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“If one cow is k!lled, military troops will ransack the community to arrest the k!ller, but we have 33 corpses and nothing has been done” – Kaduna clergyman laments following another massacre (video)

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Bishop Jacob Kwashi, the chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Zangon Kataf local government area of Kaduna state, has condemned the series of killings in the state.
Speaking at the mass burial of 33 people killed in an attack in Runji Village on Saturday, April 15, Bishop Kwashi said the state and federal governments know what they need to do to stop the killing and urged them to do it.
Bandits stormed the community recently and started shooting at the locals, killing many of them, including children.
 Kaduna clergyman laments
Reacting to the recent wave of bandit attacks, the cleric stated that if a cow is accidentally killed in the area, a large number of troops will be dispatched to fish out the perpetrator yet they are doing nothing to quell the killings.
In his words,
“We will not run away from our land. Even if they come tonight after us and we are killed, there will be some people who will talk and there will be the young who will rise again. So we ask that the government of Kaduna state, the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria..they should do the needful. They know what they should do to stop this evil. They know it. I have said it and let me repeat myself. If by mistake one cow is killed by any of the community here, the number of military troops that will enter and ransack the community and look for those to arrest because one cow has been killed… and now we have 33 corpses and a young boy of five years who has been beheaded. What has he done to these evil people”
Watch the video below,