These streets on zee world, Thursday 23rd July 2021 update

Shan plays drums. Puchki hears it and dances. Ridhoy sees her. He says I will learn how to beat drum. Puchki wonders who was druming. She looks around. Shan sits in the car. Puchki’s child says are you scare? He says I am not scared of anyone. Pucki says then take me where you left me. Are you scared to go there? Shan starts driving. He comes to sona gachi. Shan recalls his childhood with Puchki there.

These streets

These streets

He walks in. There are customers everywhere. Shan sees women dancing. He walks near his old room. Shan says nothing has changed here. He is walking out. Chanda holds his hand and says where are you goin without paying sir? He is dazed to see chanda. He recalls nevi telling him he died. A girl says thaku ma I think he is scared. Chanda walks past him. Puchki is recordin everything. Chanda pulls her in and says how dare you record our bari. Shan says you.. Shan says in heart chanda ma is alive?
Chanda syas you can’t record anything here. Shan walks out. Puchki runs from there. Chanda sends her thugs after Puchki. She jumps from the window. Chanda says she has our recording. Go and stop her.

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Shan sits in his car. He recalls what happened. HE says why I never had love of a mother. I always thought chanda was dead. And nevi doesn’t want to own me. Puchki is hidden is his car. He speeds, Puchki falls n front. Shan says you.

Beauty looks at Shan and says Shan Mazumdar. She touches her chest. Murli says people are here. She says Shan is here. You have become handsome. Is this London or the money? There is so much to talk about but not the right time. We will keep meeting. Come to sona gachi. They leave. Puchki wonders why he didn’t react. She says beauty and shan were in touch?

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Shan comes to Mazumdar house. He recalls what happened. Ravindra says come in Shan. This is your house. Nevi is dazed to see him. Moushmi says shan is back. Shan recalls when Nevi was kind to him. Ravindra says nevi do his arti and welcome him. Nevi says okay. She takes arti and does it with anger in her eyes. Shan says I wont go from here until Ridhoy is back. I know I promised you not to come ack. I will leave once ridhoy is okay. Shan goes upstairs.
Ravindra says to Nevi tis hate will make you drown. Moushmi says he wont go back this time. Nevi says he will have to.

Ravindra says come shan have breakfast. Shan says I will do it with Ridhoy in hospital. Ridhoy comes in and says we will do it here. Shan says you.. How did you come here. Nevi says how did you get discharge. Shan says you could ask me. Ridhoy says she was there to help me. Puchki comes in. Shan says this dancer will work in our house? Puchki says you think dancers can’t be educated? Don’t judge people. Shan says we only hire people with a standard. Puchki says how do you improve perfection? Ravindra says lets have breakfast everyone.
Nevi says to rodhou I made your fav breakfast. Ridhoy says to Puchki dont’ call me sir. She says protocol. Puchki says to shan let me take his luggage upstairs. She takes it up.

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Ridhoy says to Shan she is amazing. She is so talented. Shan says why is she doing this job then? Ridhou says maybe she needs money.
Puchki dances upstairs.
Shan wonders why he feels weird around Asmita. He says is she hiding something?

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