Young Dreams Monday 22nd March 2021 Update Zee World

Young Dreams Monday 22nd March 2021 Update
Young Dreams Monday 22nd March 2021 Update


Young Dreams Monday 22nd March 2021 Update Zee World: On Young Dreams Monday 22 March 2021 Update,  The police come there and take blessings from Guruji. He asks the inspector to all from the mob and punishes anyone guilty. Seema asks why Mayank got injured when he was saving Gunjan. Guru ji asks he wants some time alone at their house so that they can find what’s wrong with him. Seema invites him inside. they all follow.

KT was leaving, Rachna thanks him. He asks ‘Are you alright?’ she nods, he says ‘take care’
At home, Rajiv thanks KT for saving Rachna. He recalls all between Rajiv and Rachna and says why is he saying thanks, he didn’t do him any favor and had saved her anyway.
Guru ji prepares for the Pooja, his men hide Gunjan’s pic under some flour or powder in a dish. He asks them is everything ready when Seema comes in. he begins the Pooja as his man pours the water she brought into the dish. He pours something which makes a fire in that water. Seema stands up to see the miracle.

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The water in the dish vanishes. Guru Ji says the person who is blocking Mayank’s success could be seen in the dish. He says he doesn’t understand who this is and asks her to see so that she may recognize her. Seema sees Gunjan’s image in it. He asks who she is. She stammers to say this is Gunjan. He says how this is possible. He looks again saying yes this is Gunjan. Seema gets tensed. He smiles looking at his man.
Chacha gi comes worried they didn’t leave a single window.

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Gunjan puts a bandage on Mayank’s forehead. She is about to leave but Bauji stops her to say something.
Guru ji asks Seema did they match their Kundli’s before marriage, she says there was nothing she could do about it. They took the decision and we married him. He asks the house she resided in before marriage could never be lively. She agrees her mother died sometime before marriage. He says this girl has a bad eye and will never let the house remain successful.

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Jiji Maa Full Story, Cast, Plot & Teasers

KT did the boxing and recalls what happened with Rachna today. Dadi comes there and asks whose anger is he releasing. He says he can’t tolerate that man in his house anymore. She says he is a good one. He says she will never understand. He thinks doing something for Rachna is the same as doing anything for Rachna. Dadi says she will politely tell him to leave. He says no dad, don’t ask him to go. Dadi asks why isn’t he telling her the truth. He cries saying he hasn’t got the courage to face the truth.

Young Dreams Monday 22nd March 2021 Update Zee World: Guru ji says to seema that he now understands why Mayank is facing problems in spite of being in the Golden period of his time. He says Seema should not follow him anymore as her daughter-in-law isn’t allowing her to. He begins to leave. Seema pleads him not to leave them helpless. The man before them leaving rubs the pic of Gunjan that he drew on the dish. He further pours oil in the doorway. Guru ji before sitting in the car asks him did he pour the oil?

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Shayl argues Bauji that it isn’t necessary to abide by anything that Guru ji said. Bauji scolds them that whatever Seema and Mayank says what wrong but Gunjan was also not right. He begs Gunjan to let him stay peacefully. She asks how they must stop Mayank and Seema from this blind trust then. Bauji says they must talk about it.

Seema come inside thinking about what Guru ji had said. Gunjan comes calling her. She thinks why she is calling her, something bad might happen to her. She feels on the oil. Gunjan comes to help but she insists her to remain away from her. Mayank comes to help Seema. Bauji says he will call doctor, she says she will take Guru Ji’s blessings, it will be alright. He scolds her to trust him so blindly. Chacha ji also agrees. Seema says she know where the problem is and will also not leave following Guru ji.


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