Young Dreams Saturday 27th March 2021 Update Zee World

 Young Dreams Saturday 27th March 2021 Update Zee World
 Young Dreams Saturday 27th March 2021 Update Zee World


 Young Dreams Saturday 27th March 2021 Update Zee World: On  Young Dreams Saturday 27 March 2021 Update, Rajiv comes to KT and asks what Rachna’s reaction was. KT says she didn’t say anything but he wants to say you shouldn’t have done this at my workplace. Rajiv agrees to say he himself thought he should have taken her to someplace. He asks shouldn’t he take her on a date. He asks him shouldn’t gift her a dress KT has designed, she will like it definitely. KT thinks about the dress he has made. KT says no dress is ready in his collection.
Gunjan sees the line Seema had placed at their door-step.

She comes inside and is shocked to see Mayank in the orange shirt. Mayank asks her why is she so stubborn, when he told her to wear orange dress. She asks what has happened to you Mayank, you were never like this. Seema says Guru ji didn’t meet them before and says to Mayank she told him Gunjan wouldn’t listen to her. Seema asks Gunjan to go outside the room and take the food she brought for him as she is there to look after him. Gunjan while leaving the room see the paper Seema dropped at the door-step. She picks it up, she reads it. It says to put the beads under the pillow, keep both separate, the colors for each day of the week, make ‘Sagudana Khichdi’ for a son.

Rachna and Rajiv come to a restaurant. Rajiv thanks Rachna for coming and says he thought she would refuse to come here. She says there are two reasons to be here with him, firstly it’s her tea break and secondly, she knows what he is trying to do. Rajiv gives the order for two coffees. Rachna says she wants to tell him something that she can’t in the office. Rachna says whatever he is doing to bring things normal between her and KT is useless, though he dislikes it she requests him not to do it again.

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The coffee comes. She says the relation between her and KT has changed and if she hasn’t taken advantage of him it’s not good for him to stay at his home, she appreciates KT’s hospitality and says now you are better than you were before. Rajiv says you want to say I should leave Kabir’s house. He says he will leave soon, as much is left with him to do. But there is an important task here; he says he has to say something important to her. Rachna listens keenly but he is stammering. KT sees them in the café. Rajiv says the important news is that the coffee is getting cold. They both begin laughing, Rajiv places a hand on Rachna’s shoulder. KT sees them together.


Seema comes to the hall and asks why everyone is looking at her and asks Bauji why he called her. He shows her the paper Gunjan found. She was worried. Gunjan asks her to tell them who is asking her to do this all.

 Young Dreams Saturday 27th March 2021 Update Zee World: Seema asks what to tell them, she says why you are in a hurry to know about it all. She doesn’t want to tell anyone at home about the truth because no one has the courage to listen to it. She says her Mayank and this house have a bag image on them. She says wont they ask him whose image it is. She says it is Gunjan. They were all shocked. Her husband shouts saying is she mad about what she is saying. She says she won’t listen to anyone and will not argue. And they all have seen the results of not listening to her, had something happen to Mayank she wouldn’t have forgotten anyone. She asks Bauji for her paper and puts it back in her saree.

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She says you agree or not there is a bad image in the house, in the face of Gunjan. Gunjan begins laughing. Seema tells them to come along so that she can prove it. Seema tells Gunjan to remove her sandals and makes her sit on a pooja set. She tells everyone to keep quiet in between. She reads something. She sprays water on Gunjan and light fire in the center, and throws different things in it. Frustrated, Gunjan picks up the water and put it in the fire. Seema was worried and asks what she is doing. Gunjan says this is enough of her blind trust. Bauji also favours Seema. Seema’s husband also opposes her. Shayla also makes Seema to understand about it. Gunjan says she will call Mayank and they will end this drama today.

They were coming in a rickshaw, Rachna gives the money to the rickshaw driver but Rajiv stops her and pays him. His wallet fells down, he bends down to pick it up but feels pain. He says hockey is his life and he is used to such pains, he holds her hand saying it was a good outing. She agrees and gets rid of her hand. Rachna sees smoke coming out of her house and runs towards it. KT was watching them from the window.


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