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Age is just a number, Monday 31st October 2022 update

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Age is just a number Zeeword
Age is just a number Zeeword

Vaidika stood with her arm held for Sahil. Usha comes there clapping that Vaidika wants to prove her wrong, she warns Vaidika to stay away from her Jackie. Vaidika must have loved her husband but Jackie is her son, he just had an accident now Vaidika must not hurt him anymore. Sahil withdraws his hand from Bhoomi’s grip.

Usha convince Sahil that this woman is a liar. Vaidika says right now there are two sides of his life, he must listen to his heart and then take the decision. Sahil leaves the hall in confusion.

Outside, Sahil was confused and shouts in agony; he holds his head and wonders who he is? Sahil comes across the corridor. Vaidika stood in the corridor and says her idea to fool that Jackie came true, now she will make him Jackie and will live her life in joy of Mrs. Sahil

Agarwal. She pities him. Sahil was irked and leaves the hall. The lady in the hall wasn’t Vaidika but Bhoomi dressed up exactly like Vaidika. Usha complements Bhoomi’s idea and looks.

Bhoomi says she saw Sahil running outside, he was confused and she was sure he believed Vaidika. Vaidika comes from behind and asks if they think they were successful in their plan? She had vowed to bring her Sahil back, she can’t let them win so easily. Usha boasts that Vaidika’s love story can’t be completed anymore. She is sure Sahil will never trust her again. Vaidika was sure that her Sahil’s heart will bring him to her. Bhoomi says she will marry Sahil at every cost; while Usha says she can’t lose her Jackie anymore. She will take over Agarwal’s property. Bhoomi says she will marry Sahil and leave this place with him and Ved. Vaidika says they don’t understand the power of their love, it can turn impossible to possible. Her remaining two days are still there.

It was night, Sahil comes downstairs into the hall. He shouts and calls everyone into the hall. Vaidika comes to explain herself to Sahil. Sahil claps for Vaidika that she planned well and tried to make his truth a lie. She tried to live with her husband’s twin brother. He shouts at Vaidika for being shameless. He says he will now do what his mummy wants him to; he comes to Usha and apologizes for mistrusting her. When he opened his eyes in hospital, he knows Usha was there.

He will marry Bhoomi if she wish him to. He clarifies to Agarwals that his marriage with Bhoomi will take place within next three years.
Nani and Bari Amma come to Vaidika’s room worried. Nani asks if Vaidika even realize what they are doing to her, can’t she think for herself or Ved? Why she doesn’t call that doctor? Vaidika says she wish Sahil’s memory to recover but Sahil’s own life is endangered. This fight is with Sahil’s mind, she can’t take such risk with Sahil’s life. Usha and Bhoomi come there saying they have already lost. Usha and Bhoomi had brought gifts for them. Bhoomi opens the box containing poison. Usha laughs saying they must drink this poison when Sahil has married Bhoomi. Vaidika says she is sure her husband would return to her, at that time she will laugh like this.

Usha says Sahil has agreed to marry her in an hour. Bhoomi laughs and says it doesn’t matter. She will snatch her Ved and Sahil from Vaidika.

It was night. Mandagini had brought a lady for henna application. Usha calls Jackie to come for Haldi. Sahil comes inside badly drunk and beating the drum by himself. He takes the cone of henna and writes Jackie on Bhoomi’s palm. He says no matter Vaidika had betrayed her, he is aware Vaidika loves Sahil a lot. He offers her to dance together, both of them won’t be able to forget whatever will happen tonight.

Sahil and Vaidika dance closely. Vaidika was upset while Sahil holds her close to himself.

Sahil and Vaidika stood closely during the dance. Usha calls him to get the ubtan.

