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My Girlfriend Is Giving Me Attitude Because I Didn’t Celebrate Valentine

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My Girlfriend Is Giving Me Attitude Because I Didn’t Celebrate Valentine by Supremedrizzy(m): 9:52pm On Feb 14
Women can be really funny at times and take frivolous things serious. My girlfriend came around to stay with me for a while, so she was kinda of expecting that we would celebrate Val or stuff but unfortunately I am low on funds cos I just settled some bills earlier this month.

After work today, I just bought only 1k palm wine because we enjoy taking it together, but I observed she was a bit moody. I just faced my front cos I had just 5k on me and I still have about 2weeks to go till the next pay day so I am being very prudent with it.

She kept making side comments about how other ladies would be receiving gifts from their boyfriends by now and other sarcastic talks. She lager opened up this night about how today is her worst val ever and it’s more of a haters day for her. I told her to calm down, after all we have celebrated Val for the past two years very well so she shouldn’t be upset about us not going out today. She insisted that it’s not about us going out but I couldn’t even get her fish or meat, I simply told her that I can’t afford anything now and she’s been giving me the cold shoulder