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No Food, No Money, No Light, It Feels Like We Are In Purgatory

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The heat comes like parcel from Hell. There is No Power Always. Generator 1 and 2 have broken down so you cannot also pump water. Food is low and pocket dry. What do you deliberately sacrifice for Lent. You pinch yourself to be sure you are alive and not in Purgatory


Can see why some say to go to Hell after living in Nigeria would be injustice. They lived it already. But that self comfort is false consciousness. That righteous judge already gave us the endowments for Nigeria to be paradise. We failed to do our bit. God have mercy


Thank God it’s not over until it’s over. Who wants to stay awake for fear some are hungry and awake or because of no power for air conditioning. Thank God He gives more than one chance. The reason I sing Nigeria will rise up again. A mea culpa and renewed zeal is enough. Mercy