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Beeji asks Pallavi to stop worrying about Ranbir and tells that he will forget her after today as someone forgets the night. She says it was my mistake to praise Prachi and asked him to take her to office, shopping etc.

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Pallavi says Ranbir couldn’t see her behavior behind her face. Beeji says even I couldn’t understand her. Prachi comes there. Pallavi shouts asking where was she? Prachi says she was talking to Rhea and asking about her.

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Pallavi says you gave her wound and acting to apply ointment. She says if nobody knows your reality then will get trapped by your innocence. Prachi asks did I do any mistake? Pallavi asks her not to teach her how to talk to you and asks don’t forget, you are our employee? Beeji says I am your boss’ mother and she is his wife. She says we will talk like the way we want. Pallavi asks Prachi to tell how much Pragya and Sarita ji earn for a month. Prachi says not much, our needs gets fulfilled. Beeji says so it might be difficult for you to buy clothes for festival.

Pallavi says she has some old sarees and asks her to wear or give to Pragya or Sarita behen. Beeji asks if she is ashamed to wear someone’s old clothes. Pallavi says we will give our old clothes and asks her to go and change her clothes, says even their Servant has standard. Prachi turns to go. Beeji asks her to come fast, as today is festival day and there is a lot more work to do. After Prachi leaves, Pallavi tells Beeji that she shouldn’t have misbehaved, tells that she thought that Prachi will leave the job, but she…..Ranbir comes and asks where is Prachi? Pallavi says she went home to change her clothes. Ranbir thinks she didn’t reply to me and went.

Mitali talks to the waiter and takes glass from his hand. Dadi asks Mitali to let him drink. Mitali sees Aaliya and tells Dadi that she will make my juice if the work is not done. Dadi says Aaliya gets angry, but good at heart. Abhi comes home and wishes happy dussera to Dadi. He tells that he had gone to order Ram Leela play and says this time Ravan dahan will happen too. Rhea says she will see the Ravan. Abhi asks her to see from terrace. Dadi says I am happy to see you happy. Aaliya thinks he is not happy as Pragya and Prachi are not with him. Abhi thinks Pragya is not in his happiness.

Sarita behen sends the boxes with the workers. Pragya brings it. Sarita behen says they are here to help us. Pragya says they don’t know about your secret masala. Sarita behen she loves her masala. Pragya says she will get ready and come. Sarita behen says if you look more good than 10-15 guys will ask for your hand and I can’t stay without you. Pragya says I will not go away from you and hugs her. She thinks to look at Rhea.

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Prachi comes home. Pragya asks why did you take so much time? Prachi says there was much work in Ranbir’s hose. Pragya asks why you seems to be scared? Prachi says no and tells that Pallavi was not letting her come and Beeji made her eat so much sweets and she felt sleepy. The worker comes and tells that he got all the stuff loaded in the vehicle. Sarita behen says we will get ready and come there. Prachi says she needs time to get ready. Pragya looks at Prachi.

Guest starts coming in Kohli and Mehra’s house. Raj greets the guests. Mitali comes and asks how is she looking? Tai ji says you are looking good. Raj asks her to take her blessings. Mitali bends down and takes her blessings. Tai ji says Raj is teasing you. Pallavi stops a guest and asks her to stay till Ravan dahan, as after that there is a big surprise. Vikram says you are telling everyone about the surprise. Beeji says pallavi can’t digest it. Vikram asks them not to tell Abhi and make it a surprise till the alliance gets fixed. Pallavi says she will go and check the starters. Vikram says I will go and see the girl’s father. Beeji says now he is girl’s father. Vikram says I will go and bring my friend.

Beeji asks Pallavi to do the same thing with Prachi’s mom and insult her badly. Pallavi tells that she will stoop low to insult them and to show their status to them. Aaliya hears them and gets happy, thinks now they will get their hatred.

Pragya asks Sarita behen not to worry. Sarita behen says it is good that you came. Pallavi comes there. Pragya wishes her happy dussera. Pallavi says it will be happy if you make it, scolds them for talking. She asks if the guest shall return without having food, I will tell them if you say. She says I gave you big catering order so that you can earn some money and asks them not to take advantage of their goodness. She asks them to serve the food and don’t look at her as if they came for party. Sarita behen says how did she speak to us? She says Pallavi’s manager requested and that’s why I agreed to take up this order. Pragya tells that she must be in tension and will realize later. Sarita behen hopes so. Pragya tells that she will ask waiters to serve the food. Sarita behen says if Pallavi does something with Prachi then I will not bear and will not let her stay in their house. Prachi and Shahana come there. Prachi says we shall search Sarita behen and there is more work. Ranbir goes to talk to Prachi. Everyone likes the food made by Sarita behen and Pragya. They ask about the caterer. Vikram says Sarita ji. Abhi gets tensed and looks at Pragya who is coming with the waiters.

