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A Touch of Love on glow tv, Tuesday 8th November 2022 update

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A touch of love series
A touch of love series

Episode starts with Thapki confessing infront of everyone that she is not Vani Oberoi, but Thapki. Everyone is having mixed reaction seeing her. Bihaan looks at her in Thapki’s attire and dress, with mangalsutra and sindoor. Tere Liye Hum Hai Jiye plays……………….Bihaan and Thapki have an emotional eye lock. Vasu smiles with teary eyes. Aditi gets emotional. Bihaan smiles hopefully. Aditi walks towards Thapki and hugs her. Balwinder says Thapki…..Suman says Thapki isn’t dead, but alive. Preeti and Suman hugs her. Preeti says you are looking awesome now, was looking ugly in fake teeth and specs.

They say we are happy that you are back. Thapki says I apologize, but I haven’t return. She tells Bihaan that she didn’t tell truth to return back in his life. Bihaan holds her hand and drapes dupatta over her. He says you got your safekeeping and I got mine. He says I have yearned for you, and asks her to forgive him for one last time. He asks her to hug him once and return his life again. Sankara is shocked. Kabir looks on. Thapki is emotional.

Bihaan widens his arms to hug her. Thapki says you wants to snatch my life. She says where was you when I was away from you for 2 years, when I wanted to hug you. She says you thought me as Thapki, but have you ever tried to enquire why I became Vani. She says you could see only yours pain and not my pain. She says why I shall accept you….Bihaan. Vasu interferes and says even we did the mistake, not only Bihaan. We didn’t believe you when you needed us the most. I know you have bear enough, and says whatever happened was because of Kosi. She asks her to clear the misunderstandings between Bihaan and her. She asks her to ask the same questions which she asked her. She asks Bihaan to tell truth. Bihaan says I never lied till now. I will answer for your every question. Sankara gets shocked. Bihaan says I will end all your misunderstandings and asks her to promise that she will hug him after that. Kabir claps surprising everyone. He says what an emotional drama, and says Thapki can’t hug you.. You know what is the truth? Everyone looks on clueless.

Kabir says you know what’s truth. Bihaan asks what is the truth? Thapki says I will tell you. Kabir asks her to relax and says I will tell him truth, and says Thapki can’t hug you as she is my wife…Mrs. Kabir Katyal. Thapki is shocked. Bihaan looks on angrily. Kabir smiles and says don’t forget that I married her and now she is my wife. Bihaan asks him to stop the drama and says this marriage was a drama. Kabir says this marriage was true. He shows their marriage pics on projector and says this is proof of our marriage. He shows the marriage certificate and says our marriage is not fake, but truth. Shraddha thinks Thapki got 4 men in her life. Thapki is shocked. Kabir asks Thapki to tell them that he was supporting her since day 1. He tells I came here to return a watch, but stopped seeing victimized Thapki. He says I didn’t know when I fell in love with her. I told her that we will act to be married, and she agreed, but this marriage was real. Bihaan asks if this is done, and says anyone can make fake papers like this. He says we won’t believe you.

Kabir smiles and asks if he will believe on the person who got them married. Pandit ji comes. Kabir asks him to tell if their marriage is done or not. Pandit ji tells that he read mantras right and performed their marriage. Kabir thanks Pandit ji and says now you can go. He asks if anyone else wants any answer. He tells Thapki that he told the truth to everyone, as it was difficult for him. He asks if I have done right? Bihaan walks off. Kabir asks Thapki to relax and says Bihaan can’t harm you. I am with you, your husband Kabir Katyal. Dhruv looks on angrily.

Kabir is in his room and sees Neha’s pic. He says nobody can save that Bihaan Pandey now. Thapki comes there and tries to slap Kabir, but he holds her hand and asks her not to think him as Bihaan as he knows how to answer. Thapki asks what have you done? Kabir tells her that he got her signatures on marriage certificate without knowing her. Thapki asks why you are doing this with me, and reminds of his promise. Kabir says I have supported truth and told the same. Thapki says this is not truth and reminds him of the promises which they have made. She says what do you need, money? She gives money in her hand and asks him not to do anything wrong with her. She says I can’t forgive Bihaan, but can’t support this lie. Kabir throws the money and says even you have supported lie. He says we are married now, and asks her to become his wife.

