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Ex LP Guber Candidate, Eze Oko, Demands Prosecution Abure

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the illegal substitution primary and directed INEC to publish my name in her portal. Abure and his cohort were not satisfied with this judgment consequently, they appealed it in court of appeal Enugu in Enugu State.

“Their suit was dismissed. Still not satisfied with the judgment of court of Appeal, they went to supreme Court Abuja. Their suit was further dismissed. Subsequently, I petitioned the Deputy Inspector General of Police (“DIG”wink, force criminal investigation Division (“FCID”wink Abuja which triggered a comprehensive police investigation.

“Despite numerous attempts by Abure to evade accountability, the diligent efforts of law enforcement officials led to his eventual apprehension. However, the investigation was not without its significant challenges as the former Chairman consistently attempted to obstruct justice and evade arrest through corrupt and deceitful means after months of rigorous information gathering, cross examinations and forensic analysis, the police investigation conclusively determined that Mr. Abure criminally forged my signature to perpetrate his illegal scheme.

“Throughout the investigation process, I cooperated fully with law enforcement authorities, providing them with all necessary evidence to substantiate my claims of forgery and electoral malpractice. Despite the complexities and obstacles encountered along the way, the FCID remained steadfast in their pursuit of justice, ultimately recommending the prosecution of Abure for his criminal actions.

“The case file has since been forwarded to Federal Ministry of Justice for charges to be instituted but up until now, there has been no movement on the matter. This has begun to agitate my mind as the perception is that the former Chairman can get away with brazen and unbridled criminality which has further emboldened him to become even more reckless, believing that he is a “sacred cow”.

“Having received the case file and recommendations from the FCID, I am hereby appealing most passionately to the Honourable Attorney General of the Federation to ensure justice is served. The events described herein underscore the critical importance of upholding the rule of law and ensuring accountability within our democratic institutions. Those who seek to subvert the electoral process and undermine the integrity of our democracy must be held accountable for their actions.

The prosecution of Abure is not only a matter of justice but also reaffirmation of our commitment to the principles of transparency, fairness and accountability in governance.”