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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2665

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2665

Dire Region

In fact, Huang Xiaolong was not the first person who gave birth to this thought. Even the Otherworldly Mansion Master Mo Zhi had toyed with this idea once upon a time. So did many alien races’ Primal Ancestor experts, thinking of turning this precious and rare Xuanhuang Stone into their own weapon, turning it into a supreme dao artifact.

This was a big piece of natural Xuanhuang Stone, so who wouldn’t be tempted?

A small piece of Xuanhuang Stone was taken as peerless treasure, then what’s more when it came to a piece of Xuanhuang Stone as big as this.

In the end, this idea had remained a fantasy for Mo Zhi and other Primal Ancestor experts, as no one could completely break the Sky Opening Island’s restrictions.

Huang Xiaolong merely stopped for a brief moment to look at the grand Sky Opening Island, then sped inwards, through the roiling sea of fog, entering the Sky Opening Island.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong flew into the Sky Opening Island, several figures stood where Huang Xiaolong was a while ago, and the leader was none other than Yuan Qianxing!

Other than Yuan Qianxing, there was also the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race’s Old Ancestor Mo Jincheng, and beside him were four old men. Each of these old men exuded vigor, and two amongst them seemed to be much stronger than Mo Jincheng!

One old man was clad in a gray daoist robe, and his bearing had some similarities with Yuan Qianxing. He was the Myriad Origin Race’s old ancestor, Yuan Wanfei. The other person’s attire was slightly more risque, which pointed to his race, the Enchantress Race’s Yao Chengxing. The third old man was the Golden Buddha Race’s Old Ancestor Chan Yuli, who was once knocked back by Huang Xiaolong.

The last old man was fully clad in a black robe, entirely enshrouded within a layer of black fog that was mysterious and chilling. Sometimes, his eyes glowed red, and other times, there were glimmers of green flitting across his eyes.

Within this group of people, this black-robed old man’s aura was the strongest, and even the Myriad Origin Old Ancestor Yuan Wanfei seemed weak next to this old man.

Six people!

Five great Primal Ancestors! Adding Yuan Qianxing, who had combat power exceeding any First Resurrection Primal Ancestor, to the equation!

Such a strong lineup could conquer any land and destroy the world.

Naturally, it wasn’t a coincidence that these six people had appeared here at the same time.

Yuan Qianxing had already suspected that it might be Huang Xiaolong after the massacre of Eight Claw Devil Race’s experts at the World River’s river mouth, which had prompted Mo Jincheng to use every available resource to investigate the matter.

And the Thunder Serpent Race’s several thousand experts being killed had caught Yuan Qianxing and Mo Jincheng’s attention. In Yuan Qianxing and Mo Jincheng’s opinions, they were a hundred percent certain that this ‘Young Master Long’ Yun Fanger had mentioned was none other than Huang Xiaolong.

After confirming it was very likely to be Huang Xiaolong, Yuan Qianxing, and the Eight Claw Devil Race had immediately locked onto Young Master Long’s trails, and arrived there.

Yuan Qianxing looked in the direction Huang Xiaolong had entered the Sky Opening Island and a cold sneer rose on the corners of his mouth, “Young Master Long? Huang Xiaolong, do you think by self-titling yourself as Young Master Long and altering your appearance, you could hide from us? Had you passed by quietly, we might not have been able to determine it was you, but too bad, you made a move and exposed yourself!”

“What’s the plan?” Mo Jincheng asked in a serious tone, “This Huang Xiaolong came to the Sky Opening Island, so his aim is probably the treasures in the center area?”

The Myriad Origin Old Ancestor Yuan Wanfei spoke in a mocking tone, “In so many years, which Primal Ancestor hasn’t coveted the treasure in the deepest part of Sky Opening Island, but has anyone been successful? He is a mere early Fourth Heaven True Saint, and he wants to go in. He is simply dreaming in broad daylight!”

“Huang Xiaolong has exceptional talent, possessing amazing combat power despite his Fourth Heaven True Saint Realm cultivation. Who knows, maybe he really can reach the Sky Opening Island’s center!” The Enchantress Race’s Old Ancestor Yao Chengxin disagreed, shaking his head and added, “No one could comprehend the Dao Gate’s ten thousand grand dao laws, but didn’t he succeed?”