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Abhi and Pragya walking towards each other. He holds her hand. Allah waariyan….plays… They think of their argument. He leaves her hand and goes away. She turns to see him. He turns to see her. She cries and walks away. Mitali looks on. Dida shows the ring to Pallavi. Pallavi says this is beautiful, girls say yes for marriage seeing such rings. Dida says the girl already said yes, Vikram’s choice is always A1, keep the ring safe, else you will find it at the time of engagement. Ranbir thinks my family is innocent, they want to give me surprise and then they are not keeping it hidden. Pallavi collides with him. The ring falls. He asks what’s this. She says we had done shopping. Dida makes excuses. Rhea smiles. Pallavi says we will find a nice girl for you and then give this ring, have patience. Ranbir thinks oh, she wants to surprise me, I know you selected my would-be. He gets Aryan’s call. He says Dida, I will just come. He hugs and wishes her happy Dusshehra. He goes and hugs Aryan.

Ranbir says I m getting engaged tonight, that too with the girl I chose, Prachi. Aryan says congrats. Ranbir says Pallavi slapped me, she came to me and said sorry, she said her happiness is in my happiness, she knows Prachi is my happiness, engagement ring is also here. Aryan says what are you saying, you should dance, but you will look mad if you dance here. Rhea thinks engagement ring is for me. Ranbir and Aryan jump and dance. Rhea smiles. They collide with a man and apologize. Aryan helps the man. Ranbir collides with Rhea. She falls in his arms. They wish happy Dusshehra. He says I want to talk about Prachi and me. She asks how do I look. He says good. She says I will catch you later. He says I had to say I love Prachi. She thinks I hate Prachi, I will have all rights on you once engagement happens. She gets Aaliya’s call. She goes.

Ranbir says where is Prachi, why didn’t she come. Aaliya shows the ring to Rhea. Rhea says its really nice. Pallavi says my bahu will wear this ring. She keeps it in cupboard and goes. Ranbir takes the ring from the cupboard. Rhea says I will keep this with me. Mitali comes and says Aaliya, she has come. Aaliya asks Rhea to go out and enjoy with everyone. Rhea goes. Mitali says Pragya has come, she will become the queen, “read daily updates at” she will make us maids. Aaliya says you got nervous, why, you didn’t see Rhea and started saying. Mitali asks what are you thinking. Aaliya says you know who is Prachi’s mum. Mitali says I don’t care for that, I have seen Abhi and Pragya holding hands. Aaliya says it can’t happen, he hates her, he doesn’t love her, her chapter is closed, she will just be a maid for Abhi, don’t get scared, treat her like a maid, she snatched your daughter, its the right chance, take your revenge, make her clean the floor and utensils, she should not have courage to come back, make her life hell. Aryan comes and takes her.

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The man says its Vijaydashami today, we want to show you how Ram found Sita by Hanuman’s help and killed Raavan. Everyone claps. Vikram asks Abhi to come. Abhi says Dadi, I will just come. Rhea hugs Dimpy and says I need to say something. Mitali collides with Raj and falls in his arms. He says you want to romance. She says I feel like crying. He asks what happened. She says Pragya has come in our party, she got the catering order, she has partnership with Sarita.

Vikram and Abhi joke. Abhi sees Pragya. Vikram says cheater, are you hiding something from me, what’s going on, tell me, who is she. Abhi recalls her. He says she is my… Vikram asks what. Abhi sees a man behind Pragya. He goes and signs she is mine. He turns and sees Pragya gone. Pragya sees Aaliya. Aaliya asks why are you eyeing him, he broke all relations with you. Pragya says he is angry on me, I know him, we don’t like any third person to speak in between. Rhea looks for Ranbir. Prachi comes. Ranbir sees Prachi through the ring. He goes to her. Prachi is busy. Ranbir asks are you done, you came after many days and make me wait, come with me. She says I have to serve welcome drinks, Sarita, mum and my name will spoil. He says I will do this work. She says why, your family won’t like it. He says you are also my family, I will also serve drinks. He gets a tray and says we will see who finishes the work first, lets go Rhea sees them.

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