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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1305

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1305

Your brain was bitten by a dog

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

In truth, this little magic trick was very simple. Ye Wanwan plucked off a pearl button from her clothes earlier and placed the pearl on her right ear when Big Dipper and Seven Star weren’t paying attention.

When the cup slammed down onto the desk, the pearl button coincidentally dropped into the cup, so the trick was all inertia and physics.

Big Dipper and Seven Star’s attention was focused on her hand and cup, so they didn’t notice her right ear.

“D*mn… Sis Feng… Your hand was kissed by an angel, right… So awesome!” Big Dipper exclaimed as he picked up Ye Wanwan’s right hand.

“Let me try!” Big Dipper immediately picked up the cup and firmly slammed it onto the desk.

The cup was then shattered into pieces with a “Bang.”

Big Dipper scratched his head when he saw Seven Star and Ye Wanwan both turning to him. He was surprised himself. “Sis Feng, although it’s awesome that your hand was kissed by an angel… my hand is even more awesome… it was bitten by a dog…”

“Your hand is fine. It’s your brain that was bitten by a dog.” Ye Wanwan swept the shattered cup into the trash can.

Big Dipper opened his mouth, wanting to say something but held back.

“Sis Feng, you remember Master Li, right?” Seven Star suddenly asked Ye Wanwan.

Although Ye Wanwan didn’t know any Master Li or Master Zhang, she had to go with the flow, so she said, “I do. What is it?”

“Then… does Sis Feng still remember what Master Li does?” Seven Star stared at Ye Wanwan intently.

Ye Wanwan was suffering on the inside. Seven Star was so freaking scheming. How would she know what Master Li did?

“Scram to the side. You take so long to say anything – let me say it instead!” Big Dipper shoved Seven Star to the side and leaned closer to Ye Wanwan. “Sis Feng, you know how Master Li is a famous great painter in the Independent State right? His art exhibitions and art sales were all conducted by our Fearless Alliance, and the profits every month were rather significant.”

Big Dipper continued, “However, two years ago, Master Li suddenly stopped cooperating with the Fearless Alliance… Master Li is most afraid of you, Sis Feng, and you returned at the perfect time. Call that old geezer and warn him.”

Ye Wanwan inwardly gave Big Dipper a thumbs-up. Lad, no wonder your brain was bitten by a dog! You have a bright future!

“Oh? That happened?” Ye Wanwan became angry and snorted. “It appears he’s gotten muddle-headed with his age.”

“Hmph, if that old geezer knew Sis Feng was back, he’d definitely be scared to death,” Big Dipper said.

“Then Sis Feng should take care of it right now.” Without giving Ye Wanwan a chance to object, Seven Star used his phone to dial Master Li’s number.

Ye Wanwan glanced at Seven Star. “Seven Star, are you telling me how to conduct business?”

“Seven Star wouldn’t dare, but this matter is rather urgent, so it’s better to act on it ASAP,” Seven Star said.

Urgent? Master Li stopped working with you for a few years already, but you’re calling it urgent now? What the heck were you doing before that?

He was clearly testing her…

Still, Ye Wanwan had no choice but to handle it.

“Seven Star, I told you already, my paintings are none of the Fearless Alliance’s business!” An elderly man’s voice rang out from the phone.

Ye Wanwan took the phone and snorted before murmuring, “Master Li, it looks like your temper is rather flared up. How about I have someone bring you some herbal tea to clear your internal heat?”

“Who are you?” The elderly man sounded surprised.