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[Story] My Possessive Murderer – S01 E15

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 15


“You are an ungrateful and spoilt brat. Where were you till now? Do you even know how much loss I had to suffer only because of you?” Ms. Ella pushed me back angrily and I fell off the cliff.

“Oh my god!” I woke up with my face covered with sweat.

It was really a bad dream but it reminded me of Ms.Ella, my boss, whom I have not contacted since I have been here and all these things took place.

In reality, she was a nice lady but after what I saw in my dream or rather my nightmare, I should better call her.

I was about to call her when the door suddenly the door opened.

“Hello beautiful.” Aaron stood there with a tray carrying so many items that I couldn’t even se them properly from such a distance.

I rolled my eyes, “Don’t you have the manners of knocking the door before entering?”

“Why? What will you ever do that I cannot see?” He asked with a cheeky smile.

I narrowed my eyes, “Maybe, I am changing my clothes.”

“Then you must simply close the door and lock it. Keeping it unlocked makes me think that I can invade your privacy anytime.” He shrugged.

Arguing with him was definitely of no use so I chose to ignore him and went to the washroom instead.

“I will be waiting for you.” He shouted.

This guy is crazy and well the problem is, I am not having much problem with this crazy guy and instead, I am liking all of these.

Honestly, I must personally go and ask Ms. Ella to throw me off the cliff.


I wanted to ignore Aaron and take more time so that he gets impatient and leaves which made me complete my shower. Not only that, I even dried my hair to take even more that.

“He must have gone till now.” I said to myself.

I opened the door to find him sitting on my bed and scrolling through his phone. I was about to close the door again when he jumped off the bed and held the door so tightly that I was not being able to close it anymore.

“Are you kidding me? I have been waiting here for more than an hour. What the hell are you doing inside?” He asked impatiently.

I nervously giggled, “I was actually exploring the washroom. It’s so beautiful.”

“What?” He asked with a confused look.

“Actually, girls’ problem. You won’t understand.” I pushed him aside and went to the dressing table and starting combing my hair which was a big mess right now.

“Again, what?”

“Don’t poke your nose everywhere. Why did you wait for me? You could have gone.” I shrugged.

“Amelia, I said, I will be waiting for you.” He said in a serious tone.

I laughed, “Just because you said that doesn’t mean you actually have to do that.”

“What do you mean?” I watched him coming closer in the mirror.

“What I mean is, people say many things all throughout their life, but it’s not possible for them to follow everything. And moreover, human beings are all selfish and they think about themselves before anyone else. I don’t blame anyone because that’s just in the human nature and nobody can change it. Aaron, what I believe and what I think everybody should believe is that promises are meant to be broken.” I ended my small speech with a sad smile.

I really loved Bryan once in my life. I don’t know if I still love him or not, but I still have a soft corner for him. I trusted him but he cheated on me. Since that incident, I never trusted anyone except Kylie. But after she shifted with Aaron and all those stuffs happened, I stopped trusting her either. Though, I came to know that what she did was for my own benefit and safety, but still, a crack has formed in our bond. But, something in Aaron was making me trust him. Something in him was shouting at me to trust him. And so, avoiding him was the best way to avoid this feeling.

“No, Amelia. Promises are meant to be kept.” He said in a low tone.

I turned around and sighed, “We both have different lifestyles, different experiences in life, and different people in our life so maybe our beliefs will also be different.”

He looked down and nodded, “I know about Bryan. But trust me, I am not like him.”

I smiled, “I know Aaron but how does it matter? Even if you aren’t like him, how will that affect my life?”

For some strange reason, he smiled, “You will get to know that too, Amelia. For now, I have a surprise for you.”

“A surprise?”

“Yes, I have to go to attend a meeting right now. You should be ready by 7pm and get inside the car that will wait for you. It will take you to a place where I will be waiting for you along with your surprise.”

“Are you sure that you are not going to kidnap me?” I raised my brows.

He laughed,” If that would have been the case, I would have done that long back.”

“I don’t trust you.” I crossed my arms.

“But I trust myself so please be ready for your surprises. I promise, you’ll like it. For now, eat your breakfast.”

He bowed in a very hilarious way and left.

I laughed and took a sip of the orange juice. I was getting addicted to this guy and there was no way, I could ignore him. Or maybe, I myself don’t want to ignore him?

And about the surprise, what could it be? I hope it’s not something bad. I don’t think he will hurt me. Or maybe he can?

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What do you think will be the surprise?

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