Twist of Fate Thursday 8 April 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Thursday 8 April 2021 Update Zee World
Twist of Fate Thursday 8 April 2021 Update Zee World


Twist of Fate Thursday 8 April 2021 Update Zee World: On Twist of Fate Thursday 8th April 2021 Update, Ranbir telling Abhi that he wants his guitar. Abhi says my favorite guitar and says I will bring it. Aryan asks Shahana if she needs help. Shahana tells that her dress is torn. Dimpy and Shaina come there and tell them that they tear her dress for arguing with Aryan. Aryan scolds them for her doing. Shaina asks if something is going on between them. Shahana says he is not my type. Aryan thinks what is her type. Abhi gives a guitar to Ranbir and asks him to feel the music and make a song. He misses Pragya.

Ranbir asks who? Abhi says she is not here. He asks about his girlfriend. Ranbir says I don’t have. Abhi promises that when he tells her name then he will tell the name of the woman whom he is missing. Shahana is crying as her dress is torn. Prachi says she will fix it and stitch it in a minute. Abhi hears them and recalls an incident. A FB is shown, Pragya tells him that this is jugaad and shows her saree. Abhi says your husband will not let you do the jugaad as you will have no problem. Fb ends. Prachi says it is not helplessness, but enjoyment. Abhi thinks if Prachi has the same sense of Pragya and thinks if she also misses him.

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A FB is shown, Pragya misses abhi and a FB is shown. He recalls Abhi lighting many candles and planning a surprise for her. He says I brought something for you. hua hai aaj pehli baar song plays….He asks her to kiss on his cheeks. He makes her wear an anklet. Pragya asks what is more? He says his heartbeat will be heard with the anklet sound. Fb ends. Pragya lights the candle and remembers him.

Meera is looking at Abhi and smiles. Later she collides with Abhi when the electricity is off for the performance. Meera says sorry. Abhi asks are you fine? Ranbir sings the song Elahi mera dil aaye….and plays Abhi guitar. Ranbir and Rhea start dancing, while Aryan dances with Prachi. Partners change. Prachi comes to Ranbir and dances. Prachi makes him fall.

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Pallavi asks Meera if everything is fine. Rhea comes to Prachi and tells that she is not interested in any kind of friendship with her. She asks her not to fly high and says I know all your plans. She says you made me fall and pretend to be innocent. Prachi says it was done by Shahana mistakenly. Rhea says she is not a small kid to believe her and asks her to stay away from Ranbir. Prachi says even I want to say the same and asks her not to give her even 5 and says I will not give him even zero. Rhea asks him to stay away from Ranbir. Meera comes there and asks what they are talking about? Rhea says we are talking about Ranbir. She goes with her. Prachi thinks Rhea is concerned about her being Abhi’s daughter.

Vikram tells Abhi that he will handle work to Ranbir. Abhi says you are also yearning for money and think of ways to earn money. Vikram says not really and says I think about family also. Abhi says 1 percent family and 99 percent business. Vikram says I am not lucky as you, you have life and I have a wife. He says I stay in the office to be away from my wife. He says everyone agrees with me here. Abhi gets upset with him. He thinks my Pragya was not like that and thinks she was so good and thinks his happiness and destiny are taken by Pragya with her. He wishes if he meets Pragya again and stays with her again. He gets tears in his eyes. Prachi sees him wiping tears.

Prachi telling Abhi that she was looking for him and asks why he is sad? Abhi says he is not sad, but remembering someone. He says these tears are not for sadness. Prachi says your words go above my head and asks whom he was remembering her. Abhi recalls Kiara telling the same thing. He says my wife and looks at Pragya’s pic. Prachi asks him not to be sad and says she doesn’t like to see him sad. Disha and Purab think about each other. Disha says I had enough pain and don’t want anymore. Purab thinks I just love you Disha. Aaliya comes to the room. She asks Purab why is he crying? Purab says something went in his eye. Aaliya asks him to dance with her in the room. She dances with him. Purab gets uncomfortable and goes. Aaliya thinks if he met Disha.

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Twist of Fate Thursday 8 April 2021 Update Zee World: Prachi tells that she brought a gift for him. Abhi asks today is Ranbir’s birthday. She says she brought for him and not Ranbir. She says when she saw it, she felt it is made for him. Abhi says I am excited to get it. He says his wife used to bring gifts for him and now you. She asks him to close his eyes and thanks to him for always being with her whenever she felt the need for a father. She shows him brooch. Abhi likes it and says it will be close to my heart. Prachi says you will also be close to my heart.

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Abhi hugs her and says you are like Rhea to me and you both are the same for me. He asks her to enjoy the party. Rhea hears everything and gets upset. She tells Shaina and Dimpy that Prachi always spoils her mood. Shaina asks her to relax. Rhea asks them to throw her away. She says Prachi wants to snatch her dad and says why she wants my dad only. Shaina and Dimpy tell that they have a plan to execute against Prachi and if they get caught then their lives can spoil. Rhea asks what is their plan.

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Abhi thinks his treatment for his pain is Pragya and he breathes thinking she will come. He imagines her at his side. He asks where were you? Pragya says I was with you. He says he wants to close his eyes. Pragya asks him not to say that and says she came into this world for him. Abhi hugs her. Pragya asks what happened? He gets teary eyes and kisses her forehead. He says I am afraid that this night will end and you will go. Pragya says we will make this night stop and asks him to dance with her. kaise jeewunga plays….. They dance. soon Abhi realizes it is his imagination.

He asks her to come out and asks where is she? She says I am here and asks where are you? Pragya is in her house and says I am here. Sarita Behen stops her and makes her come in her senses, says this is my house. Pragya says I was in his house. Abhi searches for Pragya. Meera comes and asks him to handle himself. She says Pragya is not here. Meera says she can’t see him in this condition. Abhi cries saying Pragya I love you…Sarita Behen tells Pragya that it is her house. Pragya says she felt her husband’s voice and says I love him very much.

Rhea refuses to implement their idea and says this can ruin Prachi’s entire life. Shaina says you will get rid of her. Rhea says I can’t do this and says sorry.

Aaliya asks Purab if he is much stressed in office. She hugs him. Purab stops her. Aaliya says I understand. Purab says I am not comfortable in hug and all. Aaliya says I understand. Purab says I was thinking about Disha and realizes that I was missing her. He says when I told you that I love you is that…She says you are drunk, let’s talk later. Abhi misses Pragya. Pragya also misses him. Allah Wariyan plays…


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