Deepak comes to the corridor at night and wonders why Vaidika called him here? Mandagini comes from behind and asks if he awaited her? She got the henna after his name. Deepak wanted to clarify to Mandagini that there is nothing between them. Vaidika hides herself as she spot them together. Mandagini runs to get Deepak’s name written on her henna, while Deepak was helpless. Vaidika takes Deepak into a room and shares the plan with him. They turn to see Bhoomi standing at the door, she turns to inform Usha about everything. Nani held Bhoomi inside the room, ruining her henna as well. She sends Vaidika to accomplish her plan.
Aarya cries in the corridor and wonders why her mother won’t take an action

against Bhoomi and Sahil’s wedding? Guddu comes to Aarya and says not every question has an answer, she will end up more confused. Aarya holds his hand and says he must believe his mother. She has witnessed Vaidika and Sahil’s love story, if her mother claims that this is Sahil then it should be the right thing. She requests his support if at any point he thinks they are right; his support would mean a lot to her. Usha calls Guddu who runs downstairs.
In the hall, Sahil sat in groom’s attire while badly drunk. He speaks to Pandit ji that he has lost his memory, he doesn’t remember who he is. They don’t need any of the wedding vows, his wedding must only be a short one.

Deepak and Vaidika reach the hall. Usha invites Vaidika to witness how Jackie and Bhoomi get married. Vaidika notices that Sahil’s eyes were shutting down. Deepak goes towards the fuse box and turns the lights off. Usha calls Guddu to check what happened to lights, Guddu fix the fuse. Usha was shocked to see Jackie was nowhere to be seen.
Vaidika and Deepak bring Sahil to a godown. Vaidika hugged Sahil whose eyes were tightly closed.

Vaidika says she couldn’t let Bhoomi and Usha succeed tonight. She is fully conscious what’s right for Sahil. Usha had reached there, holding Deepak at gunpoint. Usha laughs that they locked Bhoomi into the room but left her cell phone there. The goons with Usha take Sahil. Vaidika saves Deepak from charging at Usha. Deepak asks Vaidika why she saved him, at least he could have died but united Vaidika and Sahil. Vaidika replies she can’t save her marriage at the cost of someone’s life.

Bhoomi stood in front of mirror and was happy that today she will get Sahil, and they will truly be husband and wife. She will take away from here as well. Vaidika comes to Bhoomi’s room and asks why she is doing so, if Sahil’s memory is back how will Bhoomi stop him? Bhoomi asks how Vaidika do all this, she can’t stop her as her groom is now waiting for her. Vaidika warns Bhoomi to end this up, she can’t let Sahil entrapped by liars like Bhoomi. Bhoomi tells Vaidika to care for herself, Sahil won’t ever her Vaidika’s again. He will now be her husband.

In the hall, Usha announces that the wedding will now start. She warns anyone to try and intervene. Vaidika comes there and requests Sahil to rethink as this wedding is illegitimate.

Sahil wasn’t in his conscious. Vaidika asks Usha why she wants to ruin three lives, this isn’t Jackie and not Sahil. Vaidika says she will see what Sahil does to them when he regains his consciousness. Usha was emotional and says she broke Sahil’s head with an iron machine earlier as well; this time she will not spare a single organ of his. She orders Pandit to begin the wedding rituals. Sahil stands up the mandap, pours water in the fire and announces there will be no wedding.
He comes to Usha and asks if she is Jackie and he is Jackie? He asks Usha if she didn’t tell him he fall off a cliff. Usha wonders how he got in his senses, he was badly drunk already. Vaidika and Sahil tell Usha it was a plan.

Vaidika had pulled Sahil into a room, she placed his hand over his own chest and asked him to take witness of his own heart. Sahil was going mad. Vaidika demanded from Sahil a single chance to prove herself right. She requests Sahil to play a simple drama, this would bring the truth; and if she can’t succeed in her attempt she promised to leave by herself. Sahil weakly held Vaidika’s hand. Vaidika requested him to trust her for one last time.
Vaidika and Sahil explain to Usha that Sahil’s kidnap, and locking Bhoomi into the room with a cell phone was only fake. Usha held out a gun pointing towards Sahil and demands him to name his property after her, else she might kill whole of his family.

She lost Jackie because of Sahil, Jackie had to bring her money but now Sahil will. Bhoomi runs to Usha and intervenes asking if Usha wants to take over the whole property alone? Usha pushes Bhoomi away.
Sahil hides Vaidika behind himself and challenges Usha to pull the trigger. The bullet was finally shot.

Bhoomi shouted at Usha if she had gone crazy, killing Vaidika was never in their plan because life of Ved depends upon Vaidika’s life. Sahil goes unconscious.