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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1302

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1302

Two possibilities

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

There was no way Bro Flattop didn’t know his name was Ji Xiuran…

“Could it be… he saw through my identity…?” Ye Wanwan was stunned and shaken.

However, Ye Wanwan didn’t detect any malice in Emperor Ji’s eyes.

If Emperor Ji really found out she was pretending to be his fiancée, she probably wouldn’t live past tomorrow…

“What in the world… was going on with this man…” Ye Wanwan couldn’t figure it out immediately.


Seeing that Ji Xiuran was leaving, an elderly man standing by the office door followed Ji Xiuran, and they left the Fearless Alliance together.

The smile on Ji Xiuran’s face disappeared the second he stepped out of the building, and it was replaced by endless gloominess.

“What do you think, Professor Zhou?” Ji Xiuran asked the elderly man next to him.

Professor Zhou looked a bit hesitant and said a moment later, “Emperor Ji… are you sure that woman is the president of the Fearless Alliance?”

“That’s right,” Emperor Ji replied.

“Alright, then I also have an answer…” Professor Zhou nodded. After some brief thinking, he turned to Ji Xiuran and slowly said, “Emperor Ji… If I saw things correctly, then the president of the Fearless Alliance doesn’t have amnesia… Instead, it’s memory masking.”

Professor Zhou was a great scholar who was on the level of Mount Tai and Big Dipper in this area of expertise. He had researched memory masking for several decades and the team he led were the international experts, so he was extremely confident he hadn’t seen things incorrectly.

“What do you mean?” Emperor Ji asked coldly.

“Emperor Ji… it’s like this. Memory masking is a method that can wipe away a person’s original memories then forcefully implant memories that don’t belong to them and cause them to believe them without a doubt.”

Professor Zhou continued, “It’s apparent that the president of the Fearless Alliance’s original memories have been wiped already and she had memories implanted that don’t belong to her…”

“Is that so…”

Ji Xiuran’s face looked like a millennium-old glacier and emanated a heart-stopping and bone-chilling dangerous aura.

“So you’re saying that she lost her own memory and thinks of herself as the owner of some foreign memories,” Ji Xiuran said.

“Yes, according to my observations, that’s right. An amnesiac person would have obvious signs in their body language or speech patterns to us professionals, and their logic might even be disordered or confused. However, the president of the Fearless Alliance isn’t like that. She possesses extremely strong logical and reasoning abilities…”

“Hence, based on the president of the Fearless Alliance’s speech and actions, there are two possibilities. The first is that she didn’t lose her memories and knows her past; the second is that her memories were masked,” Professor Zhou explained extremely cautiously as he watched Emperor Ji teetering on the brink of a volcanic eruption.

Emperor Ji didn’t say anything.

Every word spoken from the mansion to the Fearless Alliance was meant to probe tentatively, and Worriless’ reaction made him certain she truly lost her past memories.

“Heh… interesting…” Ji Xiuran’s lips turned up into an extremely dangerous smile.

Professor Zhou trembled and turned as quiet as a cicada in winter; even his breathing slowed.

“Professor Zhou, aside from your team, who else is capable of accomplishing a difficult project like memory masking…?” Ji Xiuran’s humor-filled gaze landed on Professor Zhou.

Professor Zhou’s expression changed when he heard that. A mere gaze from this man made him jump intensely.