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My heart knows on zee world, Friday 1st July 2022 update

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Episode starts with Kalyani telling Anupriya that she will go to office and charge her laptop for the meeting. Anupriya says meeting time is already over. Kalyani says although she is late, but somehow she will manage. She says but she is worried for Mukku, as she will be alone, and Kaka will take her for the interview.

My heart knows series
My heart knows series

Sarthak asks Mukku to get ready fast. Avni comes there and tells about the wire tearing and falling on the tree, so there is no electricity. Sarthak says I will call the electricity department. Avni asks him not to call and tells that Kalyani’s laptop is not charged, now she will lose her job. She indirectly tells Mukku. Mukku thinks she can’t see Aai fi tensed, if she loses her job. She comes out and thinks to connect the wire. She climbs up the tree. Avni looks at her from hideout and smiles at her plan. She says Mukku became a fool and says if she gets electric shock, then Kalyani will be blamed and Malhar will kick her out. She thinks to get out their secrets from Mukku.

Kalyani asks Anupriya to stop Pillu from going to school and asks her to stop Sarthak kaka till then. Kalyani is going out, Avni sees her going and throws water on her way. She tells that wiping the floor and asks her to stop. Kalyani says she is getting late for office. She waits for sometime and tells that she can’t wait further. Avni thinks what to do. Kalyani comes out and sits on her bicycle. She thinks to charge her laptop and then come back home. She thinks to check once, if electricity came back. Mukku is about to touch the wire. Kalyani gets down from the cycle and thinks to check if electricity guys came or not. She comes near the tree and gets shocked seeing Pillu on top of the tree and is about to touch the wire. She shouts Pillu and then Mukku. Everyone hears her voice. Mukku tells Kalyani that she won’t let her lose her job. Kalyani asks her not to touch the wire and asks her to get down, not to touch the wire. Mukku slips and falls down from the tree, but Kalyani manages to catches her in her arms and saves her. She hugs Mukku and asks if she is fine. Sarthak gets angry and takes Mukku with her. Avni thinks her plan is failed.

Kalyani asks Anupriya to go behind Sarthak. Anupriya says he asked her not to come behind her. Mukku asks Sarthak if Aai fi will lose her job, as she couldn’t connect the wire. Sarthak gets angry. Avni asks Mukku to go away from the house and says until when you are here, the accidents will happen here. Anupriya says you are guest in this house and not you. Avni asks until when you will hide her mistakes and says your daughter is inauspicious. She says she couldn’t handle her own son and is now risking Mukku’s life. Kalyani asks Avni not to talk about inauspicious thing and says I know well, how kids hate you. Malhar and Sarthak come there. Sarthak tells that Kalyani is taking advantage of his daughter and today Mukku was about to die. He blames Kalyani. Avni provokes him against Anupriya and Kalyani and says she heard them talking about Mukku’s Nani coming here to meet her. Sarthak scolds Anupriya and burns the toys brought by Kalyani. Kalyani tries to stop him, but in vain. Sarthak says today my daughter’s admission couldn’t happen due to Kalyani. Avni says until Kalyani stays here, Mukku can’t progress in her life. He asks him to throw her out. Malhar says let me take decision of Kalyani and says she needs to be here, else how will I keep eye on her. He takes her from there. Anupriya feeds food to Mukku and tells that she shall not do such things again, else even she will not talk to her. She says Sarthak will not send you to school now for some days, and asks her to rest. Avni searches for the proofs in the trash and thinks to unveil their secret.

Malhar gets angry on Kalyani for meeting Mukku and says he will give her so much work, that she will not have time to meet Mukku. He shows the pickles bottles and tells that Swara had made 36 types of pickles and asks her to start with mango pickle. And then ask Anupriya about other pickles.

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Moksh Tries To Stop Malhar-Avni’s Marriage And Malhar Marries Kalyani

Details Update Below……

Avni sits for her haldi rasam. She taunts Anupriya and asks her about Kalyani, asking if she will not come. Kalyani comes there wearing red saree and asks what did she think that she will not come? Avni asks why are you so much ready, as I am getting married. Kalyani asks Anupriya to give her haldi. Kalyani is about to apply haldi to Avni, when Mukku comes and snatches haldi bowl from her hand. Kalyani tries to get the bowl from Mukku and the haldi bowl falls down. Haldi gets applied to Kalyani’s face.

