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Aparajita on zee world, Sunday 4th June 2023 update

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TV series

Aparajita on zee world Sunday 4th June 2023 update, Akshay drags Disha to a room and locks her inside. Aparajita rushes to her but Akshay takes the key.

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Mohini calls her brother and says the film I wanted to see is running now. I have broken all her daughters. Aparajita shouts at Akshay why did you lock her inside? Akshay says she needs to control her anger. Aparajita says she is angry because of you. She tries to take the key from him but he doesn’t. Mohini says you have 6 hours left before Disha will be arrested. I can take the case back but..

Aparajita says what do you want from me? I can do anything for my kids. Mohini says you have to leave this house with your daughters tonight only. Akshay has already found another house for you so decide now. Akshay shows her the key and smirks. They both leave from there. Aparajita cries and is helpless.

Disha is locked in the room and tries to break the door. She screams for someone to open the door. Dadi and Chhavi hear it but they are scared. Aparajita comes to the room and opens the door with the key. She hugs Disha and says let’s go. Aparajita comes to Akshay and Mohini. Dadi and Chhavi arrive there too. A lawyer comes there and says we need some papers signed and then nobody will be able to throw you or your daughters out of this house. She gives her the documents. All look on. Aparajita looks at the papers but then tears them.

Disha and Chhavi are shocked. Disha says what are you doing? Aparajita recalls how Akshay told her that if you don’t want your daughter saved then we will send Disha to jail. Aparajita told Akshay that people make mistakes as we are humans, I shouldn’t have let you in the house but I did because I thought you are still my daughters’ father, I should have learned from my mistakes but I still let you back in our lives, how did I think you would be good to us?

You are Disha’s father but you are ready to send her to jail? How could I think that you wouldn’t hurt your daughters. I can do anything for my daughters, I will leave this house with my kids. Akshay says that’s great, he asks her to sign the property papers, it says that you can never own this house.

Aparajita cries and signed the property papers. Akshay smirked and hugged Mohini. The flashback ends. Aparajita tells the lawyer that I am taking my case back. Aparajita tells the family that we will not stay in this house as my kids are not safe here. Dadi says you can’t leave me, I will go with you. You are my daughter. Akshay says stop your emotional drama.

Aparajita says you couldn’t become a good father, good husband or a good son. Akshay laughs and says I am scared of your speeches, you have already signed the papers so you should start packing the bags. Dadi says I have a share in this house. Akshay shows her the property papers and says Aparajita signed the papers, she gave these to me. I don’t have to do anything. You should leave the house. Chhavi starts leaving but Akshay says you can stay with me, I want you to stay with me.

I will be a best father, I will give you everything. I will do everything for you as a father. I want you to stay with your father, you are papa’s daughter right? You can stay with me. Chhavi says I am my mother’s daughter only. Aparajita cries hearing that. She hugs Chhavi.

In the morning, Aparajita comes to Asha and wakes her up. She says we have to leave this place, we can’t stay here anymore.

Disha is angry and asks Chhavi how can Aparajita lose to them? Chhavi says don’t do anything now. Aparajita comes there so Disha says that we won’t leave our house, how can you lose to them? Aparajita says we are not safe here, we will feel suffocated here.

I know we will go on a new path but we will find a way when we are together. We can make a home anywhere together. Disha cries and hugs her. Chhavi and Asha hug her too. Aparajita is emotional.

Akshay grabs Mohini and says I trusted your words so tell me that you said the truth only? Mohini says you think I would let anything wrong happen with Chhavi? I have a daughter too, that guy was a little friendly with her but that’s how people are these days. I know Chhavi didn’t have exposure and she got nervous but Disha didn’t have to beat him.

Akshay says why didn’t you tell me about the party? Mohini says it doesn’t matter, we won and Aparajita will leave the house. Akshay looks away and recalls how Chhavi said that she is Aparajita’s daughter only. Mohini asks what happened? Akshay says I have lost Chhavi’s love and respect.

Mohini says just give her some time and she will forgive you. Akshay says bring that house’s property papers, Aparajita have to accept that. Mohini says I know you won’t leave them on the road.

Aparajita comes to Dadi and sees her trying to pack her bags. Aparajita says I have put all your medicines in the box. Dadi is angry and says I am going with you. Aparajita cries and says you are my mother, you can slap me but I can’t take you with me as you are ill.

Dadi says I am not leaving you. Aparajita cries and sits in her feet. Aparajita says we are leaving the house in the middle of the night, I don’t know where we will go so I can’t take you with me right now. Dadi says you will leave me? Aparajita says I don’t know when but I will come back for you, we will be back to you soon. She hugs her and cries. All kids come there and they all hug while crying.

Aparajita starts leaving the house with her daughters. She recalls about her memories with Akshay, her kids and as a family. Chhavi recalls her memories with Akshay as a kid. Disha recalls how Aparajita used to teach her to not be angry with things.

Asha recalls their family memories. Akshay and Mohini come there. He shows her the papers of a house and says you can take the daughters there. Aparajita says don’t worry about them. I have taken care of them for 15 years and will do it now also. Aparajita starts to leave but Mohini grabs her mangalsutra and says you don’t need this anymore. All look on. Aparajita says you can break it, what will happen? It doesn’t matter if I wear it or not. I am this house’s daughter in law with our without this mangalsutra and you will always be a second woman.

Mohini breaks her mangalsutra in anger. Akshay looks on. Aparajita says life doesn’t remain same all the time. I will come back with my daughters soon. Akshay looks on. Aparajita is leaving the house with her daughters. Akshay recalls his moments when they had Chhavi. Aparajita leaves the house with her daughters. Dadi cries seeing them leave. Mohini closes the door on their faces.

Chhavi tells Aparajita that we don’t even have relatives, where will we go? It starts raining so Aparajita opens an umbrella and brings all her daughters under it. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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