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Married again on zee world, Monday 18th July 2022 update

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At the breakfast table, akash asks about yash and arti from radha. Radha asks him o give them time and space to recover from the loss. Buaji too comes, and radha gives them tea. But buaji says that people are ridiculing yash and aryti, and their remarriage, as they have gotten a whiff of everything that happens in the family. Buaji says that they also know about the adoption of a child, byu pari and prateik.

Married again series
Married again series

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Radhaasks them not to think of the people, and should ahve faith in the relations, of her family, and even if they are going through a tough time, they would come victorious through it. buaji says that she can fend for her family, but she told them what she saw. Radha is upset as to how to bring back people’s happiness in their family. Akash asks her not to feel bad, as once ayu comes and pari and prateik, come back with their child, happiness would be restored in the family. radha goes to give tea to suraj.

Bhavani and prateik, return with ayu, but not knwoing its him. pari asks why has he been so silent, and if he actually is happy. Pratiek says that he realised that the famly they were looking for, has finally been complete. He thinks that its because of arti, they are so happy today, and wishes that she should also be happy soon, once she gets ayu back, and goes closer to yash. Vidhi and everyone are very happy at the child’s arrival. They all congratulate pari and prateik.

Prateik thanks arti, for her contribution. While all are excitedly entering the house, buaji stops them, saying that someone else’s blood, cant ever be given the respect and name of the scindia family. She accuses them of misusing Suraj’s disappearance. She says that this child wont enter their house. all are shocked, and they try to reason with buaji. Buaji says that the happiness is short lived, as its not earned. Arti reprimands her for talking like this, and asks her to see the innocence of the child, and not the background, and consider it God’s blessing. Buaji asks her to shut the lecture, and is adamant on her stand. Yash reminds her that she is very religious, and here own Lord Krishna, was adopted.

They also give ansh’s example. Arti says that they have the faith, that suraj would accept him. But buaji is still adamant, and ask pari to throw it back, where she got it from. All are shocked to hear her say this. Arti takes the kid from pari, and gives it to buaji, asking her to throw it herself. Buaji is very scared and
tries to give the baby back, but noone takes it from her. Buaji’s heart too melts at the sight of innocent eyes looking at her. She says that arti was right, as she herself never made a child play in her lap, and hnce she didnt understand the difference a child brings. She apologizes to arti and everyone for the stinging words, saying that she would see that the child doesnt leave this house ever, and also takes the responsibility to ask suraj to accept the child. she gives it to pari, and they happily begin to enter inside.

As yash places a reassuring hand on arti, she thanks him for his support. Radha says that its sad that ayu has gone away from them, but this reflection of ayu, would cheer them up again. She says that he wont replace ayu, but would help you to bear the pain of the loss. Prateik says that he hopes he could bring up ayu, so that their seperation ends. Arti, while holding the baby, thanks yash for being with her, and supporting her. Yash says that this is indeed their ayu. Ishita, watching them, from a distance, wonders where they got their ayu from. radha asks them to get inside, as he wants to perform the necessary ritual.

Ishita wonders how andwho got ayu home. she thinks that once ayu is found, it wont be long till her reality come out, and what if they tell everyone. Buaji pats her on the back, and asks her that she’s looking very nervous and scared, and is sweating. ishita blames the heat for it. But buaji reminds her that she was just in the AC car. She says that she feels that the reason for this nervousness is something else. ishita thinks, that by buaji’s statements she can definitely assume that she hasnt been caught yet. Buaji asks her not to even think about doing anything wrong, as she’s already lost contact with her parents, and if she does anything here, then she wont even have a place to live, after being thrown out from here. She asks buaji to mind her own business. Buaji says that she’s doing just that, to preserve p[eace and happiness in the family. Ishita tells her not to do so, and not bother her, as that would be haarmful for buaji’s health only. as she leaves, Buaji thinks that this girl isnt at all right, and she would have to keep a watch on her.

While the baby is crying, pari thinks what to do to make him stop crying. The baby is inconsolable. She is scarred if something has happened to him. Arti senses her dilemma, and comes to her room, and asks why is he crying. Pari explains her problem. Arti asks her not to cry herself, and helps pari with her experience. She begins to talk, while rocking him, and the bay goes quiet. pari says that in her lap, he went quiet, as he would have felt at peace. Arti says that she too feels at peace, having held her. She says that radha was right, as she actually is relieved having held her, and knows that ayu would definitely be right and alright. As he doesnt take the bottled milk, pari thinks that maybe he needs the mother’s milk. Pari requests arti to feed him, for his hunger. Arti is surpsied and speechless. Arti says that he would be habituated to bottled milk, in the orphanage, and says that she should now learn to handle heer own son . But pari says that she too is his mother like woman, and therefore, she should give him the motherly affection that he needs, as she herself felt like she was holding ayu, when arti held her. Arti thanks her for letting her have this right, and thinks of him as her own son, ayu. she brightens up holding her.

