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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1317

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1317

Have you been well recently?

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

Ye Wanwan wanted nothing more than to be as far away from this good-looking, long-haired man as possible.

“You truly aren’t the Fearless Alliance’s president?” Piece of Sh*t stared at Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan: “…” Knight-errant, can we switch the topic…

“I’m really just a door seller… Knight-errant, think, if I was really the president of the Fearless Alliance, why would people from the Fearless Alliance want to kill me?” Ye Wanwan reasoned.

The long-haired man nodded. There was some reasoning behind those words. The members of the Fearless Alliance had always been loyal toward their president.

“What’s your name?” the long-haired man asked.

“I… I’m Ye Wanwan,” Ye Wanwan answered honestly.

“Yi Shuihan.” The long-haired man turned around to leave. ( NovelFull )

“Farewell, Knight-errant Han… Remember to look for me if you need a door for your home…” Ye Wanwan finally relaxed after sending Yi Shuihan off with her eyes.

It turned out Piece of Sh*t’s name was Yi Shuihan… This name was rather poetic.

Shortly after, Ye Wanwan also left the casino and returned to the mansion by herself.

Tonight’s events poured a cold bucket of water over Ye Wanwan and made her start to see the Fearless Alliance’s real situation for what it was.

Third Elder’s illegitimate son provoked her and was thrown off the fourth floor by Big Dipper. Soon after, she was hunted down by the Fearless Alliance.

It didn’t require much thought for her to link this hunt with Third Elder.

The internal management of the Fearless Alliance wasn’t as easy to handle as she imagined. Seven Star was merely a beginner-stage hurdle for her. The true headache-inducing hurdles were those powerful old geezers within the Fearless Alliance.

If she couldn’t solidify her position as the president of the Fearless Alliance, she would probably die a very tragic death.

Ye Wanwan didn’t have a second path to traverse anymore.

It wasn’t realistic for her to find Si Yehan in the Independent State by herself, but it shouldn’t be overly difficult if she could borrow the Fearless Alliance’s power to search for him.

However, currently speaking, she couldn’t mobilize the core power of the Fearless Alliance, so her only option was to cement her position as the president of the Fearless Alliance. Otherwise, everything else would be idle talk.

“Si Yehan…” Ye Wanwan murmured.

The next day, Ye Wanwan arrived at the Fearless Alliance’s headquarters early in the morning.

“Sis Feng, about last night…”

( NovelFull ) Big Dipper entered Ye Wanwan’s office with a serious expression.

It wasn’t that he didn’t know how to play Fight the Landlord, but he really didn’t dare to win Piece of Sh*t’s money.

Big Dipper originally wanted to explain but he was interrupted by Ye Wanwan. She said with a cold expression, “Help me call those elders here.”

“Ah…” Big Dipper was taken back. How could he possibly invite those old geezers here successfully?

“Tell them I need them for something,” Ye Wanwan added before Big Dipper could say anything else.

“Uh… Sure, I’ll go and try.” Big Dipper nodded and left.

However, Big Dipper soon re-entered seconds after he left the office. “Sis Feng… It looks like I don’t need to go invite them… They came themselves…”

A dozen or so elderly men slowly entered Ye Wanwan’s office just as Big Dipper finished speaking.

Ye Wanwan frowned as she looked at those elderly men. She didn’t recognize a single one… Just who was Third Elder?

Ye Wanwan picked up a document from the desk and pretended to examine it. Without looking up, she asked with a snort, “Third Elder, have you been well lately?”

An elderly man in a black suit with a head of white hair walked up and looked at Ye Wanwan. He chuckled and said, “Thank you for your concern, President. I’ve been fine lately.”