Kalyani trying to stop Mukku and asks her to give the haldi. Mukku refuses. Kalyani tries to snatch the haldi bowl and the haldi falls on Kalyani’s face. Kalyani gets shocked. Moksh gets happy and says Aai fi got the haldi. She says now Police and Aai fi will marry, says it happens in films, whoever gets haldi applied on their face, the same girl marriage happens with the groom. She asks Avni to cry and says now you can’t marry Police. Avni asks Sarthak if he heard what she said? Sarthak gets angry and says such girl can be my daughter. H says you will be locked in the room. Moksh says I can’t get Police and bad aunty’s marriage done. He takes Moksh to room. Moksh says leave my hand. Sarthak says you will be locked until the marriage is done. Kalyani comes there and asks Sarthak to open the door, says Mukku is a little girl. Moksh asks Kalyani to open the door. Sarthak says he will take Mukku from there after the marriage. He asks Anupriya not to favor Kalyani. Anupriya goes. Sarthak says if Mukku comes out before the marriage is done then I will take her from here right itself. He goes. Kalyani asks Mukku to let Malhar ji marry Avni and tells that their love for him will never end, even after Malhar’s marriage with Avni. She says Malhar ji has to marry Avni, sits down and cries. Moksh asks are you fine? Kalyani says I am fine. Moksh says if you are fine, then sing a song for me. Kalyani sings kehte hai khuda …tujhse hai raabta….Moksh gets teary eyed too and sleeps sitting there, like he used to sleep in childhood. Kalyani cries sitting ouside. Anupriya tells Sarthak that she will not let him behave this way with the little girl. Sarthak says what do you think that I like to be angry on her, for whom we have done so many mannats. He says I know that when I shout or get angry on her, then you used to feel pain, but I get more pained to do that. He says it is their responsibility to bring her to the right path. Kalyani comes there and tells Anupriya that Kaka is right, Mukku shall be inside until the marriage is done.

Durga Prasad barks and wakes up Moksh. Moksh wakes up and thinks how did he sleep? He asks Durga Prasad to take him out. Anupriya asks Kalyani to go from here and tells that she will feel pain to see Malhar married. Kalyani says she has so much love and respect for Malhar ji that she will bear this thinking it as a token of true love. Sarthak comes and asks where is Malhar? Malhar comes there. Sarthak asks him to come, says it is mahurat time. Kalyani says your clothes are ironed and kept in your room, get ready. Malhar gets upset and goes from there. Durga Prasad tries to open the bolt.

Malhar is about to throw the medicine bottle. Kalyani stops him and says it is your medicine. Malhar says I shall be habitual to bear anger and pain now and asks her to throw the medicines out. Kalyani opens the cupboard and takes out his clothes. The envelope falls down, DNA report. Kalyani takes it from him and asks him to get ready for marriage. Malhar goes angrily. Kalyani keeps the envelope back, but it falls down on the ground along with the clothes. Sarthak tells someone on call that he is not coming to office for 3-4 days. He sees Durga Prasad outside the room and asks if it is taking care of Mukku, and asks it to take care of her and leaves. Durga Prasad tries to unlock the door and pull the bolt.

Malhar sits for marriage and sees Kalyani there. He says it is good that she came, now shower flower petals on them and blesses them. Kalyani looks sad. Anupriya brings Avni and makes her sit with Malhar. Mukku asks Durga Prasad to help him come out as Police is marrying bad aunty there. Pandit ji asks someone to do the ghatbandhan. Sarthak asks Kalyani to do the honors. Anupriya says why Kalyani will do? I will tie the ghatbandhan. Kalyani says I will do. She takes the ghatbandhan cloth. Koi faryaad song plays….Kalyani ties the ghatbandhan.. Durga Prasad manages to slide the bolt and opens the door. Moksh comes out of the room. Kalyani cries and goes to side, wipes her tears. Pandit ji asks Malhar and Avni to stand up for rounds. Moksh comes there and asks them to stop, says Police and bad aunty can’t marry.

