatic incident and show her a good time. A joyful and delightful atmosphere prevails in the mansion as Bondita’s bed-wetting problem is cured by the magician.

Thursday 21st July 2022

To return the favor, Bondita decides to do something nice for Anirudh as well, But Soudamini finds it the perfect opportunity to brew trouble between the duo to separate them in a bid to win Anirudh’s love.

Friday 22nd July 2022

Bondita begins her speech with Anirudh standing right beside her. However, he realizes that Bondita is not speaking what she was supposed to! Anirudh lashes out at Somnath for changing the speech prepared by him and humiliating him in front of the folks of Tulsipur.


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