Paridhi comes out to see ishita lurking and asks her.. whats happened.. peeping like this in someone’s room is not good..

Ishita says.. how did Aayu come to you.. did the kidnappers get caught.. did they say something.. did police say something

Paridhi says.. ohh wait wait.. wait for the answers.. this is not Aayu.. we adopted this kid from an orphanage..

Ishita says.. which orphanage…?

Paridhi says… mukti orphanage..

Paridhi leaves..

ishita thinks.. ohh the husband and wife to adopt Aayu is Pratik-Paridhi only.. it’s destiny only that the kid Aarti is keeping close is her Aayu only.. its my luck that no one recognises him but what if Aarti’s mother instinct recognises him.. i will have to do something.

Kids are with the baby saying.. hes so like Aayu.. cute..

ishita says.. all kids are same only.. small hands and legs.. he is not Aayu..

Pratik gets something..

Ansh says.. jalebi?

Pratik says.. no.. i got only chips..

Akash says.. i have got jalebi.. come come..

Radha says.. this kid has got happiness that i know but looks u have got jalebi for some other reason..

Yash says.. its true this kid has got happiness… in Pratik Paridhi’s life..

Radha says.. not only Pratik Paridhi.. but your and Aarti’s life is also colored due to the baby..

Akash says.. yes.. this kid has got happiness.. we have got a huge contract… a very big one..

Radha says.. wow! now the whole world will know my kids…

Yash says.. yes.. in big wedding planners our name will also come..

Yash says to Pankaj and pratik that they will have to go to Mumbai because the wedding is there…

Aarti looks tensed..

Vidhi asks for sweet..
all have it.

Aarti is sitting in their room struggling with pillow covers..

Yash comes and thinks.. whats wrong with her..? she doesnt know what shes doing..

Aarti says.. i know u wanna go away from me.. i did such a big mistake that u are going away from me… u are giving opportunity to others to say punar vivah cant be successful.. i wont let that happen.. i did this punar vivah thinking a lot.. i wont let my family break..

Yash says.. can u be quiet.. lemme say.. u also did this puanr vivah thinking very much and i also wont let it go wrong.. my biggest prob is i love u a lot and thats my strength too…

Yash turns.. Aarti holds his hand and hugs him and says.. why do u do it.. u didnt even talk to me.. u got so angry that i thought my life went angry with me.. this distance was eating me.. now i think i got my life back.. now even if i do some huge mistake.. dont do this…

Ye Dil Hai’s second para starts…

Yash makes Aarti look at him holding her chin.. wipes her tears.. cups her face and hugs her again…
Yash holds Aarti hands that was on his chest and entangles their fingers…
They break apart.. he turns Aarti giving AarYa’s titanic pose…

The third para of Ye Dil Hai starts…

Shots of Aarti’s face abd Yash’s lips come…

They take their entangled hand down slowly.. and same with the other hands and Yash holds both her hands backwards and turns her looking at her.. Aarti looks back at Yash.

Yash advances towards Aarti slowly…

Just then Radha calls Yash…

They break apart.. Yash keeps his hand on his lips.. Aarti smiles looking down..

Yash leaves..

Aarti sits and thinks..i can take your anger but not your sadness.. this contract you got is a boon.. this lessens the distance between us.. the kid has got luck so that Pratik bhaiya and Paridhi’s life lightens and get us together too.. to get us together, who can that be other than our Aayu.. we will name him the same…

All are sitting at the dinner table..

Akash says.. Yash bhai…

Just then he notices a lipstick mark on Yash neck and shows Pratik..

Both laugh silently and tell Pankaj also..

Yash looks at them and back the file..

Pankaj says.. Yash.. all good..?

Yash says.. yes.. all good.. we have got an office in Mumbai also.. all set..

Pankaj says.. u dont understand…

Pratik says.. bhabhi.. u got something red in food..

Yash says.. red.. what red…

Akash says.. have tomato…

Vidhi notices the mark and says.. Yash bhaiya.. dont worry.. Pratik bhaiya didnt get it thats why hes jealous..

Yash says.. what didnt u get..?

Akash says.. tomato..

Aarti notices the mark and tries to tell yash.. Yash says.. Aarti ji.. why are u gesturing.. what happened..?

Aarti says.. nothing…

Radha comes and says.. what laughs going on..

Akash gets Yash to him and says.. u should see yourself in the mirror before coming out.. there’s lipstick mark on your neck..

yash keeps his hand on his neck..

