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Aparajita on zee world, Wednesday 14th June 2023 update

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Aparajita on zee world Wednesday 14th June 2023 update, Chhavi comes back home and sees everyone there. Akshay glares at her and asks where were you? Did you go to meet Veer? Chhavi gets scared. Akshay grabs her and asks her to answer him. He says Ia m your father so don’t try to hide anything from me, he shouts at her. Aparajita stops him and tells Chhavi to not be scared, I trust you completely.

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Akshay says tell her how you have been having an affair with that Veer guy? Aparajita asks Chhavi to speak up but she looks away and says I love Veer. Aparajita shouts that you proved that you are your father’s daughter only, how could you lie to me.. it all turns out to be her dream. Aparajita asks Chhavi to tell the truth, and just speak up. Chhavi says I am sorry, I lied to you. Veer was not following me, I went to meet him. I love him. Akshay says this is your upbringing, she was an innocent girl but you couldn’t protect her from that guy. Aparajita sits down and says you always told me everything but how could you hide this? Chhavi rushes to her and says please listen to me.

Anish tells Mohini about Chhavi having an affair with Veer. Anisha says the MLA told Akshay. Chhavi is having an affair but Akshay is angry about it. Mohini laughs and says now he will redirect the anger towards them. Aparajita would die out of embarrassement.

Chhavi tells Aparajita that I got scared that’s why I couldn’t tell you, just talk to me. Akshay says I will teach you a lesson. He grabs her and says if you try to meet him again then I will break your legs. Aparajita shouts at him to leave her, she says I know she did a mistake but this is not the way to behave with her. Dadi says Aparajita is right. Akshay says you both have guts to Chhavi to do all this. He glares at Aparajita and says Chhavi is my daughter so I have a right to protect her. Aparajita says you think your only right is to shout at her? You left her when she was a child, then came back and lied to her. Then threw her out of the house? She is my daughter and I will deal with this. Akshay tells Chhavi that you won’t meet that guy now. He grabs her phone. Aparajita tries to stop him but Akshay shouts that you are useless. He pushes her away and she falls down. Chhavi shouts enough.. don’t say anything to Maa. I failed many tests in life but she was always there. She tells Aparajita that I never wanted to hide this. She says I love Veer, yes he beat Vicky because he couldn’t bear that Vicky tried to molest me. The same way Disha couldn’t bear it and attacked Vicky but what did you do Akshay? You did nothing against Vicky. You never trusted me, you trusted Mohini against me so don’t talk about trust now. You never cared for us, I kept loving you but you always lied to us. Akshay shouts at her and raises his hand but stops himself. Chhavi leaves from there. Disha and Asha go behind her. Dadi tells Aparajita to take care of Chhavi, I will go back home because its my helplessness. Akshay tells Aparajita that if anything happens to Chhavi then I won’t sapre you. He leaves from there.

Chhavi goes to her room and cries. Disha and Asha knock on the door. Disha asks if Veer is threatening her? Chhavi says I wouldn’t love a person who is threatening me. Asha asks Disha to calm down. Disha says that guy is not good. Chhavi says you don’t know him, I know how nice he is. Aparajita comes outside the room and asks Chhavi to open the door. She opens it. Aparajita glares at her. She goes in the room and locks it. Asha says Maa is angry. Disha says she will handle it. Asha says I am scared.

Mohini tells Akshay that Aparajita is not a good mother. Disha is already a goon and now Chhavi is becoming characterless. Akshay says enough, don’t say anything about Chhavi. You know she said that Veer what her father should have done against Vicky. If Veer beat him like that then there must be a reason behind it right? You didn’t tell me about it. He says Chhavi always loved me but now she hates me because of you only. Mohini says you want to have a perfect father image, you pretend like you care about them. Akshay says I became selfish because of you but I care about my daughters. You are trying to destroy Aparajita and Aparajita is destroying my daughters’ lives. I suffocate between you both. Mohini says you act like you are so innocent and only women are at fault. If I tell the truth then you won’t be able to hear it.

Aparajita tells Chhavi that you kept lying to me but I trusted you blindly. This is the gift for my birthday? Chhavi says I wanted to tell you the truth, please trust me. Aparajita says I trusted you but you broke it. You can never repair trust once its broken. Chhavi is hurt hearing that. Aparajita says I am speechless now.

