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[Story] My Possessive Murderer – S01 E16

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I was restless throughout the day thinking about Aaron’s surprise. What could it be? I mean, why does he have to leave me in such suspense? He could have just told me.

Finally, it was 5:30pm when I decided to get dressed. I don’t know where he was taking me to. Maybe he was actually planning to kidnap me? Or what if someone else kidnaps me while I am on my way to meet Aaron? Or what if the driver is a part of some gang who will kidnap me? Is this all planned? I better be ready for this.

After thinking of all the worst possibilities, I decided to wear jeans so that I can defend myself and fight with my kidnappers. I am so smart, wow.

I decided on wearing a cream coloured full sleeve crop top with blue jeans there was stripped on my knee area. I tied my hair into a high ponytail so that my hair doesn’t disturb me when I am fighting with them. This time I decided to do a little bit of makeup. I applied a thin layer of eye liner along with some coating of mascara. I applied some lip gloss which completed my look.

The weather was very comfortable but also windy so I carried my shrug with me though I would prefer wearing Aaron’s jacket if I felt cold.