Bua says.. why have u kept your hand there.. its paining?

Yash says.. yes.. its paining there…

Akash says.. tonsils…

Bua says.. then he wont be able to have chapati.. make daliya for him Aarti bahu…

Radha says.. no need.. i wanted to eat something light.. i have made daliya already…

She gives daliya to Yash..
Yash looks uhhh…
All shout.. daliya daliya..

Yash hits Pratik…

All laugh..

Radha says.. this kid has really got happiness in our family back…

Bua ji asks.. Yash beta.. when do u have to go to Mumbai..? and who all will go?

Yash says.. Bauji.. then all 4 of us brothers will go and … Aarti ji..

All look at Yash…

Morning scene:

Paridhi is sitting with Aayu in her room..
Aarti comes and says.. what is my baby doing?
Paridhi says… come bhabhi.. see he looks so cute sleeping…
Aarti laughs and says.. and you are lovingly looking at him..
Aarti caresses Aayu and says.. OMG! he has high fever..
Paridhi touches him and says.. ohh yes.

Arti tells pari that she must have kept the AC on, due to which ayu caught fever. She asks pari to go in the kitchen, and make some Kaada for the baby. Ishita sees this and says that she wont let anything happen to her plans, and that she went through a great deal of risk, while kidnapping the baby, but arti came back in yash’s life, despite her efforts, but not anymore.

While pari is preparing the kaada in the kitchen, ishita comes in and tries to instigate pari, after having first asked for ayu’s health, and aso tells that a mother shoud ideally be with the baby, but arti carefully sidelined her and instead herself went to take care of the baby, and be with her. Pari says that arti is no less than ayu’s mother and had Arti has already lost her own son, and hence she cant see anyone having a good time, with their child. Pari slaps her tight, and warns her not to talk like this ever again, as she knows arti much too well. read full updates daily with pics only at ishita says that she might feel bad right now, but one day, she would realise when the baby would search around for arti’s lap, rather than hers, and she would understand the pain of rejection by an adopted child. She tells ishita that Arti woud never want that she gets mother’s affection. Pari says that she’s wasting her time with her, as these things dont affect her. As pari leaves, ishita is determined that this woud have its effect.

Arti asks pari not to worry, and takes ayu with her, so that she can take and monitor his temperatur on an houry basis, and feed the kaad when he is awake. As arti leaves, pari is tensed. Ishita finds pari tensed, and is happy that she has finally succeded in her plans, and that this slap would cost her tight, as now everytime she plans a revenge on arti, pari’s name would also come up with her.

While arti is playing with ayu, yash calls up prateik informing about the latest developmenst about thei shifting to a new house in mumbai. Prateik asks yash not to talk indirectly with her, through him, as he already knows it all. He asks yash to tell it to arti himself. Arti breaks into a huge burst of laughter. They get into a friendly banter, each accusing the other of being flirtatious. Yash instigates her on the name of girls. Arti gets into a protective mode, while yash keeps trying to ask her to calm down, due to the baby. Finally he lies in arti’s lap. Arti reminds yash that they never thought they would fall in love with each other so bad, when at first they couldnt even stand the sight of each other. They get into jovial romancing.

While leaving, the kids discuss how much they woud miss this house. All are emotional, and unwilling to leave the house. All share their experiences. Radha says that suraj’s love and pain for the house is paramount, and he has already called up ten times since morning. Buaji calls her for another call by suraj, and she leaves to attend the call. Buaji asks them not to be sad, as it would be a fresh new beginning to their life.

Vidhi gives the baby to arti, saying that she would help in the kitchen packing with buaji. Ishita sees this and gets to her plan. Ishita again tries to instigate pari, showing her arti playing with the baby. Having its desired effect, pari goes to charge at arti. Arti tries to tell pari, that since a long travel is required , and pari wont be able to manage it, hence she says to pari that she would keep the baby, as she dosnt know how to. Pari retorts back saying that he would be able to, if arti ever allows her to, and why would she, as pari is after all her mother, legally after having fulfilled the entire documents, and adopting the baby.

She asks arti not to interfere in her baby’s matter as she’s after all her mother and arti just a caretaker. She asks arti not to search for ayu in her baby, and leaves. Arti is surprised and hurt at pari’s words, and keeps mumbling as to what did pari say and did she even realise the implications of it. Ishita then goes on to instigate arti too, saying that pari is right that its her baby, as god knows whose tainted blood it is. Radha, who has just come in, hears this from behind ishita. Arti too is shocked to hear this.

radha asks her to stop, and tells her that she shoudnt ever think about talking like this, and goes on to lecture as to what is the baby’s tatus now, after having been given the scindia family’s name. Arti also warns her not to call any child, tainted blood in front of her anymore. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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