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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1321

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1321

A white tiger

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ye Wanwan was pensive after learning about the matter.

This type of situation crossed the Fearless Alliance’s bottom line completely. Not only did they steal the Fearless Alliance’s business, but they also caused branches of the Fearless Alliance to become turncoats…

“You need me to teach you how to handle this type of problem?” Ye Wanwan coldly questioned Second Elder.

“Heh, President, if this was the past, we truly wouldn’t need to worry about a mere Yan family. Ever since you left though, the Fearless Alliance hasn’t been as strong as in the past, and the Yan family hasn’t been weak—in fact, they even became stronger in recent years. I’m afraid they’re going to be troublesome,” Second Elder replied.

“Seven Star, what are your thoughts?” Ye Wanwan turned to Seven Star.

“Whatever President decides is fine,” Seven Star answered aloofly.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

What use do I have for you…

“What about you, Big Dipper?” Ye Wanwan looked at Big Dipper.

“President, the Yan family has provoked the Fearless Alliance numerous times. It could be ignored if you weren’t here like before, but since you’ve returned, President, provoking the Fearless Alliance is the same as provoking the president. If this subordinate has a say…” A cold glint flashed in Big Dipper’s eyes and he made a swiping gesture across his neck. “Kill… without any survivors!”

“Even Big Dipper knows what to do, but you don’t. What use are you as an elder?” Ye Wanwan snorted as she looked at Second Elder.

“President’s right, we’ve become muddle-headed.” Second Elder chuckled lightly.

How was the Yan family easy to handle? Since the President wanted to go that route, then great! if any incidents came up in the battle against the Yan family, she’d have to take responsibility as the Fearless Alliance’s president!

At the same time, in Emperor Ji’s place in Yun City:

The main hall appeared a bit eerie. It was pitch-dark everywhere and didn’t have a single ray of light like a moonless night.

“Do you know who I am? Did you eat a leopard’s gall? You dared to abduct me?!”

Angry shouting was heard inside the main hall.

Light rushed into the hall, and now it was like the sun had risen in the main hall.

Si Mingli reflexively looked at his surroundings and was startled.

A man stood in front of the main hall with a harmless and innocent smile hanging from his lips, and a parade of people stood around him.

“Where am I?!” Si Mingli felt nervous for some reason.

He was quietly abducted to this place without any notice from the Si residence!

“The Independent State,” an elderly man answered coldly.

“The Independent… Independent State… Impossible?!” Si Mingli was overwhelmed with shock and disbelief upon learning of his current whereabouts.

Although he had never been to the Independent State, how could he be ignorant about this place…

It was the holy land for martial arts. The four great clans, the emperor of underground Europe, the Martial Arts Union, the legendary Mercenary Academy—they were all here…

“Why aren’t you kneeling upon seeing Emperor Ji?!” a young man reprimanded him harshly.

“Emperor… What did you say… Emperor Ji?!” Si Mingli’s expression changed drastically. The man sitting in front of the main hall was the renowned Emperor Ji who controlled the entire underground empire of Europe???

“Emperor Ji, I looked into it and this person has a feud with Miss Worriless. He once hired hitmen to kill Miss Worriless but didn’t succeed,” the young man, Duan Fei, said.


The smile on Ji Xiuran’s face deepened upon hearing that.

“I also brought back a person named Liuying… a white tiger… and five mercenaries… They’re all related to Miss Worriless,” Duan Fei said.

“A white tiger?” Emperor Ji was startled.