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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E985

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 985

Massacring The Beginner Village

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

In the Little Rose Garden.

After Ye Wanwan sent Jiaojiao out, she was preparing to continue to accompany Tangtang.

However, she was still worried.

“Will sending Jiaojiao alone be an issue?” Ye Wanwan solemnly asked.

The fatty beside her nodded. “There is one issue…”

“What?” Ye Wanwan asked in reply.

The fatty lightly coughed. “There might… be lives lost…”

“People will die?” Ye Wanwan frowned. She couldn’t help but think that even if Jiaojiao was an amazing fighter, the opposite party was also extraordinary…

Song Qiang replied, “Master, when Jiaojiao starts fighting, she easily loses control and can’t hold back…”

Heidi tried to ask, “Oh right. Master, who’s the opponent?”

“Supposedly, the leader was a trainer for the provincial Chinese boxing team and the rest are former members…” Ye Wanwan replied.

The four went completely silent…

This was like… a fully levelled account massacring a beginner village…


At the filming location, no one saw Ye Bai but rather, they saw a young girl getting out of the car.

The girl was wearing a pink maid uniform with adorable pigtails. She was a live version of a loli.

Everyone waited, thinking that someone else would also come out of the car, but in the end, the little loli was the only who came out.

Zhang Wei and his lackeys sized up the little loli. What was going on?

“Why is it a little girl?”

“She should only be a messenger. There must be someone else following behind!”

Ye Mu Fan urgently asked the girl walking forward. “Who are you? Where is Ye Bai?”

“Ye Bai ge ge told me to come!” Jiaojiao replied.

Ye Mu Fan whispered when he asked, “Then where is… the helper he hired?”

Jiaojiao blinked. “Do you mean the person who’s going to deal with the situation?”

Ye Mu Fan nodded. “That’s right…”

Gong Xu pushed aside Ye Mu Fan and quickly asked, “Why are you alone? Where are the boss’s people? Are you here to send a message?”

“Hey, aren’t you supposed to be dead?” Jiaojiao asked out of curiosity when she saw Gong Xu’s face.

Gong Xu: “What?”

Jiaojiao cocked her head in confusion. “Didn’t you commit suicide with the eldest miss Shen?”

Gong Xu finally understood what she was talking about and suddenly felt exasperated. “Little girl… That was a TV show… It’s not real… How old are you? Shouldn’t you be able to tell the difference between television and reality?”

He felt flattered though. This was the first time someone had watched his acting so immersively…

“No… Let’s get back to serious business. Who are you exactly?! Where’s the person my Ye-ge hired to help?” Gong Xu hurriedly asked.

Jiaojiao replied, “If you’re asking about the person who’s supposed to settle everything, that would be me and no one else.”

Gong Xu: “…”

Ye Mu Fan: “…”

Luo Chen: “…”

The entire area went silent for a second.

“You’re… going to settle everything? You must be teasing, right?” Gong Xu had whole-heartedly waited for his Ye-ge to cross a rainbow with thousands of soldiers and horses to save him, but now, he was completely shocked with disbelief.

Ye Mu Fan had his hands on his head. “Little girl, don’t joke anymore! What’s really going on?”

What’s the deal with Wanwan? How could she send a little girl who seems underage to such a dangerous place…

When Zhang Wei and his lackeys heard their conversation, they were first surprised then they began to laugh aloud.

“Hahahaha… What did the little girl just say? She’s going to settle things?”

“Hahaha, I’m going to die of laughter! Sending a maid from home to settle things is really a first!”