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Barrister Babu Joyprime, Monday 7th November 2022 update

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Barrister Babu
Barrister Babu

Anirudh saying we should focus on making such laws that punishes crime doers. Bondita recalls whatever happened and cries. Anirudh says its me, your barrister babu, calm down, do you want to say or ask anything, tell me, if you have anything in your heart, don’t keep anything in your heart.

Bondita asks shall I get scared of every stranger and stay away from all the men. He says no way, you don’t need to get scared of anyone, you don’t keep anything in your heart, one who does wrong should be scared.

He says bad people like that man use our fear, no need to get scared, one should raise voice and show courage like you have shown today, you are really brave, every girl should be like you, her family should trust her. She says like you trusted me. He says I will always stand by you, and never leave you, never. Trilochan says whatever happened was wrong, this should have not happened with Bondita, I never imagined that Thakur is a creep, I would have not let him come here, I told the policemen not to let the news spread. Anirudh pacifies Bondita by a lullaby and puts her to sleep. He cries.

Trilochan says Bihari, rasam was that Anirudh will enter a new phase of married life with Bondita, he is singing a lullaby for her, will they settle down like this. Bihari says its an unique jodi. Trilochan says shut up, Bondita has to convince Anirudh for the rasams. Its morning, Trilochan says Anirudh doesn’t understand anything, marriage isn’t just a heart connection, he has to understand. Bihari says you have tried everything, you spiked the laddoo to make him perform all the rituals. Anirudh comes and asks what, Bihari.. Trilochan says no need to get angry on him, he did this on my saying, I said this so that I want you and Bondita to take the next step. Anirudh says you know what could have happened if I didn’t get conscious on time, can you fall to any level to fulfill rasam, Bondita is a little kid, she is trying to understand the changes in her body, she is knowing that she is growing up, you want her to take the family ahead in this age, you asked her to sit in the rasams, she did it, she didn’t know anything, I wanted Sumati to come here and explain her, but I m not finding her, where is she, don’t know.

Trilochan says we heard she went on tirat. Anirudh says she came here to meet Bondita, don’t know what happened, she disappeared, she didn’t return to her village, what can I tell her, if her mum is alive or….

Bondita comes and shouts no, I will go and find her, I will ask her to come to me. She cries. Binoy asks Sampoorna where is Sumati. Sampoorna says maybe she isn’t alive. Binoy asks are you mad, its my mistake to believe you. Bondita shouts Maa and runs. Anirudh stops her and says I have filed a missing report and also published her pic in the newspaper, wait for sometime, she will come. Bondita says I have to go and see her, she will come on my call. He says fine, we will go to find her, but I will come with you.

They get shocked seeing Sumati at the door. Sumati stumbles. Bondita hugs her and says Maa…. Binoy and Sampoorna get shocked. Anirudh asks Bihari to get water. Sampoorna thinks the secret will be out now. Bondita asks are you fine. Anirudh and Bondita take care of Sumati. Bondita cleans Sumati’s face. Anirudh says swear on Bondita, tell us, what happened with you. He says I know you were coming here to meet Bondita, what happened, don’t hide anything, please. Sumati says when I was coming here, I met with an accident. They get shocked.

Anirudh asks did this happen here, many people don’t have a car, do you remember the colour of the car, who was driving it. She says yes. Binoy worries. Sumati sees Binoy.

Anirudh asking Sumati who was it. Sumati cries and points a finger at Binoy. Everyone gets shocked. Anirudh asks what. They see Binoy. Anirudh asks did you do the accident. Binoy worries and gets silent. Anirudh says you never told me anything, knowing I m finding Sumati, you didn’t think to tell me about Sumati, how she is. He says I didn’t expect this from you, look at Sumati’s state. Bondita asks why didn’t you tell me that mum is hurt, where was she till now, who took care of her, did she get medicines or not, who fed her the food.