Pandit ji asking Malhar and Avni to stand up for the rounds. Mukku comes there and says Police and bad aunty can’t get married. She tries to make Avni get up and pulls her. Sarthak shouts asking her to stop and tells that he will pull out her skin. He takes a stick to beat her, but Kalyani comes inbetween Mukku and him. She bears the hit on her back. Anupriya asks Sarthak what did Kalyani do? Sarthak says she is spoiling my daughter and took her out of room. Anupriya says she was here. Mukku says Durga Prasad took her out. Avni blames Mukku and tells that it is all Kalyani’s conspiracy, and says all this smartness is taught by her as she can’t come out with Durga Prasad’s help. Mukku asks her not to badmouth about her Aai and tells that she won’t let her marry Police. Sarthak says Mukku…and calms down. He says you will listen to your baba naa, and asks why you didn’t want Malhar and Avni to marry. Mukku says how can Police marry this bad aunty and tells that Police is her….Avni asks why are you asking her and says all this bad mind is of Kalyani, as she teaches her everything and asks him to scold Kalyani. Mukku asks why are you saying bad about my mother. Sarthak says she will not listen to us and asks her to be away with Avni. Mukku asks Avni to get up and asks Durga Prasad to come.

Durga Prasad comes there holding the report in its mouth and drops it near Malhar. Kalyani sees that and is about to pick it. Malhar picks it. Mukku tries to make Avni get up and falls on her and pulls the cotton from Avni’s stomach unknowingly. Malhar, Kalyani and everyone are shocked. Malhar opens the report and finds Avni’s miscarriage report, says you had miscarriage two days back. Avni tells that when Aahir left her, her baby also left her and tells that what she would have done, else he would not have married her. Anupriya says you have done wrong. Sarthak says Anupriya is right, but Avni lied since 2 days back and tells that nothing changes with her lie. He asks Malhar to marry Avni as it was Aahir and Madhav’s last wish. Malhar throws the report on the ground and takes the sindoor bottle in his hand. Mukku asks him not to do this marriage. Malhar walks towards Avni. Kalyani closes her eyes. Malhar fills Kalyani’s maang with sindoor shocking Sarthak and Avni. Kalyani opens her eyes and says Malhar ji. Mukku gets happy and claps. Sarthak and Avni go from there upset.

Malhar says whatever I did is right and asks Pandit ji to start the marriage rituals. He holds Kalyani’s hand and takes her to marriage altar. He makes her wear garland. Anupriya ties their ghatbandhan. Mukku showers flower petals on them as they start taking rounds. Om Mangalam plays….Pandit ji tells them that they are husband and wife now. Malhar tells Kalyani that he will explain to Avni that he don’t need to marry her to support her. Kalyani tells Anupriya that she has accepted that she lost her Malhar ji. Kalyani and Anupriya come to the room. Kalyani takes the Moksh’s report and tells that she shall burn it. She says she thought that Durga Prasad brought this report. She lights the paper and throws in the dustbin. Kalyani says I haven’t lost Malhar ji, but if he comes to know that our son is the one whom is he searching then? She tells that she can’t lose her son and asks until when I shall hide that she is a girl. Anupriya says we have no way to let him a girl to protect him. Kalyani asks her to think about her and says she is forced to make her stay as a girl. Just then Mukku shouts calling Aai fi. Kalyani and Malhar come out of the house with Anupriya.

Mukku is standing inside with the plate and asks Kalyani to kick the kalash like kicking the football. She applies tika to her forehead and then on Malhar’s forehead. She/he does their aarti. Anupriya holds the plate from falling down from her hand. Malhar asks Anupriya to bring some stuff from the room and gives her keys. Kalyani thinks she can now tell Malhar ji about pillu’s truth. Anupriya goes there and finds Aao Saheb locked inside. She thinks to tell the truth to Malhar and thinks from where to start. Just then she feels the burning smell and turns to look at Malhar burning her dupatta. She throws her dupatta and covers herself with Shawl. She tries to stop Malhar. Malhar tells that his sister died when her Chacha burnt her..Kalyani asks what happened to Swara? Malhar says Swara is no more. Kalyani is shocked.

Malhar crying and telling Kalyani that his sister’s life is ended in the fire. Kalyani asks what are you saying? If Swara is fine? Malhar says Swara is no more, she left us. He says she tried to fight with life, but lost infront of your chacha’s torture. She asks will you bring her back? Kalyani hugs him and cries. He sits down shattered. Kalyani asks what was the need to marry in this situation, you would have told me. Malhar gets up and throws Swara’s diary on Kalyani. Kalyani reads it in which Swara had written that Aao Saheb has forced her emotionally to marry Vivek, but after the marriage Vivek started torturing her. She tells that when I told everything to Maayi, then she asked me not to tell anything and let the things happen. She says when I asked for her help to file Police complaint, she refused to help me. Kalyani says this is all lie and tells that I have given this diary to Police and had read only 2-3 pages. He says my Aai can’t do this wrong and injustice. Malhar says I hope this from you, you all are responsible for my sister’s death. Anupriya takes Aao Saheb to her room and gives her water. She asks if she is fine? Aao Saheb looks on. Anupriya says Swara is no more, it is unbelievable. Aao Saheb says Malhar told that he will take revenge from everyone. Anupriya says I didn’t know that Vivek Bhao was torturing her, else I would have helped her. Aao Saheb thinks I have written in the diary that you knew everything, now Malhar will believe this and will not leave you.