Kabir telling Thapki that he will not melt seeing her tears and asks her to do as he says. He says you have to stay as my wife Mrs. Thapki Kabir Katyal….Thapki is in shock and tears. Kabir goes from the room. Vasu is sitting shockingly. Shraddha says I can’t believe that Vani is Thapki, and says don’t know how Bihaan might be feeling and says we shall go and search him, he can take any extreme step. Dhruv asks Shraddha to go and says my brother is not weak to take such step. Shraddha badmouths about Thapki. Aditi asks her to stop it and says Thapki must have taken this step due to some big reasons. Shraddha says I was innocent to marry Dhruv, the star, but Thapki was clever enough to trap rich guy Kabir Katyal. Vasu gets angry and is about to slap Shraddha, but Preeti
comes and holds her hand asking Vasu not to punish her or others for Thapki’s mistake. She says what we can do as Thapki is married. Vasu says no, and says when Thapki said that the marriage was a drama, then it was drama only and tells that she will clear this misunderstanding soon.

Balwinder says I have full trust on Thapki, even Bihaan should trust her. Let him come, we all will talk to him. Kabir feels apologetic and thinks he is helpless to do all this. He says I have to give you pain to take revenge for my sister. He says Bihaan have to die, says I am sorry. Sankara comes and holds his hand…She says you said right that everything is fair in love and war. She says yes, I know everything about you, I know that Vani is Thapki and you have supported her in her drama. She says I didn’t tell this to anyone as I want my Bihaan. She says I thought I have lost Bihaan, but you have changed everything. She shows the laddoos and says Thapki is yours now and Bihaan is mine for forever. She asks him to shake hands with her, and says enemy’s enemy is a friend. She says I know your secret. Kabir thinks he shall use Sankara to defeat Bihaan and thinks he is feeling bad to use Thapki, but will feel good to use Sankara. He shakes hand with her. Sankara smiles.

Thapki cries and thinks Bihaan is angry and will not trust me, but I will tell everyone and they will believe me. Just then she hears Bihaan shouting asking Kabir to come. Thapki and others come and see Bihaan coming there with Police. Bihaan asks Inspector to arrest Kabir for making fake papers of marriage and troubling his wife. He tells Thapki that he will not repeat the mistake of not trusting her again, and says he knows that he is taking advantage of her helplessness.

Kabir asks if you thought of me as moti buddhi and illiterate like you, and says I have proof of our marriage. Bihaan says I may be illiterate, but I knows that Thapki is married to me even now. He asks Inspector to arrest Kabir. Kabir smiles and runs to room. Vasu tells Thapki that she can’t do anything wrong. Bihaan says I know Kabir have betrayed you and everything is a lie. He asks her to tell Inspector that Kabir has done a drama. Thapki is about to tell Bihaan. Kabir comes back and asks Thapki to wait, says I went to room. He says I went to bring the proof so that you can understand that I was saying truth. He gives some papers. Inspector checks papers and says we can’t arrest him. Bihaan asks why? What is in this papers? Inspector says this is Thapki and yours divorce papers. Bihaan and Thapki are shocked. Everyone is also shocked. Kabir smiles.

Bihaan asks Thapki, how can we get divorced? Kabir says your divorce is done, and our marriage is right according to law. Bihaan says this is lie. Kabir asks Inspector to go. Bihaan says I didn’t sign on any papers. Kabir says my wife got your signatures on some papers saying it is deal papers. A fb is shown. Kabir says that papers contained divorce papers as well.

He asks Thapki to tell that she got his signatures. He holds Bihaan’s collar angrily and says I have bear enough till now, but I will not bear if you regard her as yours wife. Thapki is shocked and silent. Bihaan is shocked and holds Thapki’s hand recalling slapping her. He slaps himself with Thapki’s hands. Vasu asks what you are doing? He says you would have slapped me, but why you have done this with me.

Kabir shows the divorce papers and says your all answer is in these divorce papers. Your love story have ended. He holds Thapki. Dhruv is angry. Bihaan looks on shattered.