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[Story] Ultimate Fighting – S01 E769

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 769

Spare Me !

Spare Me !

Those students who had not watched a Beast Battle before finally understood how difficult it was to break the record of winning 33 consecutive matches.

A 10,000-year soul beast was simply too strong.

“I’m afraid Frenzie won’t last for five rounds.” Qian Lei frowned. They had also witnessed the strength of the soul beasts, but the key was that such a targeted plan would greatly increase the difficulty of their victory.

Tang Yuge looked at Lan Xuanyu and said, “Why don’t we make some adjustments and let me do the next round?”


Among everyone, Tang Yuge’s ability was the most comprehensive. No matter what opponent it was, she was able to face them easily.

Lan Xuanyu shook his head and said, “No need, we’ll go according to the original plan. Breaking the record is what we want, but the most important thing is to increase our battle experience and train our abilities. Everyone, calm down and do your best.”

“En.” Tang Yuge nodded.

Right at this moment, the situation on the field suddenly changed.


“Bang!” Liu Feng actually didn’t use teleportation at the crucial moment. The White Dragon King Spear was struck by the Golden-Eyed White Ape’s staff and he was sent flying.

The Golden-Eyed White Ape’s clone charged towards Liu Feng from behind while its main body charged forward from the front.

A pincer attack.

Without a doubt, the doppelganger would be behind Liu Feng first while the main body would be behind.

According to its battle habits, the Golden-Eyed White Ape immediately switched between its doppelgangers. The doppelganger that raised the staff became its main body while the main body became its doppelganger.

Just as it was about to switch, a silver figure appeared silently behind Liu Feng.

The Golden-Eyed White Ape immediately realized that something was wrong and immediately wanted to switch back so that the clone at a distance could switch back to its original form.

However, it didn’t succeed this time because a long and thin crack suddenly appeared in the space around it.

The surrounding space cracked, Dimensional Slash!

The silver shadow that split from Liu Feng’s back swept its large tail and wrapped around the white ape’s waist.

“I hate wily people like you.” A voice appeared in the Golden-Eyed White Ape’s mind.

In the next moment, the Golden-Eyed White Ape was lifted up and smashed onto the ground.

Liu Feng’s White Dragon King Spear drilled out from its armpit and stabbed towards its throat.

“Spare me!” The Golden-Eyed White Ape actually spoke in human language at this moment and shouted.

Liu Feng’s White Dragon King Spear stopped in front of its throat. The silver figure behind Liu Feng revealed itself—it was his Spirit Soul, the Thorn Dragon.

In this match, Liu Feng was no longer able to defeat the Golden-Eyed White Ape just by relying on his own combat power. The opponent’s doppelganger ability was simply too troublesome. He kept switching and he was unable to hit the opponent’s main body. Even if he could hit, it was impossible for him to defeat the Golden-Eyed White Ape in an instant. As long as he gave the opponent a chance to catch his breath, the opponent would be able to escape by switching.

After a series of battles, the Thorn Dragon finally made its move. Liu Feng waited for the Golden-Eyed White Ape to switch with its clone to seal off the space, preventing it from leaving through another switch. Only then did it win.

Three consecutive wins!

The Thorn Dragon released its tail and flung the Golden-Eyed White Ape to the side.

The Golden-Eyed White Ape looked at the Thorn Dragon resentfully.

The Thorn Dragon glared and a voice resounded in the Golden-Eyed White Ape’s mind. “What are you looking at?”

“What’s wrong with looking at you? You don’t even know how to speak. Hmph!” With that said, the Golden-Eyed White Ape raised its head and walked away.

Liu Feng quickly pulled the Thorn Dragon back.

The Thorn Dragon’s voice resounded in his mind. “This bastard, he’s so arrogant. Actually, it’s nothing, what’s there to be proud of! I really should have given him a good beating just now.”

“You know it?” Liu Feng asked curiously.

The Thorn Dragon nodded and didn’t explain further. It turned into a silver light and entered Liu Feng’s body.

The audience were not ordinary people and could naturally tell what that silver light was.

It was a 10,000-year Spirit Soul, a 10,000-year Spirit Soul formed with a real soul beast.

10,000-year Thorn Dragon!

It was no wonder that Liu Feng was able to possess this powerful soul skill, Teleportation, which was bestowed upon him by the Thorn Dragon.

Were Shrek Academy’s people all so terrifying?

However, after winning three consecutive matches, Liu Feng’s forehead was already covered in sweat, and his aura was clearly unstable, especially with the consumption of his soul power.

After all, he only had five rings. Even though he was a One-Word Battle Armor Master, it was extremely difficult for him to defeat a 10,000-year soul beast under normal circumstances, let alone three consecutive victories.

If not for the immense improvement brought by the Thorn Dragon and the evolution of his bloodline into the White Dragon King bloodline, he would not have been able to do this.

At this moment, he was already somewhat exhausted. Although the Endless Life Fruit in his mouth was continuously replenishing his life energy, it was still very difficult for him to recover the exhausted soul power in a short period of time.

The Golden-Eyed White Ape ran very quickly, so his next opponent appeared very quickly.

When this soul beast appeared, Liu Feng knew that this match was over.

It was a gigantic fiery red lion with gorgeous red fur. Just by standing there, one would feel as though flames were rising from its body.

The Blazing Demon Lion was of the fire attribute and had a cultivation of 10,000 years. It was an extremely strong controller of flames and was one of the soul beasts with a King’s bloodline in the world of soul beasts.

More importantly, it was most proficient in large-scale attacks. It also had a very effective soul skill against Liu Feng—Ring of Defying Fire! Its own defense was also quite strong.

“Ao——” The 10,000-year Blazing Demon Lion let out a furious roar towards the sky, and its loud voice reverberated throughout the entire arena. Scarlet flames immediately rose from its body and shot up to a height of over 10 meters.

A large flame quickly spread and the temperature in the venue rose.

Liu Feng took a deep breath and his gaze gradually became firm.

I can’t give up! I must win this match!

Qian Lei, the next after him, would have a hard time dealing with such a large-scale fire-type attack. If he defeated one more opponent, his teammates would be able to relax.

He slowly raised the White Dragon King Spear in his hand and a layer of dense white scales covered his One-Word Battle Armor.

Liu Feng’s gaze suddenly changed. In the next moment, he moved and charged against the blazing flames.

The Blazing Demon Lion was the king of beasts. It roared and charged forward, spewing flames from its mouth that covered a large area and directly enveloped Liu Feng.

This time, Liu Feng didn’t use Teleportation because he didn’t have much soul power left. Using Teleportation consumed a lot of his energy and he had to preserve his strength.

Then, under everyone’s shocked gaze, he didn’t release any soul skills and charged into the flames.

His One-Word Battle Armor turned red instantly.

The audience was stunned. What was he trying to do? Charge into the flames and commit suicide? How could he fight like this!

Liu Feng did not stop. Even in the midst of the raging flames, his speed was still extremely fast. His right hand emitted a glaring silver light as the White Dragon King Spear broke through the wave of fire and advanced forward.

The Blazing Demon Lion seemed to sense the threat and lowered its head, spitting out a gigantic golden fireball towards Liu Feng.

A silver light flashed in Liu Feng’s eyes and he suddenly leaped sideways to avoid the fireball. He then increased his speed and charged straight at the Blazing Demon Lion.