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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1122

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1122

Miss Wanwan Drank?

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

Si Ye Han gave his son a look. “…”

The little fella, who had just complained to his daddy, seemed to finally realize he had forgotten his mission and was pressing his lips together in frustration.

But once he thought back to his phone call with his mommy when he could hear her voice, he brightened up..

The little fella said seriously, “Mommy said she’ll only drink a little bit. Mommy knows her limits. The books say that drinking in moderation is fine.”

Si Ye Han had a headache and put down the documents in his hands.

She’ll naturally be fine…

It’s other people who aren’t going to be fine.

After a moment, Xu Yi, Feng Xuan Yi, Eleven, and a group of team leaders marched over to give Si Ye Han their weekly reports.

Once the group of people reported what they had to say, they prepared to leave, but Si Ye Han ordered them to stop.

Si Ye Han: “Wait a minute.”

Xu Yi, Eleven, and everyone else stopped in their tracks.

Xu Yi asked, “Ninth Master, do you still have orders for us?”

“All of you are going to accompany me when I pick up Wanwan later,” Si Ye Han said.

“Yes, Ninth Master!” Xu Yi replied, but he went silent because he noticed Si Ye Han just said “all of you”.

Xu Yi: “How many need to go?”

Si Ye Han: “Everyone.”

Xu Yi was shocked. “All of us need to go?”

Si Ye Han: “Yes.”

Xu Yi: “…”

The bodyguards all looked at one another. Wasn’t it a bit much if all of them went?

Despite the doubt in their hearts, they didn’t dare question the master’s orders. They merely thought he was too doting on Miss Ye.

At that moment, Tangtang’s footsteps could be heard as he came downstairs. “Daddy, I want to go pick up Mommy too!”

Although Xu Yi told them all beforehand about this child, everyone still sweated when they heard the word “Daddy.”

In the crowd, Feng Xuan Yi was silently staring at the kid and cocked his brows when he heard the child call out for his dad.

Si Ye Han glanced at the little fella. “Did you forget what Mommy said?”

Tangtang looked down. “Mommy said Tangtang needs to sleep… But… Tonight, Mommy is going to drink. Mommy’s a girl and coming home after drinking isn’t safe! Tangtang wants to go pick up Mommy!”

Once the bodyguards heard the little boy’s words, nearly all of them looked up with expressions of disbelief on their faces.


Miss Wanwan… is drinking???

It was as though a storm was thundering throughout the living room. Everyone was shocked.

“Steward Xu, what’s going on? Why would Miss Wanwan drink? Didn’t Master ban her from drinking? How could she be drinking?!” Eleven urgently asked Xu Yi in a low whisper.

“That’s right, Steward Xu! How could Miss Ye be drinking?!”

“How could Master let Miss Ye drink?”

Everyone scurried over to Xu Yi like a herd of ants. Xu Yi was also shocked. “How do I know?! I only knew Miss Wanwan was going to a banquet to celebrate the end of filming for her movie…”

How could I know that Ninth Master would allow her to drink?!

No wonder… No wonder Ninth Master’s taking so many people to pick her up!

He must be scared Miss Wanwan will drink too much and go crazy. Who could hold her back? Is bringing all these people just a precaution?

Please! Even we can’t hold her back, okay…

If we go, we’ll only be offering our heads!

In the end, Tangtang kept his promise to his Mommy and went upstairs to sleep.

As for Xu Yi, Eleven, Feng Xuan Yi and everyone else, they could only follow their Master like lost souls as they went to go pick her up…