Young Dreams update Sunday 14 March 2021 Zee World

young dreams update sunday 14 march 2021 zee world

Young Dreams 14 March 2021 update: Gunjan saying she tried telling him earlier and knows he feels terrible and apologizes. He tells Gunjan he doesn’t know if she’s speaking the truth now. Vihaan says how is it possible when he met her in front of the family. Gunjan says does he remember that day.

Vihaan rethinks about the day and realizes that Gunjan did act weird. Gunjan tells him she’s already in a relationship with Mayank and they’ll be engaged soon. Gunjan congratulates him and tells him that Rachana is awesome and the best. Rajiv tells Gunjan didn’t do the right thing with Vihaan and playing a prank is one thing and she hurt Vihaan’s feelings playing with it. Gunjan says she knows and is sorry about it. Rajiv tells Vihaan to forget it as Gunjan has apologized. Vihaan approaches Gunjan and raises his hands and claps his hands saying that they should be given a medal for being a pro at playing the prank. Vihaan says they look so innocent but their mind is that of a devil. Vihaan tells everyone to give them a round of applause. He tells Gunjan what others couldn’t do she did and he’s her fan. Everyone’s telling that finally a girl managed to prank him.

Part 2

He tells Gunjan it was a really good prank. Vihaan then says its all fixed and takes Rachana’s hand and says she’s the girl of his dreams and will be by his side. Gunjan looks happy. Vihaan asks Rachana if she would be by his side and she looks at Gunjan. Gunjan nods and smiles. Rachana nods to Vihaan and Vihaan takes out two bangles and puts them on her wrists. Rachana tells Vihaan she sorry the joke when on for so long. Vihaan says its alright it was a joke and its over. Gunjan congratulates them again and tells Vihaan she didn’t think he would take it so cooly and thanks him. Gunjan tells him to forget this prank ever happened and Vihaan says these pranks usually happen between the sister and brother-in-law and they are just following the tradition. Vihaan then tells Rajiv that Rachana is his would be wife and the is the real one. Vihaan says he suggested to Rajiv that Rachana and him should be together and Rajiv tells Vihaan to keep quiet and tells him he’s thirsty and he’ll get some water. Gunjan tells Rachana is she going to hold Vihaan’s hand all day or shall they head home. Vihaan says the party isn’t over but Gunjan says they have to as everyone will be worried and its quite late. Rachana tells Vihaan to let them go and Vihaan says ok he’ll escort them out. Shail is worried the girls aren’t back and Seema adds they still haven’t come. Gunjan and Rachana come and Shail asks them why are they late. Gunjan said after the test they were suppose to come home when some girls stopped them to complete a project. Mayank looks angry. Sangeetha says they could have at least phoned but Gunjan says her battery was low as she didn’t charge her phone the previous night. Gunjan is happy seeing Seema making coconut barfi and Seema says its for her to eat during the function when she wears the saree and jewellary. Gunjan says she’ll definitely wear it. Shail angrily says the girls have outdone themselves this time and Gunjan apologizes to her and says it’ll never happen again. Shail says it should never happen again and tells Rachana she should have at least called and Rachana says sorry and hugs Shail. Shail says ok and tells them to freshen up. Gunjan and Rachana go and Gunjan tells Mayank she knows he is also angry and has some special coffee on the terrace for him to appease him and tells him to come fast.

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Part 3

Mayank is at the terrace thinking of what Gunjan said about her test and seeing her at the hotel ballroom with Vihaan. Gunjan comes and gives Mayank coffee. Mayank asks how her test was and she says it was fabulous and its as if a burden was lifted off. Mayank says so much confidence and Gunjan says it was good so she’s bound to get good marks. Mayank asks what subject was it on and Gunjan hesitates and says statistics and Mayank asks what time and Gunjan says 3. He then asks was it at college or somewhere else. Gunjan says college and where else. Mayank shouts and tells her enough and how much will she lie. Mayank says the test she was talking about was not at college but at the hotel. He says she was continuously lying to Shail and that if she didn’t want to go with him she should have said so and if her going to her party was more important. Gunjan apologizes and Mayank says apologizing itself is not enough and she has to feel it too which he can’t see from her face. Mayank says everyone was at home worried. Gunjan says yes she lied but had her reasons. Mayank grabs her hand and says she doesn’t feel ashamed lying. Gunjan tells him to leave her hand and that he’s hurting her. Mayank says its hurting right and breaking someone’s trust is painful like that. Prabhu, Seema and Sangeetha talk about music, Saregamapa and Zee Rishtey Awards. Rajiv says he’s got a doubt that Vihaan isn’t the forgiving type and asks what’s on his mind. Vihaan says he was at shock first but he doesn’t really like Gunjan they had a thing going on in camp but that’s it. Rajiv says Rachana is a good girl. Vihaan asks how he know. Rajiv says she’s on the hockey team and is a star player and may look simple but is focused and is talented. Rajiv tells Vihaan to get to know her and befirend her and tells him not to rush into decisions and Rachana is a good girl.

