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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2664

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2664

Arriving at the Sky Opening Island

One jade stone less, kill one person!

Everyone in the Rising Clouds Commerce team was enraged.

Yun Fanger fell into a dilemma to give or not give.

Although she still had jade stones on her, these jade stones were meant to purchase a batch of World River’s Ice Blue Ores, and that was the main reason the caravan had ventured into the World River this time around.

If she gave half of these jade stones to the Thunder Serpent Race, she wouldn’t be able to purchase a sufficient amount of Ice Blue Ores. How was she going to explain her failure to the commerce’s client?

This batch of Ice Blue Ores was ordered by one of the Rising Clouds Commerce’ big clients, and even the commerce house did not dare to offend the client easily.

If she didn’t give the Thunder Serpent Race what they wanted, she is certain Lei Long wasn’t bluffing.

“Fine, I’ll give you!” After pondering back and forth, Yun Fanger finally yielded, albeit very reluctantly.

Even though the insufficient jade stones would result in less Ice Blue Ores, she could think of another way on the way there.

Lei Long flashed a brilliant smile at her, showing impeccable pearly white teeth as he said, “ Second Miss Yun is really a hero amongst women, knowing when to advance, and when to retreat.” He stopped and looked at the sky. “It’s already dark and the night’s frigid qi is getting heavier. Why doesn’t Second Miss Yun rest at my abode, and leave tomorrow.”

The Rising Clouds Commerce’s team were truly furious right now.

This Lei Long was simply riding on their heads!

Our Miss has already agreed to pay another sum of toll fees to them, yet Lei Long still wants her to head to his place?

Isn’t this detainment in disguise?

Even the docile Yun Fanger glared at Lei Long angrily, “You!—”

Lei Long laughed heartily at the angry faces before him. “Second Miss Yun, I don’t have any ill-intentions, rest assured. I have always treated the fairer gender with gentleness at my place, and you will definitely receive the highest treatment!”

But Lei Long deliberately stressed ‘highest treatment,’ and clearly, there was an underlying meaning to his words.

“I’ll accept the thought of your kindness.” Yun Fanger suppressed her anger as she went on, “There is no need to go to your residence.”

Lei Long smiled lecherously, “I’m afraid Second Miss Yun does not have a choice in this matter. I don’t like people defying me, so, you will be going whether you are willing or not.” He signaled the expert who had attacked Chen Junhong earlier to act with his eyes.

The expert complied and strode towards Yun Fanger.

The Rising Clouds Commerce’s team was flustered as this person had injured Chen Junhong with a wave of his hand. That meant he was at least a Fifth Heaven True Saint expert.

The old man beside Yun Fanger shielded her with a solemn expression, staring unblinkingly at the Thunder Serpent Race’s expert who was approaching. His cultivation was at the early Sixth Heaven True Saint Realm, thus he had a clearer recognition of the Thunder Serpent Race’s expert’s scary strength. At the very least, the expert was a late-Sixth Heaven True Saint, possibly Seventh Heaven True Saint.

“Old man, you’re not enough to be my opponent, so you’d better scram far away instead of blocking my way.” The Thunder Serpent Race’s expert sneered coldly, “Or I don’t mind destroying your physical body, as well as everyone here, and refine them into yin thunder beads.”

The old man retorted coldly, “Enough with your nonsense. Even if all of us die here, we won’t let you touch a hair on our Miss!”

“If that’s how you want it, I’ll fulfill all of your wishes!” The Thunder Serpent Race’s experts scoffed.

Just as the old man by Yun Fanger’s side was about to seize the initiative and attack first, a hand appeared in his sight and stopped his action.

Everyone watching was bewildered.

The owner of the arm was none other than Huang Xiaolong, who had not spoken a word so far.

Huang Xiaolong’s indifferent gaze fell on the Thunder Serpent Race’s expert as he spoke, “You guys can roll out of here now.”

His words stunned everyone present.

A beat later, Lei Long laughed loudly, “Punk, what did you say? Roll out of here?”

“Correct,” Huang Xiaolong confirmed with a deadpan face, “Within ten seconds, roll out of my sight, otherwise, even your father can’t save you.”

