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[Story] My Possessive Murderer – S01 E06

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“Sometimes the most beautiful thing is precisely the one that comes unexpectedly and unearned, hence something given truly as a present.”

~ Anna Freud


Just imagine along with me. I repeat, just imagine.

One day you met you stranger, who had insulted your cupcakes, slammed the door shut on your face and that day itself he takes away your best friend who happily went along with him. Then, you went to a club to forget about the pain that he gave you and there you again meet him. The next day, you come to know he paid your medical expenses which an act of kindness that you don’t expect from that stranger at all. After all these, he tells you that everything regarding to you bothers him.

How would you react?

That was exactly my life’s incidents from yesterday.

I simply stared at him because I was speechless.

“Pardon?” What an amazing reply, Amelia.

This time, he came even closer. When I tried to increase our distance, he caught hold of my hand and pulled me closer.

“Everything related to you bothers me, Amelia.” His replied in a husky tone which made him even hotter.

Amelia! Control!

Okay, wait. Did I ever tell him my name?

I don’t remembโ€”

Oh, Kylie had already introduced as before.

Seriously Amelia? Are you really worried about your name right now?

I won’t lie. I am freaking out right now because we are so close that I could even feel his hot breath.

Story continues below

“I t-think I should leave n-now.” I forced a smile as I tried to free my hands from his strong grip.

“No.” Came his reply.

No? What the hell he means no?

“You can’t decide what I want to do and what I don’t want to do. Leave my damn hand.” I snapped angrily.

With his other hand, he caught hold of my waist and again pulled me closer to his muscular chest.

“I don’t like to repeat myself.”

I rolled my eyes at his statement.

“You know what? If I want, I may shout at the top of my lungs. When everybody will arrive, I’ll cry and say you were trying to molest me.” I stated with determination.

He smirked.

He freaking smirked.

“Aren’t you afraid of Police?”

“Seems like you asked the wrong question to the wrong guy.” His expression became serious.

To be honest, I knew there is no use of shouting as nobody here is even bothered if their neighbor is alive or is being murdered.

“Why are you not letting me go?” I asked as I struggled to free myself from his grip.

“Maybe because I don’t want to let you go.”

His statement caught me off guard.

He wanted me to stay. Why?

Instead of reacting to it, I looked at my hand and sighed, “You’re hurting me.”

“You should get used to it.” He smirked.

That smirk was so hot….

Amelia! Can’t you control yourself a little bit?

“Can you at least let me in?” I don’t know for how long I’ve been standing there.

Without any warning, he pulled me inside and locked the door.

Okay, Amelia. Wrong decision. You were better outside.

He finally let me go and sat on the couch and starting scrolling through his phone.

I looked around the living room and it was quite good. There was a television set opposite to a couch and there were beautiful paintings hanging on the wall. He just shifted yesterday and had already done so much of work.

I can’t believe Aaron did these things. I mean how could heโ€”

Oh, I forgot,


She is good in these stuffs and must have done them for Aaron as both are now living together.

I wonder if they are in a living relationship or something. Though I don’t care but still I and Kylie have been best friends since childhood so I’m just worried about her.

Story continues below

“Why do you hate me so much?” I asked suddenly as I sat beside Aaron on the couch.

Without even giving me glance he replied.” I don’t have any feelings for you. Neither do I like you nor do I hate you.”

“Can I have some water?”

I just wanted him to go from my sight for a minute so that I could take a cushion from the couch and scream out all my frustrations.


How incredible.

He seemed busy with his phone and the door was near. If I want, I could run.

Amelia, do it! Come on!

I got up to run but Aaron caught me before I could even reach the door and suddenly carried me in a bridal style.

“You can’t run away from me.”

“Put me down.” I punched his chest which was as hard as a rock so eventually it was of no use.

“Amelia, I would never hurt you. Don’t panic.” His calm voice surprised me.

How could I trust him?

But his statement made me quiet and I let him take me where he was taking me.

This meant I trusted him. But why? Why did my heart believe whatever he said?

He took me to a room and put me down gently on the bed. Our eyes never left each other and it was me who broke the staring contest when it had become a bit awkward for me.

“You rest here. I’m bringing some food for you. Doctor had advised you to eat more and here, you have not eaten anything from morning? How will you recover if you don’t eat?”

My jaw dropped as I heard him saying such things which I had never expected him to say.

“How do you know what the doctor had advised? You were not there when she told me all these things.”

“Amelia, please don’t ask me any such questions. You just rest here while I’m bringing your food.”

Before I could argue with him anymore, he was already gone closing the door behind him.

I sighed and lay on the bed and thinking about whatever had happened today.

It was not long before that I had already fallen asleep.


“Bryan, how could you do this? I never even thought that you can do such a thing.”

“You are being fooled by your friend. Believe me, Amelia that is not the truth.”

“No, Bryan no. Stop lying. Enough.”

“Amelia, for god’s sake, believe me. Please?”

“The problem is I can’t live without you because I love you so much and then I can’t even live with you after knowing what you did with me.”

“Amelia, are you serious? Please don’t say such things.”

“I have no other choice. Good bye Bryan. Forever…”


I woke up with a scream.

Thank God it was a nightmare.

I wonder where you are Bryan, right now.

As I lifted my face, I saw an expressionless but still handsome Aaron staring at me.

Story continues below

“Are you okay?” He asked with genuine concern.

His concern surprised and I replied weakly,” Yes, I’m okay. It was just a bad dream.”

He just nodded and kept on staring at me.

“When did you come?” I asked trying to start a conversation as his intense gaze was making me uncomfortable.

“Almost 2 hours ago.” He replied calmly.

I chocked on my saliva.

Did he really say 2 hours?

“What did you do these 2 hours?” I asked with my widened eyes. I shrugged as I continued speaking not giving him a chance to reply,” And why didn’t you wake me up when you came?”

Oh God. This was so embarrassing.

“Because you needed rest and I didn’t want to disturb you. And don’t worry; I had passed these 2 hours staring at you and watching you sleep.”

My cheeks reddened at the latter part of his statement. He had been staring at me since the last 2 hours?

What the freaking hell? Could this get more embarrassing?

“Why were you staring?” Wow Amelia. That was the dumbest question ever asked by a human in such a situation.

“Because,” He came closer and like before, again we were only inches apart,” I love to stare at you.”


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