Chhavi tells Aparajita that I am sorry that Akshay questioned your upbringing because me. Aparajita says I don’t care what he said, I care about what you did, you lied to me. Chhavi says I am sorry for that but I am not wrong about Veer. He is not that spoiled brat you think he is, he did a mistake and he repents about that. He respects me a lot, he makes me feel special which I never felt before. He has given me so much respect and has made me feel better about myself. Aparajita hugs her and cries. Chhavi says I did a mistake but I would never want to hurt you, you always told me to listen to my heart and I did it for the first time. I wanted to tell you the truth.

Akshay asks Mohini what truth were you talking about? Mohini says the truth is that you are a bad father. Niya comes there and hears that. Mohini sees her and becomes silent. Akshay leaves from there.

Aparajita wipes Chhavi’s tears and says I got angry because I was hurt. I just want to tell you that in your age we just listen to our hearts, we like a person and we don’t see anyone else except them. I also thought I was loved by someone but that was not the truth. Just don’t do the msitake that I did. I am not saying that you are wrong but just think about what you are doing. Chhavi hugs her. Aparajita opens the door, she tells Disha to not question her further, I have talked to her. Disha tells Chhavi that I knew once you realized then you won’t do this mistake again. Chhavi looks on. She recalls Veer’s words they will become one.

Akshay recalls Chhavi’s words that he doesn’t care for her. Niya comes there and says you are the best dad in the world, I am lucky to have you. You always cared for me, my friends were jealous that you were always there in the school for me. She says Chhavi, Disha and Asha will realize that you love them a lot, you just have to show it to them. She hugs him. Mohini hears all that and thinks my family is going against me because of Aparajita but I won’t let her do it.

Asha asks Aparajita if Dadi called her? Aparajita says no she didn’t. I am just worried if Akshay said anything to her.

Akshay comes to Dadi and says I want to talk about Chhavi, I love her. She is my daughter so I won’t let anything wrong happen with her. If Aparajita can’t take care of her then I will.

Aparajita tells Asha and Disha that Chhavi is going through a tough situation so we have to support her. Chhavi comes there and says I made milkshake for everyone. Asha thanks her. Aparajita asks her to sit down and we will all have it together. They all share it. Aparajita looks on. Chhavi says I will go out for some time. Disha asks where? Chhavi gives her phone to Aparajita and says I won’t call him, you can keep my phone with you. Aparajita says no, I trust you so keep it with you. Chhavi nods and thinks she would never hurt Aparajita again even if her heart is broken because of that.

Aparajita comes to Chhavi’s room and sees her sleeping. She caresses her face and tucks her in. She leaves from there. Chhavi wakes up and wipes her tears. She drinks water and checks her phone to see Veer’s many missed calls. She gets worried and leaves from there.

Chhavi comes to the porch and calls Veer. He asks why were you not taking my calls? I was worried. Chhavi says Maa found out about us, your father called my father and told him everything. My father taunted my mother so much, she is worried because of me so its better if we don’t meet ever again. Veer shouts that you know I was killing myself without you. He asks her to ask herself if she can live without him? Chhavi cries and turns off her phone. Veer breaks his phone in anger.

In the morning, Aparajita comes to the kitchen and finds Chhavi making tea while crying silently. Chhavi recalls Aparajita’s words to not repeat her mistakes. Aparajita calls her and says I will make breakfast, go and study. Chhavi sadly leaves. Aparajita looks on.

Asha tells Disha that Chhavi has become silent these days, we should talk to her. Disha says she will take some time and then she will become fine. Asha says her feelings might be overwhelming and she might take a wrong step. Disha says it won’t happen, just go and be with her.

Chhavi comes to the laundry and sees Veer calling her but she cuts the call. She keeps recalling Veer and Aparajita’s words. She takes some ropes and leaves from there. Asha sees that and is shocked. She rushes to Disha. Chhavi locks herself in the room. Disha and Asha rush to her, they open to her and hug her. Chhavi asks what happened? Asha says I got scared seeing the rope in your hand. Chhavi says I took it to dry the clothes. She hugs them and says my life is with my family, I can’t die for an outsider. Asha says but you must be feeling bad? Chhavi says I am feeling burdened but I will be fine. Disha hugs her and says it’s better to cut this off here only.

Veer comes to Aparajita’s house. Disha sees him there. Chhavi and Asha come there too. They are shocked. Disha shouts how dare you come here? Veer ignores her and goes to Chhavi. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.