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Married again on zee world, Monday 27th June 2022 update

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As the inspector leaves, arti asks dubeyji to be strong for them only. Buaji comes in saying that this is the reason that they have come to this big house and if they rae comfortable in this big house. Shobha retorts saying that happiness isnt bothered by the size of this house. yash takes the dubeys and arti to his home. After they leave, buaji reprimands akash for standing there, and asks him to go take care of the expensive cars great caution without causing a scratch.

Married again series
Married again series

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Akash, sneaks into a room and goes to ansh, who is scared to see him. akash gives him jalebis but he refuses saying that he wants to go to his parents. akash asks him to have breakfast and gives him toys too to play along with and not cry, since he cant see that. Ansh still says that he wants to go to yash and arti. akash gives him a rubik’s cube saying that the minute he solves it, he would be taken to his parents. Ansh makes him promise it and gets into solving the puzzle.

Downstairs, everyone is having breakfast, but gayatri refuses to eat. Bhavani advises saying that she shouldnt harm herself, due to arti’s plight and giving arti’s example that she too is coping with ansh’s loss and that gayatri should take a lesson from her. Prateik too says that they should be with arti right now. pankaj asks him to stop talking and eat. But prateik still argues that relations dont break by meer saying. Pankaj says that its true that arti is in great trouble, but they shouldnt forget what she did with them by lying and that she’s responsible for what happened to ansh. Bhavani says that she doesnt think that arti is wrong here, and that she hasnt distanced yash from his family, rather its yash’s good will that he stands by his wife in such difficult times. Their conversation is interrupted by suraj coming on the breakfast table. As he is about to sit, he gets a call. Suraj tells somebody on the phone, that he should do the work at the exact time, when yash leaves for the house. Meanwhile, akash, saying yes to someone on the phone, leaves a cd in the drive way, and yash going out of the house, sees the cd and is puzzled. He ha a notion that it might contain info about ansh. Akash sees this and says to the recipient on the phone that yash has found the cd.

Yash rushes to his room and immediately gets on to play the cd on his laptop. The cd has a video of ansh sleeping on a rug. The whole family is emotional to see this. A voice comes saying that ansh is alright and being taken care of nicely. But that they have to give him something in return for ansh, and they dont want money, but that which is most precious to yash. What they hear next, enrages everybody in the family as to who could be behind this absurd joke. yash says that he knows who’s behind this and takes arti along with him and barges into suraj’s house and reprimands him saying that what he wants would never happen. He says that suraj wants to take away arti from yash, and even wanted ansh’s custody to be snatched from arti and when he didnt succeed in that, he got ansh kidnapped too. He says that he never thought his dad could stoop so low. Pankaj says that has he forgotten who is he talking to. Yash says that when elders dont act mature, young ones have to raise their voice. When gayatri asks what is he talking about, yash says that the kidnapper didnt show his face but told them that the condition to give ansh back to him is that he would have to leave arti and marry someone of suraj’s choice. When gayatri comments on the absurdity of it, yash says that suraj might try anything but he would never succumb to anyone’s condition and that he would never leave arti. As for ansh, he says that he doesnt want anyone’s help in finding ansh. Saying so, he leaves with arti while gayatri ponders on what just happened. Suraj continues eating with his brain processing things.

In the night, arti and yash are very upset and sad, staying awake. Arti is apalled to see yash like this. She comes to yash, feels their child in the belly, and starts talking to it, saying that he should tell his father to relax as he doesnt listen to her, and asks him to tell yash that he shouldnt be sad for if he is, then who would support them. Yash comes and says that he’s sorry and that he shouldnt be weak like this, but apologizes that he’s not strong like arti. Arti says that when their child feels scared, he hugs arti tight and the fear goes away, indirecting telling yash to do the same. Yash gets into her arms and arti comfortingly pats him. arti says that as long as they are with each other, they arent alone and would defeat any problem that comes their way. seeing arti hiccupping, he asks arti to sit down while he goes to get water for her. as he leaves, she thinks that she’s getting hiccups since ansh is remembering him.