Lei Long laughed even harder at Huang Xiaolong’s words. So did the several thousand experts of Thunder Serpent Race.

When he finally stopped laughing, Lei Long’s chilling gaze was locked onto Huang Xiaolong, “Punk, you’re an honorary elder of the Rising Clouds Commerce? Because of what you’ve said just now, I’ve decided, everyone under True Saint Realm, except for Yun Fanger, will be killed. Whereas for those True Saint experts, their physical bodies will be destroyed. On top of that, because of you, your Second Miss Yun will receive an even higher treatment!”

Everyone in the Rising Clouds Commerce team turned deathly pale instantly.

Chen Junhong directly pointed at Huang Xiaolong and hollered, “You motherfcker, shut your goddamn mouth. Who wants you to step up and be a hero here?! All of us are going to die because of you!”

Before he could utter another word, he was sent flying with a finger flick from Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t even look at Chen Junhong but Chen Junhong was sent flying out of the island area, smashing into the World River with a loud splash.

The rest of them were about to lash out on Huang Xiaolong, but after watching Chen Junhong’s ending, their anger extinguished, and it was replaced by astonishment. Even Yun Fanger and the old man beside her blanked.

Lei Long and other Thunder Serpent Race’s experts hadn’t expected to see a live play of internal rift all of a sudden.

It was clear that none of them had expected the late-Third Heaven True Saint Chen Junhong to be so vulnerable before Huang Xiaolong.

“Punk, your strength is not bad. No wonder you have the guts to stand up against us.” Lei Long mocked, “Still, if you want to be the hero that saves the maiden, your strength is more than a little low.”

Huang Xiaolong stated coldly, “Ten seconds are up.”

Lei Long and the rest did not understand what Huang Xiaolong meant as Huang Xiaolong made a grabbing gesture with his palm. All the Thunder Serpent Race’s experts felt the space around them constricted as a horrifying power pressed against them from every direction. Before they could make a sound, one by one, they exploded.

Before the Rising Clouds Commerce group’s shock-widened eyes, the Thunder Serpent Race’s several thousand experts burst into mists of blood, including the Thunder Serpent Race’s expert who had sent Chen Junhong flying with a wave of his hand. For a while, rapid blasts thundered in the Rising Clouds Commerce team’s ears.

Lei Long watched several thousand of his race’s experts, from far till near, explode into mists of blood in the air, inching closer to him like the grim reaper, and there was finally fear in his eyes. Just as he opened his mouth, wanting to speak, something sounded inside of his body, and then he lost consciousness forever.

After seeing that all the Thunder Serpent Race experts, including Lei Long, were reduced to blood mists, an icy coldness crept up the Rising Clouds Commerce team’s hearts. And Chen Junhong, who had just climbed out from the World River, felt his limbs soften and fell back into the river.

A long time passed before Yun Fanger reacted. She looked at Huang Xiaolong dazedly, and finally managed to muster, “Young Master Long, you…”

“You guys leave here quickly.” Huang Xiaolong said, shaking his head, not willing to explain further.

The Thunder Serpent Race definitely would pursue the matter of Lei Long’s death.

Half an hour later, Yun Fanger’s group finally left the island. After some thought, Huang Xiaolong sent two peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm undead spirits to ensure their safety.

The crux of the matter was, Lei Long was killed by him.

After Yun Fanger’s group left, Huang Xiaolong remained on the island, waiting for the Thunder Serpent Race’s experts, but after waiting for an entire night, he didn’t see a shadow of the Thunder Serpent Race’s experts. Thus, early the next morning, Huang Xiaolong continued on his way.

Roughly two months later, Huang Xiaolong finally reached the Sky Opening Island.

As he looked at the island that seemingly had no end, Huang Xiaolong really could not believe that this island was actually a stone that had fallen from space…

“Natural Xuanhuang Stone?” Huang Xiaolong muttered under his breath, and his eyes sparkled. “Since this Sky Opening Island is actually a Xuanhuang Stone, if I can refine it, it would surely be a supreme dao artifact, a super duper dao artifact!”