Tumhari Pakhi on atinka tv, Friday 16th July 2021 update

Pakhi thinks about Anshuman’s great words that he will wait for 18 years if she wins. She thinks how Anshuman has won her trust by not doubting her character. Lavanya talks to Girish and he is annoyed with her. Lavanya says so you felt bad by mum, so I will eat what you are eating. Anuja says no way and brings some healthy food for her. Girish becomes upset. Lavanya sees this and says no, I will eat that one. Anuja insists. Girish leaves. Anshuman thinks he is feeling alone today, and wishes Anuja was with him.

Tumhari Pakhi

Tumhari Pakhi

He gets Anuja’s call and says I was missing you. She says I know what you are going through, Pakhi is not happy being away from you, but the pain you gave her, she won’t forget it easily. Anshuman tells her about Pakhi’s condition. He says I can’t live without her, and can’t pray that she fails in this competition. Anuja says don’t worry, Lord will help you, you will get her love. The incense sticks lights up the curtains. Anuja says Ayaan misses you a lot, come back soon. She says do the preparations for final round I will talk to you later.

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The fire alarm rungs and Anshuman comes to her saying come fast, its fire in the apartment. He asks where is Rohan. She says I don’t know. Rohan comes and asks how did this fire happen. “read daily full updates at” She says the Dhola Maru puppets are inside. Rohan says we need it for tomorrow. Anshuman says I will go and bring it. Pakhi stops him. He says I promise I will come in 5mins. He goes in. Rohan stops Pakhi and says he will come, I can’t let you go. Anshuman gets the puppets. Saiyyan…………..plays……………..

Pakhi says I m worried Rohan, let me go. Rohan says are you mad, he will come. Anshuman comes back coughing and she says I told you not to go. He says I m fine, and tells about Dhola Maru story, who knows our story will be same. Saiyyan……………plays…………. She cries and hugs him. Rohan moves them away. Police comes. Rohan says now they will question us. The police says how dis this happen, we will find it out. They asks them to come with them.

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Lavanya asks Ashok and Ayaan where is Girish. Ashok says he went out. Lavanya calls him but he cuts her call. She says whats this, he messaged he is busy. She sees Sukhi selling the pregnancy books. She asks Sukhi who gave him this books. Sukhi says Girish asked me to sell this. Lavanya says we will not sell it, keep it back in my room. She says what is happening to Girish, why is he behaving strange.

Rohan says if they feel its our mistake, everything will be over. They asks them to sign this form and they will not leave them as they have ruined their premises. They can be disqualified and arrested if they are at fault. They see its because of this cigarette. Rohan says we don’t smoke, you can check us. Rohan and Pakhi are clean so doubts come on Anshuman. Rohan says it means Anshuman has lit this fire. Anshuman keeps quiet. Pakhi looks at him.

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They ask Anshuman to come with them as it’s a criminal offence and they have to arrest him. Pakhi is shocked. They say that Anshuman was a helper, so you can still take part in the competition. Rohan says let him go, he did this to make me disqualified. Pakhi talks to them and apologizes. But they say pay the fine of 5000 dollars. Pakhi says fine, I will pay, but leave him. They say we will first arrest him, the bring the fine to free him. Rohan says Anshuman is acting, he did this to ruin us, he is just a helper, let him go to jail. Pakhi says stop it Rohan. They arrest Anshuman and she is shocked.

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