Ansh is busy solving the rubik’s cube in the hope that it would get him closer to his mother.

As yash is walking out getting water for arti from the kitchen, he sees suraj in His room taking something out from the almirah, which looks like kid’s clothes. yash wonders where is he going with ansh’s clothes and concludes that suraj jas in fact, hidden ansh somewhere and is going to give ansh’s necessary belongings. Yash, watches suraj going out of the house and handing someone a bag and ansh’s clothes.

gayatri says its been two days since ansh’s kidnap and rues at his condition. pankaj comforts her saying tha suraj is trying everything within reach, and yash may nopt see it but he’s going all out. yash comes and says that he knows his mistake in doubting him. he says that suraj must be thinking why is yash asking for his help after all this, but he says that he doesnt have an option, for going anywhere else for help, saying that only family supports in bad times. Yash says that he wants his help and tells them about the cd and the condition for getting ansh back. teh whole family is shocked to hear this, while buaji smiles. Gayatri curses the man who’s spoiling yash’s marital life.

Buaji says that it must be a mad man. She says that what she says should be heard by yash calmly and coolly. she says that he has two beautiful daughters and agreed that ansh has an attachment to him, even when he’s not his own son. She advises him to let go of his affection and think about letting go of getting ansh back in the house. Gayatri reprimands buaji for being so insensitive and callous in her words and feelings for ansh and arti. As buaji leaves, gayatri tries to comfort yash that they would soon find ansh. Suraj breaks down saying that its not as simple, and everything has been tried to find any clue about ansh and that they may not say it, but the police too has defeat written all over their face. Suraj asks yash to understand the severity of the situation and agree to a divorce and remarriage, if he wants ansh back. Yash says that he wouldnt leave arti and she would stay with him forever and leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: At the police station
Yash is discussing ansh’s case with the police. Yash tells the inspector that he had broken off a glass bottle at the kidnapper’s feet when he was climbing the wall and he would have definitely sustained injuries and gone for treatment to some nearby clinic. They leave to search for the kidnapper in the nearby clinics.

Scene 3:
Location: Yash’s house
As arti is drying off clothes in the sun, her mangalsutra gets entangled in a cloth. She remembers the kidnapper’s threat. She thinks to herself that the kidnapper’s wish would never be fulfilled since yash has promised that he would get ansh back to her.

while she is feeding palak, palak asks where is yash. She replies that yash has gone for getting ansh. When palak is assured by arti that yash would get ansh today for sure, she asks arti to make his favourite dish, Paneer Matar.

Scene 4:
Location: At the clinic
After trying out with the police at various clinics, he goes to another clinic nearby with the inspector and is told by the doctor that a patient like that got here, and is being treated right now. Yash runs towards the wards to find out.

Scene 5:
Location: Yash’s house
Arti is happily preparing ansh’s favourite food in the hope that ansh would return with yash. Shobha doesnt say anything but is tensed. Just then the doorbell rings, and arti is super excited thinking that ansh has returned. When she opens the door to find yash standing, she begins to search around for ansh while yash remains standing with a stoical face. Palak too asks for ansh to yash but he doesnt say anything. Arti too asks saying that they have been waiitng for too long. Arti goes berserk trying to find ansh from his hiding. On arti’s insistent asking, yash asks her to calm down saying that he couldnt find ansh and that he’s sorry he disappointed her.

Arti, frustrated goes inside and starts lighting a lamp in front of the goddess in her temple, while yash and palak watch. Seeing her berserk behaviour, yash sends palak off and comes to arti. Arti lights the earthen lamp and prays, while crying. She sees yash come beside her. Yash says that he couldnt fulfill the promise given to her and couldnt get ansh. On the other hand, he is scared to death about ansh’s safety and hence he is not left with any other option, showing her the divorce papers. She is shocked to see this.