“Then, the six of us act now, besiege and kill him!” The Golden Buddha Old Ancestor Chan Yuli was a little anxious. “No matter how much of a freak Huang Xiaolong is and as strong as his combat strength is, the six of us can definitely obliterate him!”

The mysterious black-robed old man waved his hand, “There is no hurry. Since he wants to reach the deepest part of the island, he must pass by the dire region. We’ll make our move there!”

“I know there is a particular restriction within the dire region that is powerful enough to destroy a Primal Ancestor’s dao physique!” the black-robed old man let out a chilling, sinister chuckle.

Powerful enough to destroy a Primal Ancestor’s dao physique!

The rest were surprised hearing that, and then delight rose to their faces.

“Excellent!” Yuan Qianxing was beaming, “As long as we destroy Huang Xiaolong’s saint physique, we can imprison his holy soul and Inextinguishable Dao Heart. We’ll split and divide every part of him!”

For an existence like Huang Xiaolong, every part of him was comparable to a dao treasure, hence to Primal Ancestors, these parts of Huang Xiaolong could be used for various purposes.

Subsequently, the six people began to discuss how to divide the spoils after destroying Huang Xiaolong’s physical body. When an agreement was reached, the six of them entered the Sky Opening Island.

“After we deal with Huang Xiaolong, let’s go take a look at the inner region of the island.” Yuan Qianxing suggested.

“With Your Highness’ Origin Saint Godhead’s abilities, we just might be able to explore further inside.” Chan Yuli smiled. “And obtain the dao treasure within!”

Yao Chengxin chimed in with a chuckle, “If Your Highness obtains the dao treasure within, Your Highness’ cultivation might just shoot up to the Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm!”

“No, I think even directly advancing to Primal Ancestor Realm is possible!” Mo Jincheng confidently said.

Only the black-robed old man was silent, with indifference in his eyes, making his thoughts unpredictable.


Huang Xiaolong did not dare to proceed carelessly after entering the Sky Opening Island, and his three holy souls’ divine sense spread out as he flew onward with caution.

According to the Otherworldly Mansion Master Mo Zhi’s explanation, even in the outer peripheral region of Sky Opening Island, there were dangers that could injure a Primal Ancestor.

Under the coverage of Huang Xiaolong’s three holy souls’ divine senses, every restriction in the outer peripheral area was clearly displayed in Huang Xiaolong’s mind, allowing him to avoid them smoothly.

After Huang Xiaolong’s three saint godheads had evolved into Xuanhuang Dragon Supreme, Nefarious Origin, and Chaos Void Saint Godhead, his three holy souls’ powers had risen to a shocking degree as well.

Huang Xiaolong passed through the layers of restrictions unhindered that others deemed dangerous. Mo Zhi had said that to enter the deepest area of Sky Opening Island, he needed to possess the strength of a Primal Ancestor, super excellent talent, and good luck. It seemed like this was the advantage brought by Huang Xiaolong’s excellent talent.

Under his three holy souls’ divine senses, Huang Xiaolong safely avoided the restrictions and the sky opening beasts. It seemed like Huang Xiaolong was merely taking a stroll in his own backyard.

However, from the fourth day onwards, Huang Xiaolong speed had reduced significantly because on the fourth day, there were restrictions that were undetectable by his three holy souls except for a vague feeling.

This finding genuinely shocked Huang Xiaolong. The restrictions on this Sky Opening Island were really amazing because his three holy souls together could suppress Yuan Qianxing’s Origin Saint Godhead, yet they were unable to detect these restrictions.

Then again, Huang Xiaolong was aware this was due to his low cultivation realm. His low cultivation realm more or less affected his three saint godheads’ powers.

Though he could only sense these restrictions vaguely, relying on his own strength and Mo Zhi’s reminders, he managed to pass through them unscathed.

Ten days later…

“The dire region is right in front of me.” Huang Xiaolong stopped in the air above a swamp area, frowning as he looked forward.