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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1329

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1329


Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

“President… So should we capture them first and investigate the matter, or does the president want to interrogate them personally?” the elderly man asked Ye Wanwan.

“Let’s go see them.” Seven Star sounded detached.

Ye Wanwan had no choice but to do that. She followed the elderly man and walked downstairs.

Third floor, inside the detainment room:

Little Lolita and her group all stared at each other blankly.

Wasn’t Emperor Ji too deceptive? Didn’t he tell them their master was at the Fearless Alliance?

Look at where they were now. After they scrounged up their courage and went to the Fearless Alliance, they announced themselves as the Rose of Death. The Fearless Alliance acted swiftly and locked them up straight away.

Even though they were in the Independent State, their master, Rose of Death, should be extremely renowned, right…

“D*mn… we won’t be killed inside the Fearless Alliance, right… Everyone knows the Fearless Alliance’s characteristics…” Heidi assessed their surroundings. It wasn’t too possible for them to escape from this place.

“What should we do, Brother Qiang… I’m scared…” Long-haired Man tugged Bearded Man’s arm as he trembled.

“What are you scared about?! Brother Qiang is here! The Fearless Alliance has to give Brother Qiang some face!” Bearded Man scoffed.

“Brother Qiang… you’re so awesome… So why are we still trapped here?” Long-haired Man looked at Bearded Man.

“Ahem… Maybe because the Fearless Alliance has a special way of treating guests…” Bearded Man said.

Heidi glanced at Bearded Man. “We’re about to die, yet you’re still bluffing?”

“How impudent! You dare to question my Brother Qiang?! D*mn fatty!” Long-haired Man glared fiercely at Heidi.


Heidi didn’t want to pay attention to Long-haired Man anymore and turned to the silent Old Jiang. “Old Jiang, what should we do now?”

Old Jiang shook his head. Their group was clueless about the Independent State’s situation, and now, they were trapped inside the Fearless Alliance. How should he know what to do?

“So hungry…” Little Lolita clutched her stomach with both hands and dejectedly sat to the side.

The lights in the room suddenly turned on before Heidi could reply.

Seven Star, Big Dipper, and the elderly man were the first to enter the room.

“What the h*ll do you want?! Why did you capture us?” Long-haired Man angrily shouted at the elderly man.

They didn’t do anything at all! They just went to the Fearless Alliance to find their master. They offhandedly mentioned Rose of Death and were captured for no reason. It was completely unjustifiable!

“Shut up!”

The elderly man fiercely glared at Long-haired Man. He was the nosiest of that group.

“Shut up?” Long-haired Man snorted. “Fine!”


Liuying calmly glanced at Seven Star and didn’t say anything.

Only then did Ye Wanwan arrive belatedly and enter the room.

Ye Wanwan looked inside. It was none other than the five-member mercenary group captured inside the room!

Ye Wanwan suddenly felt like doomsday was approaching…

How did the five-member mercenary group run to the Independent State from China? How did they find the Fearless Alliance and discover she was there?

When the mercenary group saw Ye Wanwan, they jolted. Emperor Ji didn’t lie to them. Master was really in the Fearless Alliance!

Little Lolita stood up and excitedly looked at Ye Wanwan.


Little Lolita was about to call out when Ye Wanwan interrupted her with a wave.

“You’re saying you’re members of Rose of Death?” Ye Wanwan shouted coldly while looking at Little Lolita and her group.