A fb is shown, she thinks you didn’t help Swara intentionally. She says this world is cruel, you and your daughter have ruined my son’s life, now Malhar will not leave you both. Kalyani tells Malhar that Aai can’t see anyone’s pain. Malhar asks her to read how great she was? Kalyani reads in the dairy that Anupriya wanted to take revenge from Sarthak and that’s why she wants his niece to get torture. Malhar asks what do you want to say that my sister and I are liars and tells that my baba died due to Nal, and my sister died due to Vivek. He says Anupriya is also guilty and responsibility for Swara’s death. He says even you are involved in this crime. He says if Mukku haven’t come there, then also I wouldn’t have married Avni. He says it was necessary for me to marry you and that’s why I asked hospital authorities not to tell you about Swara’s death. Kalyani says you can’t do this with me and says we both have waited for this day, says we are married and marriage is a promise. Malhar promises her that he won’t let any happiness come in her life and promises to give her all the pain which his sister bear and promises to make her good life as hell. He says I have no other way than this, to take revenge from your Maayi, and then my revenge will be done.

Mukku asks Anupriya to let her go to Ayi fi, Ayi fi is always angry at her and she does not like it. She regrets missing the toys Kalyani got her. She checks Anupriya’s phone. Anupriya goes to outhouse. Malhar was angry at Kalyani for going to Mukku. He vows to give her so much work that she isn’t free to meet her. He reads the diary that Aao Saheb made her make 36 pickles, she did not know the names as well. Kalyani was sure there is something wrong with the diary. Anupriya could never silently witness such injustice to Swara. Malhar had faith in the diary. He says now Anupriya will tell her 36 types of pickles. He unveils the table and says these are 36 bottles and Kalyani’s pickles must taste the same. Sarthak come to take Anupriya. Malhar gives Kalyani only one day to complete the task. Mukku come there. She watches through the window and asks for whom she is making all these pickles. She requests Ayi fi to reply and not be angry. Kalyani tastes the pickles. Mukku says in films heroine does so only l she is pregnant.

In the office, Malhar was greeted with the news of Kalyani’s pregnancy. Mukku come there and tell Malhar she saw Kalyani eat pickles. Mukku and Chikal were scolded by Malhar but they were not afraid. Mukku files a complaint that her Ayi fi is not talking to her. She intrigues Chikal as well to stay, as Baapu also went to jail. Malhar picks her in his arms and drives her home. He tells Mukku to go inside and prepare for her interview, Ayi fi will not speak to her. Mukku was determined to make her Ayi fi up. Mukku reappears in the window and asks how long she will continue making the pickles. Kalyani shuts the window.

Avni celebrates that Mukku is all alone. Kalyani is busy in outhouse. She locks Kalyani’s door from outside. At home, Avni fakes speaking to someone on phone about a temple, from where a minor Mukku can get a thread to make her Ayi fi up. Mukku decides to get the thread and take it towards a temple in the forest. Avni followed her. Mukku was thoughtful if she must go or not, what if her clothes get dirty and Ayi fi is angry. She turns back and sings Tujh se hai Raabta. She then rejects the idea of going back and steps in mud pond. Avni was excited.

In the room, Kalyani at once feel worried. She was upset for her child and knocks the door of outhouse. Avni tells her goons not to let Mukku die. They must dig the truth out. Kalyani calls Malhar, she says she is restless and concerned for Mukku. It feels Mukku is in some trouble.

Mukku prays for her protection. She decides she will the secret to everyone. Avni was happy that now she must speak the truth. Malhar reaches the temple and runs towards the mud pond, spotting Mukku.

Avni was afraid what if Mukku tells Malhar she told her about this temple thread. Malhar extends a wooden rod and tells Mukku to hold this rod. Mukku cries that the mud is eating her up. The goons leave Avni’s side. Malhar drags a thread and asks Mukku to hold the thread now, but the thread also breaks. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.