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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1027

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1027

Truly extraordinary

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

Early morning, in the forest:

It was the weekend, so Ye Wanwan went on a morning run and did some stamina training like usual.

Every since Si Yehan made her start training, she made sure she trained for at least two hours every day. It was difficult in the beginning but it later turned into a habit. She would feel out of sorts any day she didn’t exercise.

As time went on, the sluggish feeling that her body had from prolonged lack of exercise eased quite a bit.

Some distance away from the little forest, the five-man mercenary group was whispering covertly.

Heidi had a face of regret. “Sigh It’s been so long, but Master does nothing but the most basic stamina training every day and hasn’t done any martial arts moves at all. I was planning on secretly learning a few moves!”

Tang Bin’s face looked full of worship. “No wonder Master is Master, she’s truly as extraordinary as expected!”

Jiaojiao eagerly asked, “Say, just how strong is Master’s martial strength?”

Song Qiang rubbed his chin. “Hm, that’s really hard to say. Either way, she’s really amazing!”

Old Jiang spoke after a moment of thinking. “Master’s circumstances are… really strange… For someone who frequently practices martial arts, you can normally easily see it in their behavior and actions since habits are ingrained. However, Master doesn’t reveal any traces of her training at all and looks like a perfectly normal person…”

After Ye Wanwan finished running and saw the five of them huddled together, she suspiciously looked at them. “Why are you guys kneeling there?”

“Master!” the five people simultaneously greeted her.

The fatty rubbed his hands together with a grin. “Master… actually… we wanted to secretly steal some moves from you!”

“Steal some moves?” Ye Wanwan repeated with raised brows.

The fatty had flattery plastered all over his face. “Yes… Master, your martial arts must be really strong, right! If we could learn even a few moves, we would gain a lot!”

Upon hearing this, Ye Wanwan was stunned and didn’t know how to answer.

The reason she was able to teach Eleven, Feng Xuanyi, and the others was solely due to her proficiency in disassembling other people’s moves and seeing through their weaknesses, but she personally didn’t know any techniques or moves nor had she learned from any discipline.

The coaches her father hired taught her Sanda and taekwondo.

Sanda was the most common wrestling technique in China but there wasn’t anything special about it, and taekwondo shouldn’t even be mentioned. Taekwondo could intimidate ignorant people, but it was publicly recognized in the martial arts world to feature pretty yet useless moves.

These two martial arts styles obviously didn’t fit Black Widow’s mysterious and vicious character…

What should she do? She didn’t know anything else and couldn’t make up a discipline or moves out of thin air!

Ye Wanwan’s eyes shifted as she thought hard about it before she lightly coughed and said in a deadpan manner, “What moves? What techniques? They’re all too inferior! The most superior martial arts should abandon its sequences and forms that are distinctive in traditional martial arts. After all, anything could happen in a real battle, and mechanical and inflexible sequences can’t handle that.”

“There aren’t any undefeatable martial arts moves in the world, only undefeatable people. I’m shapeless as my shape, use formless as my form, use methodless as my method, and use limitless as my limit. This! This is my approach!”

The five people were completely absorbed as they listened to her and nodded in a frenzy. They were amazed.

“Thank you for your teaching, Master!”

“Master, what you said was too good!”

“Listening to a gentleman speak is better than studying for ten years from books!”

“You’re truly worthy of being the master, you’re awesome!”

The corners of Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched when she saw their amazed expressions.

She realized her duping skills were becoming more and more impressive…