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Meet in love zee world, Monday 4th July 2022 update

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There will be no update for Sunday on meet in love since zee world repeated 27th episode on 28th. Here is Monday update.

Masum says to Meet Ahlawat what are you doing are you mad she kept a big secret from you and you are forgiving her, I’m warning you, you are doing mistake.

Meet in love zee world Series
Meet in love zee world Series

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Meet Ahlawat what am I doing wrong is it wrong to take my wufe side, I’m taking her side because she took that decision after thinking a lot and I’m 100% sure she did it yo save both family and I don’t want to know anymore secret. Meet in tears. Masum walks to Babita saya why don’t you say something you remember you and dad came here for a request to have no relation with Manushi but she break that promise, they cheated you and she know everything but still she hide that, do you still trust her.

Babita walks to Meet says I love my son so much in this world and I have faith in my son’s trust, if my son have no issues with her then I have no problem, my son’s happiness come first if he is happy then I’m happy and I can look my son’s happiness is in Meet then nothing matters to me. Meet Ahlawat puts duppata on Meet and they take permission to leave. Dadi aays to Meet Ahlawat our daughter is diamond so please take care of her, lover her a lot and keep her happy. Meet Ahlawat says I know very well please keep your blessings with us. Meet hugs Amma.

Amma says go and live happily in your in law’s house and here this is my blessings which I never gave to you. Meet remembers Dadi made it for Manushi as blessings. Dadi says you are right owner of this my granddaughter, stay happy, gets emotional and ask Anubha to do Bedaae ritual. Anubha perform the ritual with Meet and Dadi. Anubha says to Meet, finally Dadi gave you blessings, this is what you want, I’m also happy and Meet Ahlawat also accepted you, looks at father’s photo and says he must be also happy for you. Amma, Meet and Dadi hug eachother.

Meet ans Meet Ahlawat in car. Meet thinks who is Parth and why sid she get married to her. Car stops Meet Ahlawat says wait I’ll check. Meet thinks she was with Kunal when did Parth came in picture.

Kunal and Manushi come down. Anubha says wait let me do arrangements for ritual. Manushi says thank god I’m going out of this house. Dadi says to Anubha make her go out fast I’m not liking her here. Manushi says to Kunal let’s go out fast. Anubha says wait take this and while going throw it backwards to complete ritual.

Meet Ahlawat says there is some problem with engine don’t worry I have called mechanic. Meet dosent reply. Meet Ahlawat thinks I think so she I scared of knowing that Goons are out, or else she would have start repairing, caals mechanic says I have send location please come fast. Mechanic says I’ll take 1hr to come. He says okay carry car battery with you while coming.

Manushi walks to Anubha and push the thali upward. Dadi gets up in shock.

Meet Ahlawat goes to Meet says don’t worry I’m here. Meet says why are you beside me, come and drive car fast. Meet Ahlawat says you are nubm that you don’t know car stopped and I called mechanic. Meet says I’m not scared of anyone and I don’t want to wait for mechanic, she gets out look and says she is getting old her connect is disconnected to battery but why did you called mechanic. Meet Ahlawat says I know that already that’s why I ask mechanic to carry one battery and stop saying and start doing something. Meet mocks him and says I’ll do it in 2 minutes, stops a hike and ask him for the connection to a battery for jump start.

Anubha solds Manushi for her behaviour. Manushi says don’t compare me with Meet and she is manipulating everyone and my attitude is confidence which I got from my in law’s, how would you know you always been poor and saving electricity after all my in laws are classic they won’t come her and spy on you. Anubha says atleast we know them but not like your in-laws have no information about them. Manushi says I have to live with them not you, do you think I’m fool to not understand why you are calling them, you didn’t get anything from Meet’s in-law so my in laws are you next target so that you and Dadi can live happily. Dadi pushes Manushi out of house says you crossed all your limits, before I curse you leave. Manushi says shut up, I’m quite because of your age but it’s enough and I swear I will never show you my face even if you fall in my feet, let’s go Parth. Dadi closes the door and breaks down.

Kunal think’s she is so insane, she soon going to regret supporting me.

Meet fixes the car. Meet Ahlawat gets excited. Meet says thanks to biker and they leave. Meet make fun or Meet Ahlawat. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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