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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1303

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1303

Truly angered

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

“Emperor Ji… we didn’t know the president of the Fearless Alliance… and we’ve never had a single interaction with her!” Professor Zhou hastily explained. “Emperor Ji, I swear on all my clan members and students’ lives that we never conducted any memory masking on the president of the Fearless Alliance!”

“Professor Zhou, no need to worry. I just wanted to ask who else possessed this technique aside from you,” Emperor Ji said with a chuckle.

“Um, that’s hard to say. From what I know, there’s also a small research team in China. If you want, I can immediately look into them. I will definitely shine light on the truth for you, Emperor Ji!” Professor Zhou vehemently swore as he used a handkerchief to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

“Wonderful. Then I’ll trouble you to look into it. I’ll give you… two months.” Then Emperor Ji left without looking back and entered the luxurious car in front of them.

“Emperor Ji, is that person Miss Worriless?” a young man wearing a black suit asked.

“Yes,” Emperor Ji answered after a pause.

Joy surfaced on the young man’s face.

“However, her memory was replaced,” Emperor Ji said darkly.


The young man was shocked, disbelief overcoming him.

The second Emperor Ji saw Ye Wanwan that morning, he confirmed this girl was truly Worriless Nie, and the birthmark Autumn Water from Fearless Alliance mentioned also proved it.

She was completely different from the fake Worriless in the Nie family. Worriless Nie left the Nie family and had been with her grandfather since she was young, so Madam Nie was separated from Worriless Nie more often than not and wasn’t all too familiar with Worriless Nie’s birthmark.

However, the elders of the Fearless Alliance like Autumn Water went through fire and water with Worriless Nie, so they were very familiar with her birthmark, Autumn Water especially. Since the birthmark on Worriless Nie was a bit unusual, it was nearly impossible to make an identical copy of it.

Also, the Third Miss, Nie Linglong wasn’t very familiar with Worriless Nie’s birthmark, so she couldn’t replicate the birthmark to its true, original likeness even if she found someone to pretend to be Worriless Nie.

“Emperor Ji… I know about the lunatic project, memory masking… If Miss Worriless was really… Then doesn’t that mean… Just which malicious person has such a deep hatred toward Miss Worriless?!” The young man was infuriated.

“Duan Fei.” Ji Xiuran turned to the young man.

“Yes, Emperor Ji?” Duan Fei responded.

“Worriless might have lived in China before this. Head to China immediately with Skeleton,” Ji Xiuran said.

“Emperor Ji, you mean…” Duan Fei looked contemplative.

“Bring back all the people Worriless has been in contact with these past few years… If you discover the culprit who replaced Worriless’ memories… kill them without mercy.” The corners of Ji Xiuran’s lips turned up.

Duan Fei’s heart trembled when he saw that signature extremely dangerous smile on Emperor Ji’s face. This time, Emperor Ji was truly angered…

Duan Fei promptly answered, “Don’t worry, this subordinate understands.”

Inside the office, Ye Wanwan was deeply immersed in her work.

She wasn’t there to be a king and live in ease and comfort at all! There was a giant pile of documents waiting for her attention, and she was more miserable than a white-collared worker working overtime.

Most importantly, Ye Wanwan didn’t dare to carelessly handle some of these documents since many of them were related to the Fearless Alliance’s ongoing issues with the opposing factions. If she handled them carelessly, the slightest mistake could lead to inconceivable consequences.

“Sis Feng.”

A moment later, Seven Star’s voice, along with the sound of knocking, was heard outside the office.