Bondita asks why did you do this. Sampoorna shouts Bondita, its not his mistake, I know Sumati met with an accident by his car, but it was a mistake, that night was dark, I know he didn’t do anything intentionally. Bondita asks why didn’t he tell us. Sampoorna says because I have hidden Sumati, I was taking care of her to get her to you. Anirudh asks why did you hide it from me. Sampoorna says I hid this to lessen Bondita’s pain, what would she go through knowing the pain. She defends Binoy. She says he wanted to say the truth, I stopped him, I felt Anirudh won’t understand, I didn’t wish your relation with your dad to spoil, trust me, I did this for everyone’s good, I didn’t wish our family to break, I request you not to blame Binoy for this, he wants good for everyone so we were waiting for Sumati to recover, don’t raise a finger on my husband.

Bondita asks about Sumati’s state. Sampoorna says we are sisters first. Sumati says you forgot a sister’s love, yes, I wasn’t in senses, but I have heard you and your parents talking, its right that I don’t remember everything, it doesn’t mean that Bondita’s questions are wrong. Bondita asks where did she keep you. Sumati says I had seen an isolated house, I felt Bondita was there calling me, I went to the door and fainted down. Bondita recalls and says you were at Saurabh’s house, I came there.

She says I went to your old house, why didn’t you let me meet Sumati, why, when I was in pain, you took the letters from me and said you will send it to my mum, you didn’t send the letters, you lied to me. Anirudh says I got that letter, I got to know about your periods, you had told this to Sampoorna. Bondita says yes. Anirudh says it means you went through that pain and fear because of Sampoorna, she told you that the periods is a curse, a disease, you thought the family members are in danger, she created that illusion in your heart.

Anirudh says Sampoorna, you are Bondita’s sister, we called you Maa, what did you do, you have shown a wrong path to Bondita and forced her to get scared. Trilochan and Binoy get shocked. Anirudh says you took an advantage of her innocence. Sumati coughs. Bondita asks are you fine. Bondita says I can’t even trust my sister, tell me, how did this happen, how did you come here, what did they do with you. Sumati says they had buried me alive. They all get shocked.

Anirudh asks what. Sumati says yes, I would have died there and never met my Bondita, but maybe the fate wanted the truth to come out and sinners get punished, some hunters came to the jungle, when they were fixing the poles, they found me buried, that’s why I m here in front of you all. They all get angry and look at Sampoorna. Bondita asks Sampoorna will she still lie, was she snatching Sumati for her betterment. She asks what wrong did we do with you. She says we have always loved you, we always heard Mama and Mami, we prayed that you stay happy, why did you wish me to live in sorrow, you tried to kill Sumati, you could have killed me, how dare you hurt my mum, tell me. Sampoorna says why would I try to kill her, I got to know Sumati is missing, I was in the haveli yesterday. Anirudh asks Sumati when did this happen. Sumati says yes, it was Amavasya night.

Anirudh says that night, Sampoorna married Binoy and came. Bondita says yes, when I was coming to Sampoorna’s room, I heard Binoy getting angry on her, he was upset with her. Anirudh says everyone understood it now, Sumati met with an accident by Binoy’s car, Binoy was worried, Sampoorna and her parents took advantage of Binoy’s fear and scared him more, Sampoorna married Binoy, I understood the kind of woman you are, Trilochan wasn’t wrong, he was right, Sampoorna made a way in this haveli, she became Bondita’s Saas and started her bad game, she lied to Bondita and scared her, she forced Bondita to stay in the room, she didn’t let anyone of us know it, we thought why is Bondita not talking to us, we got upset with her, Sampoorna took an advantage, she wanted the locker keys, she wanted to rule on the family, she wanted to live a rich life. Binoy nods.

Anirudh says so she has done all these bad things. Bondita gets angry and says you wanted jewellery, you should have told me if you wanted the sarees, I would have given you everything, I would never question you, I believed you and didn’t tell anything to Anirudh, you did wrong with Sumati, I can never forgive you for this. She asks Anirudh to get justice for Sumati.

Anirudh says yes, I will get her justice, I want to apologize to Trilochan who has seen Sampoorna’s evil. He asks Trilochan to punish Sampoorna, ask Sampoorna to leave the house.