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Part 4

Rajiv says if Vihaan has any worries to come to hims ok and Vihaan say. Rajiv tells him to give and take in a relationship and that they’ll make a good pair and Vihaan says he hopes so. Rachana is thinking what Vihaan said about her at the party and smiles holding the bangels Vihaan gave her. Gunjan enters the room looking sad. Rachana asks Gunjan what happen and Gunjan says she argued with Mayank and Rachana says is everything alright. Gunjan says everything will be fine in the morning. Gunjan sees the bangels and tells Rachana Vihaan has good choice and asks if she is happy and tells how cooly he accepted it and will keep her happy. Rachana says more than happy she is relaxed and think he’s alright. Gunjan tells her to say what she thinks of him and Rachana says he gave her respect in front of everyone and no one has made her feel special before. Rachana said she felt she was in a dream. Gunjan says to always be happy. Gunjan and Rachana hug each other.

Mayank sitting and remembering Gunjan at the ballroom. Gunjan comes and give him a paratha with a smily face on it but Mayank does not want it and is about to leave when Bua comes and asks him what happens. Bua leaves for something. Gunjan asks for forgiveness but Mayank declines. He says he will never forgive her and leaves. Shayl gives the girls lunch and they are ready to leave for college. Shayl warns them to be home early. Seema and Sangeeta also come. Gunjan remembers she has to collect the jewelry. They leave for college. Mayank in his room thinking if to forgive Gunjan or not. He is about to call her but he doesn’t. at college Gunjan is all down, Rachna says Mayank is still angry with you and Gunjan says yes. Rachna tells her to call him. Both Gunjan and Mayank are calling each other; hence, the operator says the phone is busy. Both are sad. Shaik (Mayank’s friend) comes and asks him to help with some decorations and they leave. Rachna asks Gunjan what Mayank is so angry with her, Gunjan is going to blow everything but she Gunjan lies and says nothing. Rachna tells Gunjan she has an idea, Mayank likes science books and she can give him a present, Gunjan says she will try and both girls repeat Shayl words of not being late and laughs. Its evening and Seema and Sangeeta are gossiping. One of the ladies present asks Seema about Gunjan, and Seema is praising Gunjan very much, Mayank sees this and smiles. All are happy. Upstairs, Gunjan is all decked up in the sari Seema gave her. Both girls are looking awesome, thye leave to go downstairs. All are happy and looking at Gunjan. Shayl tells Gunjan, Sneha would have been happy to see this. Pretentious Seema goes and introduces Gunjan to the ladies and says this is my “pyaree bahu”. Seema notices Gunjan’s jewelry. Seem asks her what happened to the jewelry she gave her. Gunjan says that this is it, but I have re-designed it. All are shocked while Sangeeta smiles.

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Gunjan asks her if it’s a nice idea. But Seema starts to cry and says what you have done. Seems says that was her ancestral jewelry and Gunjan has destroyed it. Seems pretends to be off balance and all hold her while Gunjan is shocked. Seema is crying uncontrollably. One of the men tells the other women that everything is not right here and they should leave, they tell Shayl they are leaving and do so. Meanwhile, Mayank is staring at Gunjan. Sangeeta tells Seema don’t cry, control herself or else her blood pressure will go up. Seema is crying still. Sangeeta blasts Gunjan, Shayl also tells her she didn’t do the right thing. Gunjan says it was old-fashoned. Mayank blasts her and says if she didn’t care about people’s feelings and his mom give it to her so lovingly. Rachna surprised to see Mayank like this. Mayank says Gunjan does not value relationships and don’t know how to control her emotions.

Part Three:
Shayl says calm down. Mayank says forgive me but he won’t. Gunjan tells Mayank to stop this. Mayank says Gunjan does not care for his mother, look at how she is crying, the two witches look at each toher. Gunjan wipes her tears. Mayank is in anger. Gunjan says she only used her mom’s jewelry. Mayank says what’s with this attitude of hers? Mayank says that suppose if he throw away the CD’s Gunjan has with her mother. Gunjan screams and says Mayank! Mayank says exactly, you will feel hurt. Well, my mom is hurt just like this. Gunjan cries and goes away, while the two witches give a little smile and Seema cries even harder. Shayl and Rachna worried. Mayank takes his mom away. Meanwhile, Rachna is trying to console a crying Gunjan. Shayl comes and Gunjan hugs her. Gunjan says she won’t talk to Mayank ever. How can he think that I don’t love anyone and value relationshhips and so? Gunjan says she never wanted to hurt Seema. Shayl tells her to calm down and asks Rachna to bring some water for Gunjan. Shayl tells Gunjan people say anything in anger but time Gunjan was wrong. Shayl says she could have asked Seema first. Gunjan says has she known this would have caused such a drama, she would never have done this. Shayl saysx there is a way out of this and that is Gunjan must apologize to Seema. Gunjan says she will do it. Shayl says not know, when everyone calms down then. Shayl leaves while Gunjan drinks water and is crying and sad.

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