Year 2021 In View! After sucessfull 2020 survival


2021 In View

Surviving the year, 2020 is very personal for me in so many ways than one. Apart from the deadly outbreak that put the economy of world on hold; ignited confusion in the modus operandi of nations; placed humanity on a weird standstill and forced on us, a lifestyle pattern different from what we are used to within a few months, I experienced personal life-changing processes and a witnessed a dramatic and heartbreaking but courageous move by my will to become better than I used to be— the latter experience was my worst nightmare at first but as time went on, I saw a thousand and many reasons to keep my head forward, never looking back while the former changed my status for life! I had my silver lining…

My few moments in a venture that turned out to be a regret me gave birth to a blessing —A blessing to be adored for life😁 It feels good to be free and looking forward to better days with the right people by your side. I mean, family and friends who are ever ready to hold your hand through the haul and give you a pat on the back whenever it seems you’re loosing strength. Life’s race maybe a personal journey but it is never memorable and adventurous without company.

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I had always believed in a lone race, ignoring those that should matter. But, goodnews! 2020 changed the narrative for me as I experienced another dimension of the love shared between family and friends. The bond became a thing! Life became easier as they were no longer oblivious of the happenstance in my life. It feels good to share and be a significant part of another person’s life. Here and now, darling, I’m declaring total love for those that have held my fragile hands; aided my feeble legs and encouraged my frail heart. You are FAMILY!💜 This epic year is drawing to an end, and it is necessary to be grateful for the positive highlights of the year despite the twists and turns that 2020 represented.

It is sweet gratitude if you realise that the lessons of this year are enough to enforce boundaries relating to things we want to associate with and things we don’t. Boundaries are meant to be set and monitored for your sanity’s sake. With boundaries, self love thrives, self-will prevails over besetting thoughts and your God-given strength is recognised as a tool in overcoming challenges and not as a virtue in tolerating abuses and uncomfortable situations. You may not have realised the extent you need your state of mind in check at all times and your boundaries monitored to avoid an invasion or violation, but I need you to put that into perspective as you look forward to a new year.

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“New year, New life” sounds really cliché beacuse not everyone is fortunate enough to keep to the rules of a holistic change. It is mostly a case of “as it was in the days of John d’baptist…” It only takes principles and determination to initiate and sustain a new life in the new year. The term has, as a matter of fact been overused and now boring to say but subconsciously, it is what everyone looks forward to because the believe is that the new year ushers in new grounds and new plans and as such, needs a fresh page to start on.

The new year is perfect for a resolution, perfect for moving on, perfect for hopes and dreams. The new year is a sign of growth , of progress and advancement. And as the year moves, you’ve got to move with it or even beyond it. Foresight is a gift which many do not have —the ability to gear your passion towards the future. However, do not ever forget to bask in the euphoria of the present. Be in charge of your moments, making the most of them, living, breathing and taking it one day at a time. Just strike a balance in everything you do. With balance, there is no overdo or underdo. Honestly, there is no specific time to be perfect, no guarantee of a better time to exist or accomplish a task. It is always a game of chance and the flow of events as they unfold. As humans, anyway, we are blessed with the ability to live as the moment presents itself and with the ultimate skill of trying and moving forward no matter what. Keep at it, don’t stop! The idea is to keep hope alive while growing.

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In keeping hope alive, you stay in constant connection with the threshold of happiness where self love and originality, genuine friendship and bond with family lies; where you can fall back and have your dirt cleaned up and your strength rejuvenated. Therefore, make peace with your regrets and pains. Be conscious of what made you fail because that is the only way not to make that mistake again. Love, love, love—It’s a beautiful thing to spread love! And remember, Life is too long to be unhappy so go forth and grab a not so perfect but fulfilling life in the year 2021. Ciao! 💋💋💋

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