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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1028

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1028

Swing Until It Flies

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

She spewed so much nonsense but everything could be summarized into: “I don’t know anything, so I’m simply training blindly.” Yet, Ye Wanwan was able to fabricate such a mystical story and pretend to be so awesome.

She almost couldn’t resist cheering for herself!

Ye Wanwan lightly coughed and ended this topic. “Cough cough Enough, enough. Let’s end this here!”

She already exaggerated to this extent, and she couldn’t continue any further.

“I’ll be pretty busy in the near future, and I won’t be home tomorrow, so this home will require more attention from you. Watch over Little Master!” Ye Wanwan ordered.

Although Si Yehan said Si Mingli had fled the country and wouldn’t show up anymore, she still wanted to be cautious.

“Yes…” As soon as the five-man group heard this, they instantly wilted, but they didn’t dare to tattle.

As soon as Master was too busy to come home, a nightmare would descend upon them, and they would be trained again…

“Ah, right, is my swing finished yet?” Ye Wanwan eagerly asked.

Heidi scratched her head and reluctantly said, “It’s finished…”

“Then quickly bring me there!” Ye Wanwan promptly urged.

Heidi had no choice but to bring Ye Wanwan deep into the forest, where there was a sturdy swing constructed between two tall, solid trees.

However, what differentiated this swing from normal swings was that this swing was very, very long. When it started swinging, it could fly halfway to the sky at least…

“Uh, Master, you sure you want to… want to ride this thing?” Heidi’s lips twitched.

Ye Wanwan examined it and saw that it was made according to her design. It was very sturdy with safety belts and the seats were made with soft leather while the ropes were decorated with flowers. It was obviously constructed carefully.

Ye Wanwan nodded with satisfaction. “I do! Look at how awesome this is! The only thing is that I feel it won’t swing high enough! Ay, forget it, this is fine! Heidi, test it out!”

“Eh? Me?” Heidi fearfully pointed at her face.

“Pfttt—” Tang Bin snorted. “Of course it has to be you who tests whether it’s sturdy or not! You’re the heaviest!”

“But! I’m scared of heights!” Heidi grew more terrified.

“How come you aren’t able to conquer such a tiny fear for Master’s sake?”

Tang Bin and Song Qiang met each other’s eyes before teaming up and pushing Heidi into it. Better him than them!

A moment later, Heidi’s ghoul-like howl could be heard from the forest.

Ye Wanwan tilted her head up to watch. “Not bad, very sturdy! I’ll call Tangtang to come and play!”

After another glance at the fatty flying in the air, Ye Wanwan happily skipped away.

The five-member mercenary group: “…”

Master is so awesome! Even her swing is different from normal people’s—it swings until it flies…

“Tangtang! Tangtang! What are you doing?” Ye Wanwan ran inside the house to search for him.

“Mommy, Tangtang is reading,” the child said as he looked up from his book.

Ye Wanwan quickly went over and tugged on the child’s hand. “Ah, don’t read books. What’s fun about books? Quick, come! Mommy will take you out to play!”

“I haven’t finished it yet though…” Tangtang was somewhat hesitant.

Didn’t parents like good children who worked hard and read books? He must be more obedient and inclined to learning!

“No, no more reading! You’ve read for half an hour already! Children should have fun and play lots! Why are you reading?” Ye Wanwan dragged the child toward the forest without further ado.

“Baby, look at this!” Ye Wanwan pointed at the super giant swing.

“Mommy, what’s this?” the child suspiciously asked and tilted his head to the side.