To die for love on joy prime, Tuesday 13th July 2021 update

Chopra eyes Pankti. Drink falls over Aarohi’s dress. Pankti offers her help. Aarohi says no thanks, I will go. Aniket gets stuck and mails the video to Aarohi. Aarohi cleans her dress. Pankti comes to Ahaan’s room. She sees his pics. Chopra comes there and shuts the door. Pankti gets shocked. She asks him to stay away and throws things. He asks her not to worry. Aarohi hears the sound. Pankti tries to run. Chopra stops her. He locks the washroom door. Aarohi gets stuck. He asks Pankti how will she take the payment. Aarohi asks who is outside. Pankti gets away and shouts for help. Chopra asks what’s your problem if I m paying you. Pankti shouts Ahaan. Chopra catches her. Aarohi calls Deep. Pankti opens the door and runs out.

To die for love

To die for love

Ahaan hears Pankti shouting and runs upstairs. She cries

and hugs him. He asks what happened. She says take me from here, I don’t want to stay here. He asks her to say, what happened. She shows Chopra. Ahaan gets angry. Pankti stops him. Ahaan takes her along.
Tara comes to Aniket’s house and attacks Riddhi to faint her down. She roams around. She says you didn’t go good to get enmity with me, how far will you run. She calls Aniket from Riddhi’s phone. He says I got a shocking proof Riddhi. Tara says you will be shocked knowing what I will do with your wife. He asks what are you doing in my house. She says I m waiting for you, if you want to see your wife and child alive, come here with the video. He says I m coming, nothing should happen to them.

Chopra says I didn’t go after her, she came after me, she is not decent, she asked me for money, when I refused, she did this drama. Pankti holds Ahaan’s hand. Chopra accuses Pankti. The people passes taunts. Pankti cries. Chopra says she is a characterless girl. Ahaan beats up and scolds. Aparna stops her. Deep looks for Aarohi. She knocks the washroom room. Deep opens the door. She hugs him and says I m fine, where did that girl go. He asks who. Vikram asks Pankti what are you seeing, everyone used to call our house a happy home before you came here, now I think just fights happen, thanks a lot, don’t you think you should leave from here. Pankti leaves.

Ahaan goes after her. Chopra says I will file case against Ahaan, Pankti and JD too. Aarohi says fine, come, I will give statement. She comes downstairs with Deep. Chopra asks who are you. Aarohi says I m the witness, tell the truth. Chopra says that girl is cheap. Aarohi says truth is you were misbehaving with her, she is innocent and you are a wild animal. Deep scolds Chopra. The man says if Deep’s wife is saying this, Chopra is wrong, how can he do this. Aparna and Sheetal ask Chopra to leave. Sheetal threatens him. Chopra leaves. Deep says we should leave now. Aarohi says I want to meet Pankti once. Deep says no, its not the right time. They leave. JD says sorry Manav, I had seen many dreams, now I feel maybe this deal won’t happen now, I wish Ahaan managed the situation well, fighting creates a wrong impression, this was a professional party, so sorry Manav.

Aniket comes home and sees Tara. He asks what did you do with Riddhi. She says she is alive, she is unconscious, give me the video, else she will die soon. He gives her the phone. She asks him not to come ahead. He gets tensed. She sees the video and deletes it. She throws the phone. He says you got what you wanted, please leave my family. Tara says fine, I don’t have to go hell by killing decent people, your family is lovely, I also asked Lord for such family, Deep, me and my child, this can’t happen till all the thorns get off my way. She hits on his head and says sorry, I have to get you off my way, I m helpless, its not my mistake. Aniket faints. She says I can kill anyone to get Deep, he is just mine. She ties up Aniket and Riddhi. She says you will have to die. She stabs Aniket. Niku sees her laughing and cries. He calls out Bua. Tara gets to see him. Arohi and Deep come to Nikhil’s house. There is police outside. Ritu is sitting in a shock. Arohi sees beyond. Nikhil’s deadbody is there. Arohi screams. she says bhabi what happened. Ritu is sitting in a shock. Arohi says no this is a dream. I can’t believe this. Who did this. she cries and screams. Deep hugs her. Laksh says I know who did this and I have a witness who saw this murder happening. Arohi says who did that? Who is the witness? Arohi says Niku come here and tell me who did all this? Nikku runs from her and sits with Ritu. Laksh asks Niku tell who did that. Niku points at ARohi. Arohi says what are you saying. Niku says Arohi bua killed baba. Arohi says I can never do that. He is my brother. Laksh says you are under arrest for killing your brother.

Arohi says I can never do this. Deep says Arohi was with me all the time. Arohi says bhabhi tell him I didn’t murder. Tell him my doppelganger did that. They take Arohi. Ritu is sitting in shock. Deep says to Arohi don’t worry. Police takes Nikhil’s body. Ritu screams madly. Deep hugs her.
Scene 2
Tara is eating fruits Deep comes there and says why did you do that? She says you locked me here. I am not a ghost. Prithvi says we were both here. Deep says shut up. You both killed an innocent man. A woman is widowed. Tara says your Arohi has gone to jail as well. Arohi will be jailed forever. I told you. Deep says what a plan. When Niku comes out of his shock he will tell police you did that not Arohi. Tara says don’t go against me again. This is what we always wanted. Go and tell police arohi killed Nikhil. We will always be happy together. Deep lives in anger.

Deep comes to Laksh and says I am here to give statement. Ritu and Niku come as well. Niku says that woman looked like Arohi bua. She was not Arohi bua. Laksh says so you will scare this child now. Ritu says no Niku is right. There is a doppelganger of Arohi. She killed Nikhil. Arohii is innocent. We all saw her. Deep says the child is taking and statement back. His mom is also saying Arohi is innocent. Leave Arohi. Arohi comes out of jail. Niku hugs her and says bua.. that aunty killed my papa. Ritu hugs arohi and they all cry.

Scene 3
Nikhil’s funeral is going. Arohi recalls her moments with Nikhil. She is crying. Arohi runs from there. she says because of my brother took risk and got killed. I will kill myself. Arohi says my doppelganger is doing all this. Maya says doppelganger? Deep says I should have trusted you Arohi. Niku can never lie. Maya says is there her doppelganger. I am sorry. Dia says I am sorry as well. Deep says we should have trusted her. Dont’ worry we have to be strong. We have to get bhabhi justice. Deep hugs her.
Tara texts Deep I have you given your statement. If not I will do one more thing. She is in a cafe. Laksh comes there. He says I am amazed to see your brother died and you are here. Arohi says having coffee is a sin? He leaves.

Arohi is in police station. She is waiting for Laksh. Laksh comes and says you here? You met me in coffee shop then you changed and got here before me? Arohi says I am here since an hour as your constable. Did you meet my doppelganger. Laksh is dazed. Arohi says do you believe me now or not? Please trust me before she kills more people. Laksh recalls her statements changing all the time.
He says you are right Arohi.

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