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Age is just a number, Saturday 5th November 2022 update

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Age is just a number Zeeword
Age is just a number Zeeword

Aarya and Guddu come to speak to Vaidika about their live in. Vaidika advices them that society has created circles for some reasons. Sahil says society negatively points to everything; but if we won’t go against the society how exemplary relations would come to being.

Vaidika speak to Aarya that she is afraid, what if they commit something wrong while being young and together. Sahil says the world consider the concept of live in as false, but today the rate of divorce is higher than rate of marriage. Live-ins can break this trend as people will begin to understand each other. He insists that Vaidika is not a conventional parent. Aarya could have forcefully married Guddu, then divorced him within few months as well; he falls into Vaidika’s feet.

Vaidika thinks for a while, then allows Aarya and Guddu to stay under a single roof. She conditions that they will stay in her old house, in separate rooms and won’t cross any limits. Sahil sends Guddu outside first, then takes Aarya to leave the room. He comes inside to thank Vaidika and wonders how someone can be so perfect, a perfect mother, a perfect human and he is sure she must be a perfect wife as well. Vaidika was now speechless. Sahil hugs her but she refrains from hugging back.
The next morning, the stall of Gol gappa was set. Vaidika and Maya stood nearby. Sahil asks Vaidika about the true opinion, their opinion matters to him. Vaidika appreciates Sahil for starting his own business. Pankti comes there with everything ready. Sahil claims he was a good tenant, but this Pankti is always rude and angry.

Pankti claims Sahil to be a crazy man, its only Vaidika who only finds everything right about him. Sahil says Vaidika never lies. Vaidika watches Sahil busy with his work. He lets Vaidika taste a Gol gappa. Vaidika breaks into tears as Sahil gets busy with gathering clients for their new stall.

Aarya decorates the house. Guddu hands a To-Do list for daily chores and says he would go to office while she must continue her course. He complements themselves for decorating the house well. Aarya says Guddu resembles her Sahil Papa whenever he is doing such actions. Guddu forwards his face while Aarya kiss his cheek.

Pankti’s mother was happy to watch photos of Pankti and Sahil. She prays for Sahil coming into their life as angel. Tej Pratab comes there and snatches the phone from her. He hands it to his men with strict instructions against Pankti.

Sahil’s stall had a good business. Some girls wish to take a selfie with Sahil and his wife. Sahil was confused that he isn’t married. Vaidika, from behind him, signals the girl not to tell Sahil the truth. They call Maya and Pankti forward to take a selfie with the girls. The goons reached there spotting Tej Pratab’s goons. A bottle of wine break right in their feet. Pankti was afraid to see the goons.

Pankti panics after Tej Pratab’s call and says she must go back her mother is in danger. Vaidika asks them to listen to her plan.

In his villa, Tej Pratab had tied Pankti’s mother with a pillar. He warns that if Pankti doesn’t return today, she will be molested by five men here. He then asks for some celebrations, a goon calls a folk singer’s gang from Rajasthan. It was Vaidika as the singing lead, Sahil as the drummer and Pankti in veil to dance. Tears fell off Vaidika’s eyes as she sings, ‘Menu ishq da lagya roag’.

Vaidika distributes sweets amongst the attendees. Everyone including Tej Pratab goes unconscious. Sahil carefully observes Tej Pratab. They untie the ropes of Pankti’s mother and turn to leave. Tej Pratab stood outside the main door clapping with his goons.

Tej Pratab comes to Vaidika and says he had already known there was something wrong when she presented the laddu. He was about to harass his wife again when Vaidika slaps on his face. Tej Pratab stops his goons from moving ahead. Vaidika says they stand with his wife here, she need to call the media once and the reporters and journalists will be here.

Sahil removes the fake moustache and stands with Vaidika. Vaidika says men must pray women, they love their sons and praise their husbands. They warn that from today, Pankti and his wife will remain under Vaidika and Sahil’s surveillance; he must well be aware that a defamed politician never gets enough votes. As they turn to leave, Vaidika was about to slip. Sahil asks Vaidika to be careful with her child as well. Pankti tells her mother that Vaidika is pregnant, still she came to help them. After they have left, Tej Pratab tells his goons that they got their weakness now. Sahil will bring Pankti and his mother, else Vaidika won’t be able to give birth to her child.

Aarya and Guddu return from grocery. Aarya was excited about the festival. The doorbell rings. Aarya says she ordered food from restaurant, can he pay the bills. Guddu had no money in his wallet. Aarya comes with the money. Guddu explains that his salary didn’t yet come into his account. Aarya replies that it’s alright, they can share the bills just as they will share the chores. Guddu thinks silently that Aarya believes him a lot, what if she leaves him when she knows about his truth.

Vaidika and Sahil come home with Pankti and her mother. Bari Amma, Nani and Prachi strictly prohibits them from entering the house. Vaidika convince Bari Amma that they needed help and she deemed it right to bring them here and help them. Bari Amma thinks Tej Pratab had turned her life to help, this woman had to suffer this all. Pankti requests Bari Amma to let them stay here, she promises to never be a burden over them. She also assures Vaidika to never hurt her sentiments. Sahil announces Makar Sanktrati celebrations tomorrow and takes Pankti’s mother into the room.

She bless Sahil and requests him to think about her question. Pankti and Vaidika come to the room. Pankti inquires what reply she wants from him. Sahil says its their personal matter. He asks Vaidika and Pankti why they hugged each other last night.

Vaidika had brought dinner for them. Pankti says Sahil won’t stay silent until he knows the reason, she must tell him now.