To die for love on joy prime, Friday 16th July 2021 update

Deep says where is Arohi? She was asleep in her room. Let me go and check her. He goes towards the room. Mahek runs towards the room. Deep comes to the room Arohi is there is sleeping. Tara says I came here she wasn’t here. There was pillows. Deep says please go Arohi would listen. Arohi is crying. Deep asks Tara to leave. Arohi pretends to be sleeping. Arohi is sobbing silently. She recalls everything Deep said.

To die for love

To die for love

Deep says to Tara see there is a surprise for you. This is your SUV. She says wow this is so cool. Deep says we should forget what happened in past few days. Tara says thank you so much. They both sit in the car and go for the drive.

Deep wakes Arohi up with Niku. Niku says uncle brought me here. We are going out. Arohi is scared. She says to Deep let me make breakfast. Arohi is recalling last night. Niku is playing with deep. Deep says to Arohi why are you so worried? Why aer these tears in your eyes? Please tell me. Arohi says nothing. Arohi asks Niku lets go home. Niku says uncle said we will go out today. Arohi says no niku you have to study. She leaves with Niku.

Prithvi says to Deep she might have heard something. Arohi comes to Ritu’s house and cries. Ritu says what happened? Arohi says those feet were Deep’s. He has ruined our lives. Ritu says what are you saying. Arohi says I heard and saw everything. She tells Ritu everything.
Tara says to Deep Arohi knows everything. Find her and kill her. Deep says we cant kill her. I need to know first what she knows and them I will see how we finish our plan.
Arohi says it was all fake. Deep fooled us for Tara. his whole family is fake. Sushant and Sanaya kept telling me the truth I couldn’t see it. I was so stupid. “read daily updates at” Arohi is crying. Arohi says Deep did all this to give Tara’s sins on me. He used and fooled me. I don’t want to live. She is crying. Ritu says calm down. Are you mad. Arohi says I can’t live a life like this. Ritu says come her and look at your brother’s picture. you have to live to get us all justice. You have to live for Niku. We have to face this. After today we wont give up. They have to go behind bars. Arohi says you are right. I wont give up. They will go to jail. Ritu says collect proofs and let no one save them but you need to be careful. She hugs Arohi. Ritu says they shouldn’t know that you know everything. If deep can fool you, so can you.

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Arohi comes back home. Dia says come sit Arohi have tea. Aorhi says my head hurts. I will be better if I rest. Deep says should we visit doctor? Arohi saays no I will rest and be fine.
Arohi comes to her room. Deep comes in. She lays in bed. Deep says have this med you will be fine. Arohi says I don’t need medicine. He says you look worried. Arohi says I wont hide anything from you. I just need rest. He says take this meds. Arohi recalls deep saying I will give her pills so she feels she is mental. Deep gives her med and says take rest. He leaves. Arohi takes the medicine out of her mouth and throws it away. She says you will be behind bars deep. Arohi puts cameras in the house everywhere. Deep comes there. Deep says to Arohi you are hiding something from me. Please tell me what it is. We will go away from here. Arohi says no we won’t go anywhere. We should face everything. Deep says you are hiding something from me. She says what? He says I found this outside your house. You hid that doppelganger attacked you. Arohi says I didn’t want you to worry. deep hugs her and says I am sorry. I need to protect you from her.

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Deep comes to Tara. Tara says what does she know? Rity asks Arohi what happened? Arohi says Deep’s behavior was changed. Deep says I tried to make her emotional. But nothing happened. Then I took your name but she didn’t react. Arohi says I got so scared but I didn’t let it show.
Prithvi says that means she knew. Deep says if

she didn’t know she would have asked why I am saying Tara. Tara says that means she knows I am Tara.
Arohi says I didn’t react. They would doubt that I know everything. Deep says she knows everything now. Ritu says what will they do now. Arohi says calm down. Tara says she is very clever. We have to find the cameras she has installed in this house.
Ritu says we should go from here. Arohi says we will fight to get Nikhil justice. I wont go from here. I can’t give up. They took everything from me. I can’t give up. We can’t run from here. I will go to that house to collect all the proofs. If you want you can go. Ritu says I won’t leave you alone here. Arohi says you both should go. I will come once I have proofs.

Deep and Tara find out proofs. Deep says where are the card? Tara says that means she took everything. Tara says you should have stopped her. Deep says she wont go to police. Dia comes in. She says Arohi is coming. I saw her coming. Arohi enters the house. She is scared. Deep grasp her. He says we are leaving this city forever. Lets go to police and tell them everything. We will give police all the proofs and go from here. He caresses her face. Arohi slaps him and says stop this drama. I gave you everything and you fooled me. You are a devil. You took everything from me. Why did you kill my brother. Tara comes in. Arohi is scared. Prithvi comes too. Tara says see I told you she knows everything. we have to change our game. We have to kill her right now. Deep says you were right Tara. Today i will show Arohi my real face.

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He throttles her and says this is my real face. You have done us no harm. But your face is responsible for this. He shoves her. Arohi falls on Tara. Tar says don’t blame us. Blame God who gave you my face. Give us all the proofs or we wont let you live. Arohi says i will never give you those proofs. Prithvi says tell us where those cards are or we can do anything. Maya comes with petrol and says give us memory cards or we will burn you. Arohi says I won’t. Dia and Maya grasp her. Arohi says let me go. Maya says we will burn you. Arohi says Laksh has all the proofs. No one can save you all now. Deep says you are so stupid. I worked on this plan. I fooled you into my love. Then i killed your Vishal. Then I proved you mental. I played all this and last scene will be mine too. You can’t fool me. Arohi says don’t be so proud. You all will be punished.

Deep calls Laksh. He says Arohi is missing since morning. Did she come to you? Laksh says no she didn’t come here. DEep says arohi is calling on other line. Deep says now tell us where those memory cards are. Arohi says I wont tell you. Tara says okay then see what we do. Tara comes forward to burn her.

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