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Anupama on starlife, Friday 9th June 2023 update

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Anupama on starlife Friday 9th June 2023 update, Anuj emotionally tells Anupama that he loves her, he doens’t want to change her but just wants to say that there is limit to carry stress and burden alone, how can she expect herself to do everything precisely at the right time when even a clock doesn’t work precisely. He asks why don’t she accept that they both need each other’s help for a smooth life.

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He was just trying to share his wife’s stress, but she is a mother and if a mother feels he did wrong by speaking to her daughter, he is worry for that. She asks what is he doing. He says if she thinks he is increasing her problems, then he is sorry and he will not interfere between her and her children from hereon. He leaves from there, leaving Anupama more upset. Anuj walks to her room upset. They both recite a poem describing differences between them creeping up for the first time. Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahi.. song plays in the background.

Pakhi does stress eating recalling Adhik leaving her and her seeing him smilingly chatting with dimple. She fumes that he didn’t like her social media posts and liked Dimple’s posts instead, he didn’t talk to her since yesterday and its not affecting him at all. She fears he will forget herand and tries to call him repeatedly and thinks if he blocked her. Vanraj passes by and watches her anxious behavior. Adhik prepares a gift for Pakhi and plans to take her on a long drive. Anupama looks to little Anu’s room and recalls Anuj asking her if she filled little Anu’s school form. Little Anu says she finished her homework. Anupama says she didn’t finish her homework though and apologizes for not filling her school form because of which she Little Anu couldn’t attend school trip. Little Anu says its okay. Anupama says she can’t compromise on her children’s happiness and promises to take her on a trip tomorrow. Little Anu excitedly says she will pack her bag then. Anupama thinks she failed as a mother and wife today and should work on keeping them happy.

Anuj is unable to sleep. Anupama walks till the door and then backs off. Anuj eagerly opens door when he hears door knock but then finds Ankush who comes to give him a file. Anuj hugs him emotionally. Ankush asks if he is fine. Kavya notices Pakhi upset and tells her that they can’t see her in this condition, they scold her as they love and care for her. She talks about having patience in life and relationships and gives an example of slow cooking. She suggests her to learn from her and Vanraj and Toshu and Kinjal’s mistakes and patch up with Adhik, suggests to call Adhik and apologize before its too late and try to be equally responsible in relationship.

Anupama enters Anuj’s room, notice Anuj asleep, and hugs him from behind. Anuj opens his eyes. Anupama says I love you and sorry and she means it. Anuj melts down when her tears fall on his check and hugs her back. Tum Pyar Ho Hamare, Dil Daar Ho Hamare.. song plays in the background. Anuj says he didn’t like and it hurt him a lot. Anupama repeats surri surri/sorry. Anuj says whenever he sees his Anupama in trouble, a calm and composed Anuj gets violent and feels like breaking the whole world with his hockey stick. Anupama says she is a mother and can’t stop worrying for her children even if she reaches a moon. Anuj says he understands or else he wouldn’t have married her, he knew that he is marrying a mother and he doesn’t want her to stay away from her children and in fact he told her to visit Shah house for her children, but now he wants her to draw a line.

He says every relationship should have a line of control and they didn’t cross a line of control of expectations and hence they are together now and love and understand each other more than before.

He says she should draw a line for everyone; its not her mistake that girls are taught from childhood that they have to handle everything, she can’t change her habit of 26 years, but should slowly change this habit. He says he is not asking her to back off from her responsibilities and shouldn’t change even for him or anyone else, but should learn to stop controlling for her own sake.

He describes how mothers want to control kids alone instead of letting grandparents and others also control them, etc., and says he doesn’t want his Anu to forget herself as she is not a machine or god and should start living for herself for god’s sake. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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