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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E982

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 982

I Know A Few Masters

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

That night, at a filming location for A Life and Death Struggle.

A group of people were nervously filming when a loud noise came from the locked entrance.

Ye Mu Fan asked his fellow workers, “What’s going on?”

The employees glanced at one another before replying, “It seems as though some fans have forcibly entered and the security guards are blocking them. Because of this, they’ve begun to scold us and are causing conflict…”

Ye Mu Fan headed towards the noise and saw some familiar faces.

Ye Mu Fan’s expression darkened. “These people aren’t fans…”

He recognized these people as underlings of Old Three Zhang.

These people were clearly there to cause trouble!

Incidents like these happened a lot in the entertainment industry. Rivals always hired others to pick fights over nothing and simply make a mess of things…

The cost they were paying to rent their film location was charged by the day. If they were delayed in filming by one day, not only would they pay extra fees, but they would also delay the completion date of their film and they might even miss the best date for screening. If that happened, the losses would be immeasurable.

People usually didn’t bother big companies but small companies like theirs often faced this kind of scenario.

Ye Mu Fan walked over. “Zhang-ge, how are you so free today that you came to visit? How about we find a place and sit down to chat?”

If there was room for discussion and if money could solve the issue, that would naturally be the best…

Old Three Zhang coldly laughed and directly replied, “There’s nothing to discuss! F**k off!”

“You…” Ye Mu Fan’s expression abruptly changed.

After Old Three Zhang said that, he sat down in a nearby chair. “Go bring that brat Gong Xu out here to see me!”

Ye Mu Fan expressed some suspicion then he gave some orders to Gong Xu’s assistant, Dong Zai. “Go watch Gong Xu and don’t let him come out!”

If the main star became injured, the movie wouldn’t be able to keep filming..

Ye Mu Fan was about to talk to Old Three Zhang when his cell suddenly rang. Ye Wanwan was calling.

“Hey, Wanwan…” Ye Mu Fan walked off to the side.

“Hey bro, today, I…” Ye Wanwan was about to speak when a loud noise rang through the phone from Ye Mu Fan’s side and she quickly asked, “What’s going on over on your side? Why’s it so noisy?”

“It’s nothing.” Ye Mu Fan watched as those people prepared their machinery and urgently walked away a bit further. He tried to change the topic. “What did you want to talk to me about just now?”

“Did someone come to make trouble?” Ye Wanwan calmly asked.

She was just thinking about the matter yesterday and didn’t imagine that someone would come today.

“Bro, don’t rush. Make sure all the artists leave, especially Gong Xu. He’s so impatient, so you have to stop him and prevent him from doing anything rash. I’ll quickly call some people over to help,” Ye Wanwan said quickly.

“People? Who are you going to ask?” Ye Mu Fan frowned.

“Coincidentally, I know some masters. Try to stabilize the situation first. I’m going to immediately call them over.”

Ye Mu Fan: “Masters? Wanwan, you probably don’t know, but Old Three Zhang’s people are mostly former Chinese boxers and can’t be held off by ordinary people. Not to mention Old Three Zhang’s influence in the industry…”

“Bro, I know my limits. Just try to stabilize things first and don’t be rash.”

Ye Wanwan gave another warning to Ye Mu Fan before quickly hanging up.

In the Little Rose Garden, Ye Wanwan called the group of five out.

Ye Wanwan: “There’s something I need you all to deal with.”

The group appeared solemn. “Master, whatever it is, please give us the order.”

“There’s people trying to cause problems over at the production side and they need backup,” Ye Wanwan replied.

She pondered who would be most suited for the job…