He says that he cant bear if a stranger even touches ansh or harm him in any way. Yash tries to explain that they dont hve a choice, since they married for the sake of their kids’ and their happiness and for that they would have to call of their relationship today. He signs the papers himself and gives them to arti. She says that she wont be able to do it. Yash comes upto her and turns her around to face him, and says that she had promised that she would be with him in good times and in bad times and that today she would have to fulfill that promise for ansh’s sake and his safety. He extends towards her the divorce papers. Arti has a determined look on her face.

Yash gives the divorce papers with the pen to arti. She takes it from him, having made up her mind, and is about to sign the papers when shobha snatches the papers saying that how can they decide to leave each other when they cant live for a second without each other. She says that she understands their pain, but they shouldn’t be scared and feel lost and give up on finding ansh or their relationship as they are trying their level best to find ansh. She says that this remarriage tied two families together and not only with the children be tortured without arti, but they will too.

Yash says that he knows that they wont be able to live and he also knows about the sacrifice that they have done in the form of their son and by signing he has insulted her motherly affection and sacrifice and apologizes to the dubeys. He says that just like they care for arti’s happiness, they care for ansh and his condition and safety. And to save ansh, if they have to take this step, he says, then they are ready for it and want their permission. shobha says that sjhe cant and assk dubeyji to explain to them. But dubeyji too is in their favour saying that they had 24 hours and were unable to find ansh and that this is the best possible solution before the kidnapper does something to ansh. arti runs up to shobha and snatching the papers, she signs them and gives them to yash. she leaves with the dubeys in tow.

Suraj asks akash to keep the briefcase in car. As akash starts limping, suraj asks if he is hurt. When akash says no, suraj says that he should come along with him, since he has to go on an important meeting and he should drive him there. As they go off, yash stops them and finds a trail of blood from akash’s left leg. Akash is terrified to see yash. While yash approaches suraj, he says that he knows suraj had tried everything within his reach and is still trying but he wants one more favour from him, and tells him that he and arti have signed the divorce papers. He asks suraj to find a girl to marry yash off after leaving arti. All this while, akash wipes off the blood trail with his feet.

Gayatri reprimands yash for doing such an insensible step as he isnt thinking about the daughters who have learned to think of arti as their mother and will he be able to find arti like motherly love from anyone else. But buaji says that the girls will adapt to the new wife just like they did to arti, and they would be rid of this daily drama once and for all. She says that she has a girl in mind who will suit the bill and the girls and gayatri herself will be very happy to get her as a daughter in law. Arti too comes in the room. Yash says that he finds it very good that buaji thinks about the family’s well being so much. But he would never be able to forget arti and even the kids wont be able to forget their mother, arti, and the only reason that he’s terminating his relationship with arti is for ansh’s safety.

Buaji asks if she should get the girl to meet them. Yash says that he doesnt need to see the girl, and that they should fix the marriage for tomorrow. As buaji is surprised at this proposal, suraj, unable to take it anymore, leaves. Yash too comes to arti, but doesnt say anything and leaves, with gayatri calling him from behind all the while. Arti is very sad at all this.

Yash and arti are sitting outside upset, unable to even talk to each other. Arti faces yash, with tears rolling down her cheeks. Yash gives his hand, arti grabs it and cries on his shoulders. Arti says that when she gor remarried to him, she kept thinking how would she be able to live her whole life with him, since she was connected to her past. But they never got to know when their past bid farewell o them and then they started thinking of each other as their present and future.

She says that she never thought their remarriage would have to see this day. He cups her face in his hands and wipes her tears. She takes his hand in hers as they cry out their heart. As yash begins to go, arti stops him by grabbing his hand. She stands upto him crying and he hugs her tight. Then he pulls arti away from his chest and leaves off.

As they go off in opposite directions, the pain of seperation rolls down yash and arti’s eyes. Arti succumbs to the pain and slouches on the ground in grief. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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